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Warning: Hermaphroditic sex

Chapter 20


After the ritual has ended, we agree we should rest. Lunar and Deimos both look kind of gray. Maybe dead-tired would be a more appropriate description.

How to describe what happened when Lunar started his spell?

I don't know, all around us stones started to glow in a clear blue light. Not a pretty blue like my eyes, but a lighter, brighter blue. Like the blue you can see in the hot part of a flame.

In all directions we see this glow. Aphrodite and Hermes hurry towards them. I hurry behind Aphrodite, like Lotta goes with Hermes. Deimos stays with Lunar, to guard him. The blue warrior looks really determined. I guess Lotta decided he would be of more use guarding than writing.

After discovering the stone from where a light glow is emanating, Aphro wipes the moss covering away and starts scribbling in her notebook what symbol is engraved on the stone.

After this symbol is drawn, she moves on to the next bright spot, and so on.

As far as I can see, there are loads of bright stones around. But too soon, Lunar seems faltering.

The lights start flickering. Aphro is scribbling away furiously, trying to get as many symbols as possible. I can't recognize any of the symbols, although some are faintly familiar.

And then, suddenly, the lights blink out and Lunar stumbles forward. Hermes is there to catch him in time. How did he do that? He was focussed on the symbols, while still keeping an eye out for Lunar? Wow, his devotion is admirable. I wish I could still inspire a devotion like that.

When was it that I lost that?

A sharp pang in my heart reminds me of everything I've lost. Not only Hermes and Lunar, but the biggest hurt is the loss of my goal, my being, my kingdom. I am a prince, Goddammit! But what of? Nothing, that's what!

Aphrodite is just behind me, putting her notebook and quill away. The pain inside of me is numbing, leaving me blind. I grope until I feel her warmth enveloping me.

"Hold me" I manage to choke out, tears making my voice hoarse.

Her arms envelop me, her warmth and softness like a balm to my bruised soul.

In this safe cocoon, for just a moment I can handle having lost my kingdom and my two childhood friends. For just a moment, I don't feel alone.

Her breath is warm in my ear, as she whispers "don't you think you're being a bit overdramatic?"

"Eh?" a look of total surprise crosses my face.

Aphro takes one look at me; then starts laughing.

Now I'm angry. I'm seriously hurting here, and she's laughing? What's with that?

"Hey, how can you not comfort me? I'm hurting here!!"

"oh, I'm sorry." She's still sniffling from trying to stop laughing. "But you were feeling so sorry for yourself back there."

"And how come that's not allowed? I AM hurting and lost!" Now I hear myself pouting, not cute.

"My prince." Her whisper is pure seduction, the twinkle from laughing still in her eyes "Why don't I comfort you then?"

I keep her at arms length just a moment. "I don't know if I can trust you right now. Are you mocking me missy?" Critically eyeing her, my arms gently kneed her upper arms.

Shit, I'm getting hard just touching her arms!

"I'm sorry my prince. I'll gladly comfort you." She steps closer to me. Her seductive smell floats all around me. "Can I cry?" I ask sticking my lips out in a big pout.

She stops to think "Hm, can I handle that?" Then she tackles me, we both fall to the floor. Thanks to the moss, it doesn't hurt, much.

"Hey, can we do this somewhere safe? We're still in the middle of the bloody forest you know!" And why am I the one to point this out? I'm never the practical one when I can be horny! I'm confused, hurting and horny, this is NOT a funny combination.

She stands up, holding out her hands to me. Pulling me up, she hugs me close, whispering in my ear "come on Sunny, let's go somewhere SAFE". That last word holds so much innuendo, combined with the hot breath threading across my ear, makes me hard as stone. I groan. She laughs, sounding like water softly flowing across stones.

She grabs my hand and I grab my sword, the both of us running like crazy towards the hut.

Once inside, we silently search for a room to ourselves. Right next to the door, Deimos is already retired, although I spot him opening his eye just a fraction to check who we are.

He must be really glad he gets to sleep next to the door, hehe. If I weren't horny, I'd probably feel sorry for him. Maybe.

I grab my girl close, hugging her waist tightly to me, while winking at Deimos.

As a prince, I would like to hire men like him, vigilant warriors, strong and proud. Maybe he'll let me hire him?

If I ever find another kingdom to rule, that is.

The thought is almost enough to send me into a melancholic mood again. Aphro probably senses the change in my humour, for she tickles me with the arm she has around my torso. I guess I'm not allowed to feel sad today.

The second room is where Lunar and Hermes are retired, judging from the lovely sounds coming from behind the door.

Finally, we find a room where we can be alone. As soon as the door closes, we lock lips. Her hands are all over my golden hair and my hands are already pushing up her shirt.

She grabs my head, with two hands. Gazing into my face, her fingers trailing along the bone structure of my handsome face, but not looking me in the eye, she blushes. "Em, can I ask you something?"

Curious now, I nod, leaning towards her neckline "What is it, princess?" I murmur into her ear.

"erm, I want to know, Erm, our first time, I eh, did something to you….. erm, did that feel good?"

"Yes it did. Even if it was your first time doing that to someone." My voice is gentle now, like trying to comfort a skittish horse. I'm nuzzling her neck.

"erm, could you…. could you….?"

In my warmest bedroom voice, I ask her "You want me to do that to you?" My heart flutters at the suggestion alone!

Her blush deepens, taking over her whole face. She just nods.

I run my fingers over her cheek. "Hey kitten, look at me." Coaxing her with my voice, like I would when guiding a newly trained gelding.

She looks at me, barely. Taken over by passion, we kiss, deeply. Our tongues are dancing around each other, exploring the depths of the moist cavern made up of our joint mouths.

Groaning, we fall to the bed. With practised skill I disrobe her, feasting on her naked form. "So beautiful" I breathe. In response, I see a half-smile appear on the beauty's face.

Kissing my way from her collarbone, to her cute small breasts, to her navel, and down to her small penis, that is already jumping on her pubic bone. I lick it, tasting a drop of precum, salty, bitter, a little sweet; the essence of her, so filled with the opposites that make her what she is.

Gosh, how can I be so philosophical when I'm this horny?

While suckling her, I probe her back entrance, just like she asked me to. She shivers.

"Is it painful?"

"hnnn, no, just aahn strange."

Sucking on her, hard, distracts her enough for me to enter her with my finger.

"Aah, what are you, hnn, doing?"

"Shhhh, don't think, just enjoy, cookiekitten."

"hmpfff, what did you just call me?" The sexy atmosphere is broken for just a moment, she's giggling away.

Then I wriggle my finger, the one that is inside of her, bending it, searching for that special place.

"ahhhhhnnnnnn" Her head falls back, her body arched, the atmosphere is right where I want it to be again.

Slowly, I thrust the one finger in and out. She reacts magnificently, groaning and arching her back. I stop for a second, and she relaxes, sighing, sinking her head into a pillow. Using this moment of laxness, I enter another finger. She tenses immediately.

"Relax sugar, just breathe, breathe." Giving her an example, I breathe in deeply and out again, not moving my fingers.

There are tears in the corners of her eyes.

I bend forward to kiss one of them away. "baby, does it hurt?"

She's biting her lips, her eyes firmly closed, her whole face a book that reads 'tension' all over.

"It hurts!" she manages to croak out.

"and this, does this hurt?" by 'this' I mean my fingers, gently thrusting.

She gasps "what…….?" completely taken by surprise.

My gentle nudges from within her are slowly taking her from pain to pleasure.

My own need is straining by now. I'm so hard, it hurts like hell. I want to bury myself deeply within her.

My voice is hoarse when I ask her "Honey, do you think you can take it here?" I emphasise my comment by a deep thrust of my fingers. "I don't think I can hold it any longer. I want to take you. Now." By now, my voice is a deep rough rumble.

She nods, signalling my exemption. A quick slick of the fat by the bed and we're ready.

With the last vestiges of my control, I gently nudge my member against her back entrance, slowly. gaining. access.

"So tight." I'm trembling from holding back. I so much want to thrust into her, hard and deep. But she's not used to this, I'm afraid I'd break her. So I hold back, just barely.

"So hot!" Very slowly, I start to pull out. And in again, softly. The friction is something to get used to, but also the path to pleasure.

So slowly, I enter ever deeper into her unexplored parts. I always love to enter virgin territory. I grin to myself for my bad and inappropriate joke.

With my slow thrusts, she gradually starts groaning and panting again. She's getting used to it, so I start to thrust harder and deeper. Then, I hit her point of ecstasy. She's taken completely by surprise, her moan louder than any other I've heard from her. So I do it again, extracting another sweet sound from her throat.

Very soon, encouraged by her ecstatic moaning, I reach completion. She's right behind me, spraying us with her own special cream.

I collapse next to her, remembering her complaint about my heaviness last time.

After regaining my breath, I ask her "How was it love?"

She doesn't look at me, just brushes some hair out of her face "Wow" Her voice is breathless.

Now that's what I want to hear! I'm good, haven't lost my touch! Yes!

Cuddling close to her, I remember my feelings from before, still puzzled by her behaviour earlier.

"but seriously" I look into her eyes, trying to understand her "why wasn't I allowed to feel sad, back there?"

She snuggles up to me, laying her head on my chest. "I couldn't handle you being sad. Is that really selfish of me?"

"Yes it is! But if it gets you into my bed, you're forgiven." And thus, I kiss her on the nose. She giggles.

We have a strange relationship! But at least she's sticking with me! Although she doesn't treat me like a prince deserves to be treated, I need her to stick with me right now. Even if she doesn't allow me to feel pathetic and sorry for myself.


I have no idea how I got back to the hut, although I remember the warmth of Hermes.

Ah yes! He carried me.

I'm exhausted. All the magic from today has drained me completely.

I used to be scared of the vulnerability this brought on, but now, with Hermes, I feel safe. It doesn't matter if I don't have any energy left, he'll protect me and keep me warm.

Cradling my head to his warm shoulder, I smell his sweet sweat. Breathing it in deeply, aaah how I love his smell, his warmth. Just enjoying being near him is enough. Like I have energy for more.

Being laid on the bed, his lips touch mine in a gentle caress.

Our lips rub against each other, the contradiction of the roughness of our lips and softness of our tongues excites me, even though I'm worn to a frazzle.

Breaking the kiss, Hermes climbs into bed with me, holding me close, but not kissing anymore.

I moan a soft complaint.

"Shhhh, Loony, just get some rest, will you?! You're completely depleted." He strokes my hair, which is still in that elaborate do that Aphro made.

"Is this comfortable, or should I comb it out?" ah, he's so considerate of me.

"Leave it, combing will only wake me up!"

"Ok" He plants a kiss on my forehead "Go to sleep, supermage."

I look at him, his brown eyes seem to be glowing from the inside "I love you Herm"

He looks at me, a surprised look on his face. Then it softens, like he accepts the caress these words actually are "I love you too Loony."

Closing my eyes, I feel his hands gently caress me, rubbing over my body. I'm too tired for it to feel erotic, but I still love his touch. Laying my head on his shoulder, I snuggle close to him, taking in another deep breath of his tart, sweaty smell. His lips are nuzzling my hair, one of his hands softly stroking my cheeks and my chin, following the outline of my face.

Still hearing those wonderful words echoing in my head, having him cradle me; I fall asleep with a smile on my face.



I wake early, as Hanna leaves the room she shares with her sister now that the house is full. In the darkness of pre-dusk, I hear her preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Eventually, a wonderful smell of freshly baked bread spreads through the room, making my stomach growl. I have never been of much use in the kitchen, but I can't just lay here pretending to sleep. I need to pay back the generosity of the Nintu sisters.

Scratching my head, just wearing my pants, having fallen to the bed the night before without stripping them off, I enter the kitchen. The warmth and tempting mixture of smells enveloping me, I stare at the hustle and bustle greeting me. Hanna and Lotta are preparing all sorts of things. It looks organised, of sorts, a quiet busyness in an overfilled kitchen.

Wordlessly, they both do whatever, kneading dough, taking bread from the oven, taking all sorts of cheeses out from different boxes. Pots of steaming tea and other brews are dotting the counter.

My stomach growls again, so hard that both sisters look up from their work. "Hey love, You're up? Be a dear and go fetch water from the well, will you?" Hanna's gentle command takes a hold of my body, making my feet react before my head knows what's happening.

I only realise what happened as I pick up the bucket next to the well. I've no idea how I got here, but I know what I need to do.

After returning to the kitchen, I get the command to wash and dress. Leaving, I see Lotta eyeing my naked frame from the corner of my eye. I don't know if I imagined things as I hear Hanna sigh under her breath "lots of cheese again." Exasperation thick in her voice. I can almost hear her roll her eyes.

Then I remember some of the stories of the Nintu sisters. A deep blush colours my cheeks. I can't believe I went half naked around them! How stupid can I get?

Usually I'm very aware of potential danger. I shake my head at my own stupidity, leaving quickly for a quick wash outside, by the well.

When I return fully clothed to the main room, the mage and the bard have already set the table and the bustle from the kitchen has moved to the room.

Soon, we are all sitting at the table, Aphrodite plastered all over the prince, Lunar leaning into the bard's shoulder. Feeling a little lonely with all this lovey dovey stuff, I sit down across from Suneo, next to Lotta.

I fall into the food, I'm so hungry. Everyone is silently eating. I just about notice that Aphrodite says a little prayer before eating, as I put another bite in my mouth.

Through the scrunching of the bread crusts, I hear Suneo sniggering. Hermes says in a dry tone "you seem really happy Suneo. Did you get off yesterday?".

"Well" he says "I was inspired by the sounds you two were making yesterday." He elbows Lunar in the ribs, grinning.

Hermes looks annoyed "how can you say that? Loony was completely exhausted! All we did was cuddle! You insensitive Oaf! If you would have just one ounce of sensitivity in you, maybe I'd still want you! But now, harrumph".

Still want you? What is he going on about? Ah, I remember the scene where the three of them were all over each other… er, did they have the hots for each other? It sounds like Hermes doesn't any more.

Suneo looks shocked.

Aphro interrupts "As I'll have you know, Suneo is quite sensitive!! Just touch his nipples and you'd know! It's because he is so sensitive that he's horny all the time! I've never met anyone who is so passionate about life! He is quite attentive and gentle too!"

"Ha, with you maybe!" grouches Hermes.. "with me he's always playing to win. I've never even seen him cry!"

With that, Suneo turns away, tears in his eyes. With his back to the group he chokes "That's because a prince needs to be strong." He runs away, Aphro following him.

Man, what a way to ruin an appetite! I take a last bite of a loaf of still warm bread with softly melting goat's cheese. I could get used to this taste ! Ignoring my earlier thoughts, I attack my food once again!