Alcohol and Demons

Her strokes were languid, elegantly slicing the water as she moved across the pool. The water cooled her suntanned skin, and cleared her mind. Repetition numbed her thoughts, and the only thing she felt was the liquid all around her. Surfacing, she took a quick breath, flipping over to float on her back. The stars peppered the sky, and the moon cast a bright white light over the deck. Keeping her head above the water, she swam over to the side, pulling herself out to sit on the ledge. Gingerly, she took her martini glass, swirling the clear liquid before taking a casual sip. Her gaze drifted over to the hot tub, and smiled slightly at the man reclining against the side of the pool. He raised his glass, the corner of his mouth twisting up as he toasted her. She raised hers in response and smirked before downing the remnants of her alcohol.

"Nice night," his soft voice barely passed over the distance between them to reach her ears. She tilted her head back in response, soaking in the gentle moonbeams.

"Indeed it is." Her tone was smooth, but sardonic, causing his eyebrows to rise, questioning.

"What's the matter?"

"I leave tonight for Chicago."

He sighed, and took a sip of his vodka, staring at her over the rim of the glass. Sure enough, her eyes opened to stare back, and he could sense the tension in her tight expression.

"You'll be back in a month." His mantra. She rolled her eyes at the phrase he kept repeating to her whenever she brought up the fact that she was leaving.

She bit her lower lip, and twisted a lock of wet hair around her finger slowly, absentmindedly. He watched her thoughts play out on her face; she had never been hard to read. "Everyone tells me that I wear my heart on my sleeve," she'd told him on their second or third date, "but I never understood why that was a bad thing." She'd been twirling her straw around in her iced tea, her face stoic. Then she had looked up at him with those searing emerald eyes. "Until I met you."

Her cryptic comment floated back to him as he studied her. Yes, Mya was easy to read, but she still always managed to surprise him. Mya glanced back at him, twirling her engagement ring around her finger. He felt a rock settle in his stomach, that was always a bad sign.

"You promise you'll be alright for a month?" As she spoke, her eyes had grown large, fear so obvious that he began to feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise. A dark sense of foreboding swept over him, and suddenly the boiling waters of the hot tub felt like ice.

"Yes, of course."

"You won't forget about me?"

He rose, quickly making his way over to her. She stood also, her hands shaking. This was unusual, she never had any doubts, any fear. Mya was strong, fiery, determined, his solid rock. This was a new side of her, one he was completely unfamiliar with. Goosebumps rose ominously on his arm as reached out to hold both of her hands in his.

"You are my only Mya how could I possibly forget about you? We said our vows. One month and we'll be together again, just one month of separation."

She looked down, and he barely caught the tear on her cheek before she wiped it away. Her jaw became taut, and he knew she was fighting herself. Crying in front of anyone was her deepest fear, especially in front of him. He took her in his arms, holding her tightly against him.

"Wear it Cameron, on a chain." She whispered, pulling away and taking off her engagement ring. "Wear it so I know you won't forget." She stared at her wedding band, before closing her left hand into a fist.

"Mya, honey…"

"Just do it. Please." She looked up at him, her eyes watering, "For me."

His argument ceased, and he nodded gravely. She kissed him on the cheek, and then turned and ran to the house, snatching a towel off the porch chair and flinging it around her shoulders. He followed her in, watching her run up the stairs. He glanced at the clock. It was 9:30, and her plane left in an hour. She'd put off the flight as long as she could. He wrapped a towel around his waist and sat down at the kitchen table, staring off into space. Running a hand through his mop of brown hair, Cameron could already beginning to feel the void open within him.

"I'm going to be late to the airport," she said, her tone frantic as she raced past him towards the front hall to retrieve her suitcase. Her wet hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore slimming jeans and a plain violet T-shirt. That was his Mya, a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Then, she appeared again, staring at him. He felt his heart clench, squeezing all the air out of his chest. She took a few stops, and then stopped, turning away.

"Mya, it will all be okay."

"Promise me."

"I swear it, to you and God, in a month you'll be back and all will be well."

She closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose before curling her fingers into a fist. Her emerald eyes gleamed, her familiar, fiery expression in them. He grinned before walking over and giving her a hug. She pulled back slightly before kissing him, briefly yet passionately. Then, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a chain. Stringing her engagement ring on it, she reached behind him and worked the clasp. When he looked back she was looking at her wedding band, and he caught a glimpse of her terror before she looked back at him, stoic.

"I need to go." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Cameron took a step towards her, but she put up her hand, stopping him. "If you come any closer, I won't be able to leave."

He nodded solemnly, though he was tempted to go anyway, but he knew how much this business trip meant to her. Mya gave him one last, long look then turned and headed down the hallway out to the garage. He listened to the car start, and then ran to the window to watch her car pull out of the driveway.

Cameron couldn't reach the bottle of vodka fast enough, and just as he was pouring himself another drink, he stopped, glancing down at his wedding ring, and feeling the beat of her ring from his frenzied motions against his chest. He gently put the bottle down and took a step back. It had been years since his last AA meeting, the one when he knew that with Mya's help, he'd never get drunk again. And it was only through Mya's patience and help that he was able to drink alcohol in small amounts, gradually building up to one drink on special occasions. She was, quite literally, his angel. He would have ended up with no penny to his name, begging for money on the streets to satisfy his alcoholism, if not for her. Now, she had gone on a trip that would last for more than two weeks, the longest he had ever gone without his soul mate. Cameron had work, which should help. He could always call up his best friend Todd, but he had been so busy planning his wedding with Daniella, his fiancée. So, he stared at the bottle, his personal demon, and fought himself before plugging the cork back into the bottle and shoving it into the cabinet with a slam. He swirled what he had poured into the glass before tipping his head back and draining it. Then, sighing he ambled over to the TV, sat down, clicked a button, and proceeded to numb his mind with the Food Channel.

Days passed like this, work, drink, dinner, drink, TV, sleep. Cameron knew his mind was growing more used to the daily alcohol, he realized it when he was watching the Food Channel and suddenly he began to crave another drink. Anything to fill the raw, gaping void she'd left, if only temporarily. She called him every night, and that helped, and he'd feel guilty about even thinking about going back for his third. Come to think of it, he always felt guilty, or was prone to feel guilty about everything; a habit that frequently annoyed Mya.

"Hey Mya, I'm so sorry I forgot to call you back. I was talking to Todd." His tone was pleading, begging her to understand one of the simplest of errors. It had been a week and a half so far, and she called for their nightly check-ins.

"It's alright, I probably wouldn't have answered. I had a meeting." Her tone was placating, but tight, a reflex to his frequent apologies.

"But, forgive me. I forgot, and then I tried calling you—"

"Yes, I saw. Fifteen times." Mya couldn't help but let a bit of harshness slip through. As much as she loved him, sometimes he drove her insane. This was one of those times.

"I'm sorry." He caught the hint and decided to drop it.

"It's alright Cameron, really. You're forgiven, its fine." He heard her audible sigh on the other end, and guessed that she was glaring at the phone. It made him feel even worse. He sat in silence, moping until her melodic voice spoke again, and he listened to his favorite music. "So what's going on at the hospital?"

"Dr. Lawson put me on call tomorrow, so I get most of the night off. I'm going out with Todd and Daniella." He told her, trying to show her that her being gone wasn't affecting his work with his patients.

"Where to?" she asked, her voice laced with her "you had better tell me the truth tone." He winced, knowing he would have to lie to her.

"Beef O' Brady's." That was as close as he could get to the actual place, The Winking Lizard. Better she thought it was a sports bar thanone where he'd gotten wasted in a few times. Todd wanted to get out and have some fun. Apparently Daniella was bringing her best friend along, so he hoped that it would be a night of laughs that would miraculously pull him out of the doldrums.

"Just watch yourself at the bar."

"I won't have more than two drinks." He lied again smoothly, pouring himself another drink from the unfinished vodka bottle. He held the glass far away from the phone, and poured very slowly.

"Alright, I trust you." Despite her words, he could feel the suspicion and worry in her voice. "I have to go; there's a party we're required to go to. I love you, sleep well."

"I love you too; I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye." There was a click from the other end. The temporary cork that had filled the hole inside him when she spoke to him, vaporized and the gaping pit within him opened, raw and painful. He quickly downed the glass, gasping as he poured another, this time the liquid sloshing over the sides of the glass. That bottle being empty, he headed for the cabinet and pulled out another bottle of Grey Goose. He proceeded to have five straight drinks before corking the bottle, running to their room and collapsing on the bed sobbing. The vodka didn't fill the hole at all, but rather made it incredibly worse. On top of that, the utter shame he was feeling surmounted any guilt he'd ever felt. Cameron could see Mya in his mind's eye, with the same face she had on from when she caught him drunk after an AA meeting. It cut him too deeply; he began bawling into her pillow, wishing for oblivion. That darkness he'd never get.

"Ready to go?" Todd called from a few feet behind Cameron the next night. Despite the four Advil's he'd taken for the excruciating hangover he'd woken up with, he still flinched at his friend's booming voice. Cameron nodded, an image of Mya randomly coming to mind. His brain shoved it angrily away, locking it out. If he was going to accomplish getting absolutely wasted tonight, he had to forget last night ever happened, which meant she couldn't come to his mind once. Todd grabbed the keys to Cameron's white mustang convertible and hopped into the driver's seat. Wordlessly, Cameron got into the passenger seat of his car, because he knew Todd didn't trust him in his current state. The ride over to the bar was silent, and not even Dr. Siel's phone went off. One of the plusses of working in psychiatry was the lack of patient calls, since Cameron Siel worked with so many doctors.

Todd was humming a song that was very familiar to both of them under his breath, and despite the headache Cameron would follow, after about a minute they were belting it out. They pulled into the parking lot of The Winking Lizard; their windows were rolled down and the music was blaring. Cameron's mood had exponentially improved, and he looked forward to people-observing at one of his favorite drinking establishments, Palm Bay's hidden gem. He hopped out of the car, and watched Todd glance around the parking lot.

"They're here." He said, gesturing to a 2004 black Mustang GT. Cameron eyed the car appreciatively, already warming up to Daniella's friend.

"Her friend's car?" Cameron replied. Todd nodded once at his friend's assumption before they both headed into the brick building. The room was hazy, and a colored disco ball turned, turning the smoke in the room into different colors. The small dance floor was occupied by people, bumping and grinding like mad. The music was loud, but you could still talk normally without getting drowned out. Cameron smiled, this used to be his home away from home, and he knew he was settling back into old habits. He could feel the flirtatious side of him coming back to the surface, as he gazed out at all the mildly attractive women.

"Daniella!" Todd yelled, and Cameron turned around to see where his friend was calling to, and instead of seeing the familiar face of Daniella however, he found himself staring into a captivating pair of ocean blue eyes. They sparkled in the flashing lights of the club portion of the building, and he found himself fascinated. Cameron saw one of her eyebrows raise in curiosity, and smirked in response. He was in for an interesting night. Tearing his eyes away from hers, he slowly apprised the rest of the female. She was tall, with long, shapely legs, and long golden blonde hair. She was wearing a fairly short navy skirt and a very revealing top. Cameron took a deep breath before approaching the table where the girls sat. It took him a moment to realize that the three of them were all watching his reaction to her friend.

"Cameron, this is Noelle, Daniella's friend. Noelle, this is Cameron." Noelle stood, taking a step towards Cameron. She held her hand out, her mouth twisting into an alluring grin. Cameron took the hand, but instead of shaking it, bent over and kissed it lightly.

"Pleased to meet you, Noelle."

She curtsied slightly, looking up at him from under long, dark lashes. "No Cameron, the pleasure is mine. Whoever would have guessed that Todd knew such fascinating people." He didn't know what to make of her comment, and it visibly threw him off. She smiled at his confusion, and walked back to her seat, her hips swaying with her step. Noelle was gorgeous, easily the most attractive person he'd seen since Mya; and Noelle fascinated him too- he was drawn to her. She took in the rest of the bar with a nonchalant but piercing look, as if she was scrutinizing everyone. And the gleam in her eyes as she glanced over at him fascinated him to no end and he found himself obsessed over what she was thinking about.

"Why don't we get a booth, it's more central than the bar. More angles to observe proceedings from." Noelle suggested with a wink at Cameron. He cocked his head to the side, and raised an eyebrow back. Todd and Daniella broke apart long enough to agree and walk over to claim one. The table was decently clean, but the red vinyl of the cushions had some holes. Cameron took a seat across from Noelle, intently watching her. The smile on her face was enough to tell him that every bit of her attention was completely on him.

"So Cameron, question."

"Answer… maybe." He grinned as she looked over at him with a slightly bemused expression.


"Psychiatrist. Yourself?" Her slightly shocked look prompted the next question.

"Psychologist," His shocked expression caused her to laugh, a melodic sound, like deep wind chimes.

"What do you guys want to drink; we're going over to the bar."

"A Greyhound for me," Cameron said, having a sudden craving for grape juice.

"A One Night Stand for me," Noelle said with a loaded glance at Cameron. Cameron, instead of that bothering him like it usually did, he was intrigued, and wondered why he shouldn't enjoy himself tonight? He had enough control from keeping anything from happening. Todd nodded with a knowing look, and walked off. Noelle turned back to Cameron, "I love cranberry juice mixed with vodka, and that Sprite just kicks it, you know?" Her eyes drifted away again, to glance at other people, temporarily freeing him from their spell.

"So apart from being in relatively very similar jobs and sharing a love for vodka, what else do we have in common?"

Noelle turned back to him, "The fact that we're both currently lonely because our loved ones left on business trips, and we're looking to stifle that pain with large quantities of alcohol."

"Okay, so I'm starting to think you're not a psychologist, but a mind reader."

"Part of the job qualifications… and you're wearing your heart on your sleeve." She added with a pointed look.

"Am I now?" His thoughts drifting back to his wife, before he violently locked them back out where they could cause no further damage.

She nodded, fiddling with a napkin on the table. Todd brought back two for each of them, and she took a long sip before responding.

"Cameron, the entire world can see what's bothering you. It's not a bad thing. But people that care about you, they want to shoulder that burden you're so obviously carrying."

"So you're saying that I should hide it from the people that care about me?"

"No, use them for cheap labor." The broad grin and retort made him laugh, before he tipped his head back and downed his first drink. Noelle raised an eyebrow, "Looking to get drunk tonight?"

"Yes and quickly," Cameron said before knocking back the other one. Noelle smiled, sipping at hers slowly.

"And why are we getting wasted so quickly?"

"So I can do things with you and not remember them in the morning. Excuse me, but the vodka at the bar is calling my name. I'll be right back." Her eyes widened, and as he turned his back, he missed her beaming smile of victory.

Noelle smiled to herself, glancing over at Daniella and Todd who had decided to sit up at the bar together. Noelle gave her friend a small wave and a thumbs-up sign. It was going well with Cameron, two more drinks or so, and this night would become memorable, until the morning after where no memories remained.

Cameron came back with two more Greyhounds and a Bloody Mary. Noelle took it all in with nonchalance, but inside she was worried, but only slightly. He was obviously feeling guilty about drinking so much and being here with her, however, each glass seemed to visibly assuage the guilt. She let him finish the drinks before saying anything. Then, he came over and slid in next to her, slinging an arm around her shoulders. Noelle instinctively leaned into his warmth, her former experience leading her through the usual steps. She felt his hand run up her leg, playing with the edge of her skirt.

"Thank God I shaved." She quipped her eyes flashing with humor. He laughed loudly, drawing looks from the people nearby. Noelle glanced over at Daniella and Todd, who were looking at them, whispering furiously. A bit miffed, she turned her face towards Cameron's who was only a few inches away. "Come on, let's go dance."

"Dance?" He said, his eyes growing wider. She giggled, pouting slightly.

"You don't dance, now that's disappointing."

He stood, and she was surprised that he didn't stumble. He was still sober enough to have complete control. Noelle took his hand and led him out onto the dance floor, the lights seeming to shine only for her. The bass was pulsing, and she began to dance, the rhythm moving her in a way where Cameron found it hard to breathe. She looked over her shoulder at him, everything about her was seducing him, and he could feel his control slipping even as he tried as hard as he could to hold on. Noelle cocked her head to the side, wondering why he wasn't responding, and beckoned him with her French manicured finger.

"You are so dangerous," He whispered as he leaned in, wrapping his arms around her.

"Oh, am I?" She bit her bottom lip, a little smirk gracing her countenance. She put a hand on his back, pulling him closer while running her other hand down his chest. He saw the lust filled look in her eyes and the muscles in her leg flex, entrancing him and knew he had to get out of there fast. Cameron dropped his hands from her, stalking towards the bar. Noelle brushed it off, as another guy filled her line of sight, blocking off the image of Cameron's back.

"What happened?" Todd asked, as Cameron walked up to him and Daniella.

"She's perfect, amazing, and she's making me doubt my marriage." Daniella's eyes narrowed, but she sipped at her drink saying nothing. Todd nodded slowly, torn between supporting this relationship with fiancées best friend, (he never much liked Mya anyway), and supporting his "brother."

"You're drunk, you're senses are off." Todd said, passing the blame off. Cameron stared at his best friend, before ordering another drink from the bartender.

"I'm drunk, but I'm not wasted. "

"Okay, is this a good thing?" Todd exchanged a quick look with Daniella.

"No, because I can still remember the fact that I'm here getting drunk with Noelle."

"Am I interrupting anything?" Noelle walked up, obviously having heard the last comment. Her face betrayed no emotion, but the look in her eyes betrayed the slightest annoyance. Todd and Daniella wordlessly got up, walking away. Noelle took a seat, Cameron refusing to look at her. She ordered a simple Bud Light, before turning on the stool, looking at him.

"I'm sorry, Cameron. I didn't mean to seem so forward. It's just… you're extreme temptation for me." He couldn't help but smile slightly as he sipped his drink.

"It's the same for me; I haven't been this attracted to anyone since Mya."

"That's your wife?" He nodded, reaching for the necklace with Mya's ring. But instead of his hand enclosing around a cold chain, it touched warm flesh. A moment of panic swept over him, before reason kicked in and he realized that he left it on his dresser back at the house.

"Jackson would kill me if he knew," she let out a long sigh. Then she smiled, "I love him so much."

Cameron felt a pang of jealousy, and reached out to put his hand on her thigh. She glanced sharply at him, before relaxing, falling into her previous flirtatious behavior.

"I love Mya to the deepest, blackest parts of my soul, with every fiber of my being. She rescued me, from my alcoholism. And now look at me; I'm on my way to being wasted, and cheating on her so to speak." His words were beginning to slur together, and he knew he had to use whatever mental capacities that he had left to control himself.

"Well, I couldn't imagine life without Jackson, and I, while not getting wasted, am cheating on him so to speak…" She trailed off, and then chuckled. "It sounds like we're trying to outdo each other."

He had to laugh at that one, taking another swig. Then he turned to her, "How are we going to get through this without going too far?"

Her eyebrows raised, "Boundary lines, for you." She stared into his aquamarine eyes, trying to get her point across. He swallowed audibly, visibly thrown off again.

"Don't let me near your hips, I think. That should do it for now." A huge smile appeared on her face, making it glow even more. He clenched his fist, while smiling back, resisting the urge to kiss her. She must have noticed because she immediately turned away and stared at the neon signs behind the bar.

"You got it Cameron." Her tone was a tad harsh, as if she was really disappointed. He brushed it off, taking her hand that was resting casually on her leg.

"Come on, I'll make it up to you." She glanced over, with a look of sarcasm and disbelief. "Let's go dance, I never finished that song with you."

"Sure it won't tempt you too much?" The gleam had returned to her eye, and a challenge to her voice. Cameron simply smiled and led her out to the dance floor. He felt the drinks this time, felt the mixture of her perfume, alcohol and the music wearing away at his defenses. Noelle smiled as she felt his chest against her back and his hands on her hips.

They passed hours like that, later joined by Daniella and Todd. The heat from their bodies was radiating off them, and causing their blood to boil. Noelle wasn't sure if she could last much longer with Cameron without something happening. But it happened anyway, and this time he made the move. They were pressed up against each other, swaying to the music that was inside their heads, the rhythm of the music flowing through them. Cameron had stared into her eyes, and she felt deep down in her stomach that this was it. He leaned in, his grip around her waist tightening, and pulling her closer. His head came closer, his lips barely brushing hers. That set her entire body on fire, and they both met each other halfway in a searing kiss. Noelle could feel Daniella and Todd's shocked expressions, but she didn't care. Again and again their lips met each one more passionate and deeper than the first. Her hands entangled with his hair, and his hands were exploring her back.

"Noelle, we have to go." The reality check came in Daniella's firm tone. Todd put a hand on Cameron's shoulder. Noelle turned abruptly away, and the two girls left. Cameron watched her leave, then stop, turn around, and mouth "I'm sorry," before walking out the door. He ran to the bar, flat out shoving people away. He threw money on the counter, begging the bartender for two of his hardest drinks, and fast. Todd was stoic, silent, knowing his friend would not listen to a word against his choices. The bartender, sensing the urgency coming in rapid waves off Cameron brought the drinks fast, and added a free one. In less than a few minutes, the drinks were gulped down. Todd motioned for Cameron to follow him out to the car. Cameron stood, and then abruptly fell, weeping.

"Mya!!" he screamed, causing everyone to look over, with curious and concerned looks. Todd helped his friend up, placed an arm around his shoulders, and carried him out to the car. Putting him in the passenger's seat, he slammed the door and got in, tearing out of the parking lot. How could he allow this to happen to his friend? But, he had no idea that the attraction would be that strong between them. When they reached Cameron's home, Todd helped him onto the couch. Instead of emotion, now Cameron's face was carved out of a block of stone.

"Could you get me a beer Todd?"

"No, you don't need more alcohol. You'll kill yourself." Todd sat down on the chair next to him.

"What if I want to?" Cameron muttered.

"And where would that leave Mya?"

A muscle in Cameron's face visibly tensed, and then the stone came crashing down. Tears poured out of Cameron's eyes, and he groaned loudly.

"What have I done?" he wailed, beating a pillow. Todd sighed, running a hand through his curly black hair.

"You got caught in the heat of the moment with a very attractive girl that any man would fall head over heels for. Yes, you cheated on your wife, sort of. You didn't do anything more than a kiss, so I don't see how you could have infidelity. It was an honest mistake."

"Noelle… I see her and Mya too. They're staring at me, they're angry." He grabbed Todd's hand, the look in his eyes full of terror. "They're going to kill me."

"That's the alcohol talking buddy." Todd laughed weakly, trying to get Cameron to release the death-grip on his hand. "Look man, I have to go. I'll swing by tomorrow. Chill out alright?"

"NO! You can't leave me!" Cameron screamed, before vomiting on the carpet. Todd groaned.

"Great, now who's going to clean this up?" He sighed, standing. "Let me get you a trash can."

Todd walked away to get items to clean up the mess, while in Cameron's mind, he was being subjected to a mixture of memories of Noelle, Mya, and nightmares. It felt like his whole world was collapsing, fragment by fragment. The oceans had dried up, mountains had collapsed and time froze, allowing this monster of pain to consume him. Its teeth of guilt tore into his mind, the tail of sorrow wrapped around his body, and the eyes of memories burned into his core. He felt all semblance of control slip, as he began his downward spiral, into blackness.

When Cameron woke, Todd was gone, a note was left next to a glass of water, and everything seemed fine. Then the monster rose, bigger than last night, and Cameron ran to his savior, the last bottle of vodka. He downed one, and then another before hearing Mya's voice called to him from the living room, but he poured a glass with a shaking hand and walked back towards the couch. He froze; there she was, with her arms crossed and dagger eyes glaring at him. The glass fell from his hand, vodka splashing over the carpet, and the Merlot he used to top off the glass stained the carpet with a deep maroon.

"What were you thinking?" her voice echoed in his mind. Low, the scariest thing to hear when he knew she was angry.

"Mya?" He took a step back, and she took one forward. She look completely real, a flush in her cheeks and a spark in those emeralds. Oh, those priceless jewels that he'd traded for a pair of cheap sapphires.

"You CHEATED ON ME! And with that whore, Noelle, too! How could you?!"

"Mya..." he retreated to the kitchen, but he felt a tap on his shoulder and whirled around to find her leaning against the island.

"And you're drinking again after you swore to me you would never get drunk again! You also lied about where you went, and then kissed that slut! I can't believe this!" She threw her hands in the air. "I've been trying to call you for days! Then I get this call from your office, and one from Todd!"

"What the hell did you just call me?!" Noelle suddenly appeared from around the corner, the lights Cameron had turned on illuminating her face, and showing her cold expression. He didn't know what was scarier, Mya's anger, or the murderous, terrifying look on Noelle's face. The two girls stared at each other, and Cameron began banging his head again the cabinets, trying to make the vision go away. When he opened his eyes, the nightmare remained, their faces more real to him than anything in his life.

"You heard exactly what I called you." Mya retorted, her eyes looking like a pair of flashing daggers. A look that screamed murder had appeared on her countenance as well, and Cameron knew that blood was inevitable.

"At least I'm not a overbearing, pathetic, wimp like you! How, in your right mind which I'm not sure you have, leave someone as screwed up as Cameron alone for a month!?" Noelle fumed, her voice raising at least an octave. "I mean look at him for heaven's sake. He's a mess!"

"And that was all your doing!" Mya screamed back, her voice shrill. Cameron flinched at that one, a blatant lie on Mya's part, only she didn't know it. Noelle did not miss that slight movement, and pounced on it.

"Oh, was it now? Ask you dear hubby, and clarify your statement before you begin lying." Noelle smirked, her eyes trained on Cameron. They still drew him in, and he felt himself drowning in her hypnotic spell.

"Cameron!" He tore his gaze off her, but only because the sting of a slap was registering on his cheek. Mya was livid, but hurt. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and the look on her face was one of shell shock. "I can't believe this."

He glanced between his agonized wife and a smug looking Noelle, who despite the fact that she was a conniving whore, still desperately attracted him. Silence reigned supreme over them all for a moment, before the girls erupted into screams again. That's when Cameron lost it; he reached over and grabbed one of the huge butcher knives.

"ENOUGH!" He bellowed, and the girls whipped around and stared at him. He pointed the knife at Noelle, glaring. "You are a no good minx, and I'm ashamed that I even thought about flirting with you. And you," he pointed the knife at Mya, "you aren't my Mya. She's in Chicago. You're both some alcoholic dream figures… Back demons!" He sliced at the figures, one after the other. Noelle faded like a dream should, a triumphant grin still on her face. The figure of Mya however, caused blood to completely drench the blade in a matter of seconds, before it moved onto his hand, pooling in his cupped palm. He watched the light fade from the figure's eyes, and then her body crumpled to the ground. As he went to wash his hands, and wash the blood his mind insisted was there, it hit him.

"C-Cameron? What have you done?" the whisper caused him to whip around. The phone started ringing as he went over to look at the bloodied corpse. He touched the face, moving a very real piece of hair aside. Fear clutched his stomach in a vice-grip, and his blood ran cold.

"This is Cameron and Mya Siel, we're not available right now, please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Have a great day! Bye."

"Mya, has he woken up yet? It's been 48 hours and Todd and I are worried, get back to us as soon as you can. Oh, your company called your cell that you left at my house, they're granting you those vacation days now, but wants you to hurry back. Alright, talk to you later."

Cameron froze, his eyes gazing down at his wife's unanimated face. The wound was still gushing blood, and it was making its way along the cracks between the tiles, turning the entire kitchen floor into a bloody web. Glancing between the knife and Mya, Cameron could barely see through the tears. He crumpled to the floor, his arms pulling the love of his life closer. He buried his face in her slightly warm neck. "Mya, my only…" he trailed off, hysteria threatening to overwhelm him. The foundation had been knocked out from under him, and he was going to collapse.

Then fire ran through his veins, and Cameron leaped up. If he couldn't be with his wife here, then there was no point in living. He walked into the bathroom, staring at his reflection in the mirror. Then Mya appeared over his shoulder, the figment of his imagination Mya that had haunted him in his nightmares for days. Her stare was blood-chilling, one of deep sadness and anger. Cameron gazed at his reflection, his torn and bloodied clothes.

"You monster." He spat at himself, before raising the knife high, and succumbing to the one thing that triumphs over love. Death greeted him with a smile.