Chapter 1

The sun was setting in a way that I'd seen so many people ooh and aah over. All was silent except for the birds in the trees tucking their chicks into nest for the night. I knew what I would do next there was no way it wouldn't happen in sync with all the other times. I wouldn't allow it.

The girl sitting next to me was typical. Long blonde hair with out a singular strand that had lived to out grow the others. Her tight tank top left little to the imagination. She sat awkwardly fiddling with her short denim mini skirt a couple inches away from me on the cold over used bench.

Ask me how a bench could be over used, first I'd ask why do you want to know and then I'd tell you that 99.9 percent of the Greenfield population came to the center of town daily. The center of town was a huge pond close to the size of a football field.

Everything at that pond was big green and lively just the way ponds were supposed to be. If 99.9 percent came to this pond who was the other .1 percent you may ask. Well that's me… And my dog of course, I refused to take him to the big pond, even if most of the town's population took their dogs there.

Then you may ask what were you doing there then? Id say why are you asking so many damn questions? Then I'd probably give in and tell you that I always brought girls there. It's just I knew that's where they wanted to go and why not if not only for one day give them what they wanted.

I set in place the motions that had been begun so many other times. Just as the sun set, lighting the atmosphere with swirling blues and fiery oranges, I leaned into the nameless girl. I mean I knew she had a name, it was Brittany, or Becca it was something with a B. B girl leaned in way to fast and almost gave me a concussion.

I knew after the kiss I would take her hand walk her to my beautiful Porsche which I had gotten for my sixteenth birthday. Then we'd drive back to my to my house where my parents were out at church for it was Sunday. It made what we did that much more scandalous. She'd leave and run to her house to call her friends. People would talk for a couple of days and I'd get a few pats on the back then things would die down and the vicious cycle would once again commence.

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