I got out of my car thinking of another waste of time day that I would have to go through. I fuckin hate school. Eric approached me as soon as the door slammed.

"Dude where the fuck have you been all disappearing to? You've been MIA all weekend!" He exclaimed.

"I been busy," I smirked hoping he'd get the double meaning. Sure I'd been busy… with Sky but that didn't mean he had to know.

"Ooh." He got this roguish grin on his face. "You must be getting so much ass man, I fuckin hate you."

I just smiled and continued my way into school. Sam approached us and I knew shit was about to go down.

"Can we help you fag boy?" Eric said nastily.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Sam said a look of shock crossing his face.

"We saw you glare at Bane after him and queerzilla had it out. Then you followed after him. It's so obvious that you're in love with him. It's fucking disgusting. Don't even think about talking to us. Just stay away and we won't have any problems." Eric pushed passed him and I got a quick look at Sam's face before being pulled away. The look was one of shock, pain, disgust, and a touch of hatred. I felt feeling of guilt and shame bubble in my chest. Sam wasn't the one who had a thing with Sky… It was I. How strange it seemed. But really this just went to show even further how Sky and I could never be anything more then a secret.

I walked into my first period class and took my seat beside Eric.

"Bane are you even listening to me?" Eric asked annoyed.

"Yeah and I totally agree." I had absolutely no idea what Eric was babbling on about but with Eric it truly was just easier to agree.

"I know right. If he even sets foot near our table today I'll break his face." Eric said beaming probably thinking he was genius to come up with that.

"Oh and here comes his little lover." I looked up just in time to see Sky walk in. Today he wore a leather jacket over a wife beater with dark torn up jeans. He wore a bit of eyeliner to pull the whole look together. I couldn't help but want to be the one to rip that leather from his shoulder. He noticed me looking and dropped his head before walking to his desk. Wow he was actually listening to me…. In a way it kind of disappointed me.

The teacher walked in not long after that and began to prattle on about things I didn't give a shit about one way or another. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I discreetly slipped it from my pocket and flipped it open in my desk. The name on the screen made me roll my eyes and smile a bit. I clicked view.

I missed you - I held in a slight laugh

I just saw you yesterday

I waited for what I knew would be an interesting reply.

I meant last night. I wanted you there holding me, kissing me… touching me.

I felt my breathing hitch.

Oh yeah?

I wish you could touch me right now.

I look over my shoulder as unnoticeably as I could. I got caught right in Sky's lustful blue gaze. He smirked something I had never seen him do. It looked so fucking hot. I could feel the slight tightening in my pants.

Meet me in the one person bathroom on the third floor after this class.

AN/ I guess Sky's not as innocent as everyone thought. ;) Or maybe Bane just corrupted him. Lol Sorry about the shortness but I have another day off tomorrow to probably write more