Dear Mommy,

I just wanted to tell you what it was like inside you for those long nine months.

I can tell that my body is growing. The two things on the upper side of my body feel longer than I am, the same with the other two things dangling from the lower body. My heart, I think that's what it's called, is beating I think it sounds awesome. I have a weird feeling that there is someone else is in here with me but I don't know I might kick around to find out. I'm kicking, I'm kicking, wait what was that, wow it feels like another one of me, cool. I wish I could see what the other one looks like, but the new things that are formed on my head won't let me see. You know how I told you about those two dangling things on my upper body, well I can stick a piece of one of them in this thing I believe is called a mouth. Whoa why is it so bright in here, wait I think I can see an outline of the other person in here. It's a little smaller than me. "You know I can hear you." The other thing says. I think, mommy, that you might have felt a jolt just then, that was me the other one scared me, and we both heard you when you said "It's all right Emma and Ian everything is okay." Both me and the other one looked at each others outline.

"So which one do you want to be Emma or Ian?" the other one asked.

"I want to be Ian it sounds a lot better than Emma." I replied.

"I think that I am supposed to be Ian and your Emma."

"Fine you can be Ian, hold on, how come you get a thumb between your legs and I don't?"

"Because I'm better."

Ian and I like it when you sing to us, we move around and dance and sometimes fall asleep. Oh and those stories you read to us, Ian doesn't like it because I ask him to many questions about it and it makes him mad that he doesn't know the answers. Also I noticed that I can't see his lungs, but he tells me that they are there, so I don't question about it any longer.

"Hey Emma, do you ever wonder what it looks like outside of here?" Ian asks after just waking up.

"Of course I do, especially since we have been hearing all those loud noises and the things pressing down our home. Why?"

"I have been seeing these weird pictures while I'm sleeping. You know you look really weird upside down, it's kind of funny"

"You still look really small."

"I know. Do you feel that tingly light feeling?"

"Yeah and that high pitched beeping."

"Emma I have a confession, my lungs haven't been growing. I don't think I will able to go out of here with you."

"What are you talking about, you're going to come with me."

"I love you, if I ever had to share this space with someone else, I'm glad it was you."

"Someone out there help, he's talking crazy."

All the liquid in our home started leaking out and really big hands came in and pulled Ian out first and than me.

As you already know Ian's lungs weren't fully developed, but the doctors were able to save him. He had to stay on an oxygen tank thingy and didn't come off of it until he was 13 months old.

So now you know why Ian and I are inseparable.

Love always and forevermore,

Your former fetus Emma