Lucky: 1

I'm really tired. I just got out from school and I feel like I want to faint. It's humid; it really is killing my brain cells. Poor brain, I am already dumb. I don't want to be worst than I am now. Lucky Cedric doesn't have to try at all, since he already is smart. Seriously, why do guys get credited more than women? I do find it unfair.

Anyway, I'm actually on my way to meet up with him. I take a seat on the ground in front of our school. It's so hot, out here. Why does he have to torture me? He shall be scared. I will smack his pretty face. Cedric is not my boyfriend or anything whatsoever; he just happens to be my best friend. It's odd having a guy best friend. I mean, I really don't mind it, it was just that I thought he was gay, so I approached him when were little since no one wanted to be friends with him. It ended with him being a straight guy. I was scarred for life. Yet of course, I love him to death, he just... ticks me off. He cries over stupid girls. He's too innocent for me. I feel bad for saying that, but I only talk about the truth and it only turns out that was the truth.

I see him coming out from the exit door; he always wears my gift for him last year. Last year, I gave him a white, green-ish hat, and as soon as he ripped the gift wrapper and opened the box, he wore it. Every day of our lives, he always wore the hat. I appreciate that he likes it but... that's just too much. I mean, people around us always mistaken us as lovers. Igsome!

Who would think that the little boy I helped to pee when we were young would suddenly become my lover? It sounds wrong and odd for me and him. As soon as he sees me, he waves and wears his killer smile, which really ticked me off. I narrowed my eyes on him, frowning. "What took you so long?!" I started scolding at him.

He put on his gentle, sad looking face; his one hand was brushing his hair and the other in his pocket. I heard the girls squealing behind me. I turn around, pissed. "GET LOST!"

These girls are irritating me so much. Cedric is not a celebrity; I don't know what's so hot about him, except the fact that he can easily tick me off. I understand that he does have the ultimate celebrity face but nothing else. Maybe it's because of his turquoise eyes. I must admit, I love his eyes but no more than that.

"Lillian, don't worry, there's only you in my heart." I cross my arms and glared at him. This guy must be insane; I can't believe that he's my best friend. This must be bad karma; I blame myself for all of these.

"Cedric? My ass!" I'm a mean friend. But that's just me. Anyway, after that, I pulled him along with me on our way home.

Hmmm... He can be annoying most of the time, but I got used to it. It's just that, he's obsessed over so many things. He likes teddy bears, and he loves corny movies, especially the chick flicks. He cries over that stupid Romeo and Juliet movie, while I stare at him in disagreement and make fun of him.

He suddenly gives me a nudge and whispers, "Can you do me a favour?" He asks and I give him a dirty look. I wonder what he wants from me, because now, he looks really serious. I think for a moment before giving him my response,

"What is it that you want me to do?" I ask as he kept his angelic face. I roll my eyes, not bothering to look up.

I hear him sigh; he takes my hand from my pocket. All these things are running on my mind: What is he doing? I know for a fact that he won't be proposing since we don't love each other that way, but I don't get the purpose of it. "Let's move in together!" He announces abruptly, enthusiastically.

I blink for a couple of times, "What did you say?" Is it just me, or did he just ask me to move in with him? And then it hit me...

Oh... my god! Is he in love with me?!

But that can't be! We've been best friends for as long as I can remember!

How did it end up being like this?

I can't move at all, and I am still trying to figure it out in my head. I don't get it. Is there something wrong with me? Or is he really in love with me from the very beginning? This is madness; it's as if the world is about to end. "Lillian? Are you alright? Did I scare you or something?" I stare up to him; no words came out from my mouth.

This is a nightmare (no offense) but it truly is. I used to take a bath with him until we were in grade seven, and then we stopped because I got my period and he got his circumcision. "Lillian, do you approve?"

"WHAT?! Of course not! Why would I want to move in with you?!" I think I overdid the yelling part; he looks like he's in pain. He lets go of my hand and I watch him. I don't know what to tell him, I'm never good at being all warm and stuff. I mean I never really tried anyone to feel better when they are down, if I ever try to, I just tend to make their day even worse than it is.

"So you want me to live in the streets? And starve to death? And get soaked from the rain? And then one day, you will see me dead on the streets, it's all because my girl won't let me live with her." I let out a sigh, rolling my eyes.

"Fine! Just stop the drama, Cedric." I turn my back on him. "By the way, do not, I'm warning you, do not call me 'my girl' because I'll never be your girl." I complain and he continuously grins at me.

Living with him will be like living with a little boy who still pees in his pants. I don't want to be a babysitter. I've always been a babysitter to him when we're in school and now... I can't picture it. I just can't.

"Did you think I was in love with you?" He asks, winking at me. UGH! This guy needs a slap from me! I can't believe he would ask me that kind of question, let alone that he is my best friend.

"Oh yeah... you are in love with me, aren't you, Cedric?" I ask, resting the back of my hand on his cheek. He face reddened.

"No, I'm not... I mean... I am... but I'm not... just stop confusing me! Lillian!" I win! Yes! I laugh and he stares at me, angry. I love how I always win in the end. Poor Cedric, he can't defend himself over me. I'm feeling really evil right now.

I hug him tightly to me, "Aww, poor Cedric, do you want your milk now?" I tease and he pinches my nose. Brat! Brat!

"I love you! Lillian, let's sleep together, mother!" I started pouting at him, and I slap his arm. "Aww, I thought you love incest?" He's getting on my nerves!

"Not if it's a brat like you who still suck his thumb at night!" I grin evilly. Oh yeah! I always win! I love this teasing game! "Besides, I wonder who the innocent one here is?" I turn to face him and smile. It only made him even more piss at me. Neither of us talked for the rest of the way back.

- - -

We arrive at my house. Mother's cooking when we got home, as soon as I reach my room, there's nothing left; my room is empty. "What happened here?!" I yell in alarm. Where are my things? Seriously, people don't just randomly take all the things from a room without asking in permission. This is outrageous beyond my understanding. I know I'm overreacting but still, it's called my room is my privacy! No one can enter or take my stuff.

"Oh, you're not living here with us anymore." My mother smiles at me.

I'm not living with my family anymore...? What does this mean? Cedric!

Before I knew it, I jumped on Cedric. I smack him on the face and I think his upper lip is bleeding. Before my dad stop me from beating Cedric; he was already knocked out.

"Lillian! What do you think you're doing?" My father yells at me. I have my hands on my pockets; I don't like looking up to my father. I never like it; it makes me mad when they tell me what's right and what's wrong. I'm already old enough, I don't need more.

"Cedric is the one who told you guys, didn't he?" I yell.

They stare at me almost as if they were about to laugh, "He wasn't the reason. You guys are best friends, anyway, we told him to move in with you but not here, we bought you a condo unit."

What? I don't understand! What's that got to do with Cedric living with me?

"Why Cedric?" I ask them and they shook their head at me.

"We can't let you live by yourself without you getting harmed, so Cedric is there to protect you. And as I said before, I wish you two weren't only best friends, he's the only guy I like for you." My father says, getting all teary.

Parents are weird, they actually want me to spend the rest of my life with Cedric and him... protecting me? "Dad, how can he protect me?" I pointed at Cedric who is still lying on the floor, knocked out. The very suggestion was appalling. It was like Cedric was the one who needed me to protect him.

My parents look at each other and then say, "He just let you beat him..." They left after giving me the key to the condo and my car keys. I drag Cedric all the way to my car,

"Get up already! You're such a loser!" I spill my coke all over him. His eyes instantly open,

"What was that!" He yells at me while I laugh. He looks like a wet dog, abandoned.

"I'll drive you to your house," I told him at last. He stares at me, disapprovingly. It makes me mad when he gives me his 'stare'. I daren't look at him again; he just makes me all fuzzy and guilty. "Stop staring at me, you freak!" I yell though I sound like I am about to cry.

He didn't say anything, I hate silent treatment. He's really good at it and I suck! "Seriously! I will poke your eyes out! I don't care if your eyes are pretty or something! I will kiss you if you don't stop!" I try threatening him and all he said was,

"Fine, make out with me." He puts on his somber face. He tries not to look worried but I know he is worried. I lean forward just to piss him off, our lips almost t—

"What the hell?!" I yell as I felt his lips on mine. I slap him and yelling, "What was that?! Why did you lean forward! Are you insane? We're friends not lovers! Now what are we gonna do?"

Still freaking out.

"Lillian! Calm down, it's just a kiss, you sound like you're about to die. Besides I was being serious, I just want to know what you're going to do. I never thought you'll do it and then I accidentally leaned over so yeah... nothing big. Gosh, Lillian! You should have seen your face." He laughs.

I roll my eyes as I step on the gas of my car and went on to my new home, a condo. This is irritating. I never lived with a guy before and yet Cedric is not a guy; he's a friend, more like a bother brother to me. "Why can't you leave me alone?" I ask him.

"Because you're my friend, and you're important to me," He smiles and I glare at him.

Like I would believe him. I don't fall into his traps. "Lillian, we both know we can't live without each other." He says while I stare at him in confusion. What is he talking about?

"Seriously, Cedric, you're not in love with me, are you?" I ask, feeling a bit nervous and all tense.

What if he says "Yes"? Then what am I going to do now? He freaks me out! I know he's always been like this to me but it's just weird.

"Maybe..." He pauses, and my heart stops beating, "Maybe not." He laughs.

"Don't do that to me! You'll be the death of me! Geez, Cedric!" I sigh.

I am glad he's not. I think...