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Cedric and I remain still for some time I was just in his arms. I don't want him to let go of me it's not because I love him that way, it's because I actually don't mind him loving me more than just a friend. I mean earlier, I was being too shallow for him. I always thought that he falling in love with me might ruin my friendship with him. Now, I know that he feels that way towards me, I wouldn't be able to hurt his feelings randomly; like before. "Let's stay like this forever~" he says and I protested against his idea.

"Cedric, we still have to arrange everything here!" I whine in complain. He lets go of me feeling a bit in pain but I didn't mind since it was only the fact that he let go of me from his hug. I know that a lot will change but maybe these changes will make us stronger. "Besides, I thought you're still with Emma?" I ask him, trying to avoid his gaze.

For the past hour, all he does was stare at me randomly. It's a bit creepy but I don't know he looks so in love so out of nowhere. "I don't know, she likes me but I really don't like her yet I agreed to join her in Germany." He says abashed.

"Anyway, why are you going to Germany? What for?" I clear the table on the kitchen as I ask him. He went to the bedroom and came out with a pillow in his arms.

"Uhm, well I want to try something new. I knew that you will reject me now but maybe later on when I distance myself from you, you'll realize that you love me too, more than just a friend." He's too confident about that. I'm not even sure if that's possible for me. I mean it is possible but... I still can't picture. Just too hard for now,

"Right, anyway, do you have any plans for this weekend? Want to watch a movie?" I ask. He's right beside me and started embracing me while I jerk away. "Please, am not a teddy bear," rolling my eyes at him as I take the pillow and bury his face with it.

"Pillow fight!" okay, no comment; he's so childish, but oh well might as well have fun tonight.

Before I slam the pillow on his face I ask, "Where are you gonna sleep?" he gave me a puzzle look while I mouthed, "Uh-oh..."

"I have to sleep with you then," he announces, too excited. I stare at him,

"Oh gosh, just keep your hands to yourself."

"I don't do anything at night..."

Right, he's still a little boy and a bit innocent, I think. Anyway, I think we have no choice but to sleep with him for the next five months! Somewhat, I do feel sad just thinking of him alone with that Emma person, it doesn't feel right to me. "Why do you have to go with her? Why her, anyway?" I slam the pillow on the coffee table without looking at him or anything.

I can feel his eyes on me but I don't know his expression, all I hear is his voice, "Maybe, because she is my girlfriend." He sounds serious for the moment. I can't help but turn around and look at him. My voice is trembling as I hear myself yell at him,

"You don't even love her! Why can't you stay here with me?" I quickly wipe away the water that was forming in my eyes. I don't know what's making me tear but I just don't like this feeling at all. He shut his eyes for a second and breathes through his nostrils.

"Give me a good reason why I should stay here and fuck my life with you?" I don't get him at all.

Fuck his life with me? What is he implying? That I can't return his feelings and that is why he'll be going to Germany with Emma? "I'm sorry, that I don't love you that way. But at least think of my feelings. If my feelings really were that important to you then I will make myself fall in love with you...just don't go." I hear myself saying those words to him. I for one am not really sure how it came out like that. I do love him just not in that way, yet, I think.

He stares at me almost smiling; I stood looking at him not knowing how to react after what I said. I'm not sure if I really meant it though. But as I look deeper into his eyes, he shows something that I've never seen in him. Emotions that filled him, emotions in which I think he was happy to hear those words from me. I don't want to ruin it for him but I just don't know what else to say.

"Do you really mean that, Lillian?" he looks at me with so much hope.

"Well, we'll see if I get jealous or something..." I mutter under my breath. He waits for me to say more, "Then I will fall in love with you." I daren't look at him.

"I'll make sure you'll fall in love with me before five months comes," he whispers in my ear and I shiver. I turn around to tease him instead our lips touched, unexpectedly. My eyes feels like it was about to come out. Something in the way he kisses me made my heart bit fast. Instead of me, pushing him away from me I have no choice but to pull him closer to me. It does sound bad but I couldn't stop it from beating so hard.

As soon as he pulls away, he looked at me and said, "Promise me, please?" he kneels down and beg. He looks like an idiot.

"Will you please stand up? I promise okay?" I offer my hand to him, rolling my eyes. Geez! He doesn't have to do this, "You're so cheesy, for a guy." I roll my eyes while he grab my face to his and kiss me abruptly. "Hey! Who says I allow you to kiss me?" I pout.

"I don't know me?" he says as he wears his godly smile. I can't help but return his smile,

"Whatever, let's go sleep!" I yawn.

He swiftly and unexpectedly carries me on our way to my bedroom, I slap his arm, trying to jerk away, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? IDIOT! WHAT IF I FELL!?" my nerves are my business; my body is my business also. I cocked an eyebrow as soon as he set me off my feet,

"It's called let's do it," I stare at him with my mouth hanging open. What the hell was that? Is he kidding around with me? Seriously, I don't like it. He's just scaring me. I will not sleep with my best friend even if I do love him that way.

"No thank you." I plainly say and went to grab a blanket and pillows.

I catch a glimpse of him pouting and murmuring something which I think was, "We will do it, I'll make you." Something like that, I'm not really sure. He seems like a whole new Cedric now that I know his feelings towards me but nothing has to change right? Of course not, we are still best friends after all its something that can never be replaced, it has always been there. I know that he knows that too.

"There's no point in sleeping with no actions..." his arms are around my waist, I spun and met his eyes transfixed with mine. My arms are wrapped around his neck and his roaming down my torso, wearing his crooked smile. I can't help but smile along with his. At this moment, I somehow, don't care what we're doing but the fact that I was happy makes it all better.

He spun me around over and over again; we look like little kids dancing. He twirls me one last time and he caught me before I fall from the dizziness, "I fail at dancing," I grin foolishly at him. He pulls me closer and tighter to him. He leans down and I can feel the moist as he mouthed something,

"I'll never let you fall, only in my arms though." I blush as usual, when he whispers those words at me. He still has me in his very own arms. There's this big lump in my stomach that doesn't want me to let go of him, all I can do is stare back at him.

"Why am I having this weird thing in my stomach?" I ask him not knowing what exactly I was telling him. A huge grin spread across his face,

"It's called hormones, honey." I gulp and gape at him like an idiot in question. I wait for him to explain more and I think he had seen it coming because before I open my mouth to protest another word about hormones he let his tongue slip between my lips.

My hands playfully ran around his neck and his hair. I can't help but to get more excited. Something in me is asking for more and I do want more, oh fuck this, I don't want things to end up like this. But I can feel the heat from his body to mine. How can I not resolve that? He gradually start walking and pushing me with our body intertwined together, I heard him moan and I find myself making odd noises. He lets go off me and, "No..." I hear myself muttering.

I catch his smile and he soon resumes our kissing moments. More heat and more things are happening. We are one fucked up best friends. We sit on the bed facing each other as we need to catch our breath. His face is all flushed in red. Without thinking, my left hand reached for his right cheek. My hand rests on it, it felt really warm. And I can see him get all tense more like mixed emotions. He slowly touches my hand that was resting on his cheek. I hesitated, but he got hold of my hand, his lips slowly kissed each fingertips, I tremble, shock. Him doing this to me is just making me understand more of him and knowing his true emotions. How can I let him down when I am feeling like this? There's no way I can escape. I don't want to escape at all. I want to hold him and touch him too. I feel somewhat, special every time he's around. Maybe this time I can tell that I do love him not as a friend but as a man. I am content with him.

"I love you..." he murmurs. I close my eyes sensing and feeling every touch... every kisses he planted on me, on my body. He slightly brushes his cold lips on my shoulder; slowly taking off my bra. His hands unhooked the bra and his teeth pulling down on the strap. I sit closely to him without moving, without saying a word. All I hear are his breath and our hearts both beating hard.

He slowly traces me with kisses along my jaw line. He takes hold of my face in his palms and slowly planted a kiss on my forehead, my chin, both of my cheek, the tip of my nose and lastly, my warm lips, the one that's been waiting for his to touch mine. My eyelids flutter as I no longer felt his touch on my skin. I gaze at him and he moans, "God... you... are... beautiful... your body... it's so precious and lovely. I love you so much; I can't embrace you any longer..." I can see tears building up his eyes. Guilt hits me.

"Don't... please. Satisfy me, tonight." My voice is shaky as I spoke those words to him. He is at first surprised to hear those words yet a smile forms across his face. He kiss me firmly, we both smile knowing that this night would be something wonderful.

He moans as we resume to our unfinished talking more like showing.


"I love you!" he whispers in my ear, while I was half asleep. My eyelids flutter from the sunlight.


"I loooove you~" he sings in such a beautiful tenor voice of his. I turn to my right to find him staring at me, grinning. I smile back at him,

"I-I..." I want to say it but...

"Yes?" I stare at him like an idiot. "Come on! You can say it!" he pinches my nose, teasing me.

"Love you..." I don't know what I should feel. It feels right but at the same time it feels wrong. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I don't care what the future is or what I thought of him before. The only thing that's important is that we are happy today.

He kisses me in the mouth and I stare at him, "Please its morning! Don't do that!" I pout. The more I tell him not to, the more he does it. "I'm taking a shower," I say as I sit up. "Whoa! My head! And I can't even stand up! Thanks a lot, Cedric!" I yell and all he did is smile at me. I shove him away as I make my way to the bathroom but my head is spinning like crazy and I can barely walk. I made my way to the bathroom but as I was about to go in the shower I slip. "Shit!" I choke out the words before I bump my head. Instead, I hear Cedric behind me,

"If you want me that bad you didn't have to pretend you can't walk or have some headache or something," he laughs. I jerk away holding on to the bars of the bathtub area.

"I am not faking!" I retort. Before I protest he cuts me off,

"But I am," his lips find mine and before I knew it. I lost and he's into me again.

Oh geez! I can't believe that I actually slept with my best friend. But what does that makes us now? Lovers? Special friends? Or just best friends, just that there is sleeping involved?

I don't know what to call it anymore. For the first time I'm scared of the fact that we might be hurting someone else's feelings like... Emma? Jason?

I guess he and I can talk about this once he got what he wants from me.

I think... I can love him, after all.

Aha, that was cheesy, eh?

Yeah, thought so. ;]