She drew in her breath, in a soundless gasp at the contact on her neck. She felt light sucking and gentle nips running up and down the column of her throat, sending pinpoints of ecstasy straight to where she was already wet and throbbing.

She started to let out a moan from deep within her at the other's ministrations, only to have it caught in another's mouth. The other was devouring her mouth, tongue sliding in and out, teeth carefully nipping at her bottom lip. Her eyes long since shut, slipped open to stare onto the palest blue she had ever seen in a person's eyes. Sharp cheekbones protruded from her face and a strong nose stood above the full, red lips pressed against her own.

Her hands lifted up trail up the nearest body to her, the one doing fantastic things out of view. She traced the other's curves through her shirt and heard a little catch when she neared her breasts. She moved her hands back down to the waist of the other woman, Rose, she remembered.

She slid her fingers beneath the material to the warm flesh underneath, moving them steadily upward. She alternated between firm brushes and teasing swipes across the soft skin there.

All of a sudden, the mouth on her neck left and she felt a little bereft at the loss of contact. Then, Rose was back, pulling at her hand, pressing it to her bare breast. Wasting no time, she pinched a nipple lightly between her fingers, rolling it back and forth a few times. A soft cry of "Jasmine" was emitted as a result of her actions.

Her attention was brought back forcefully to the third member of their party by a hard bite to her lip. The sting sent even more heat coiling to her gut and she pressed her lips hard onto the other's in response, her hand falling from Rose's breast to wrap around the neck of the woman in front of her.

She pressed her tongue urgently against the other's lips receiving immediate compliance and entrance into her mouth. Her tongue danced around the moist cavern, rubbing against the occupant and sampling the delectable taste of her.

There was brushing against her front and she found that Rose had moved to unbutton her shirt. She separated from Iris's lips to make the other's job easier. Once all of the buttons were undone, she shrugged out of her shirt and stood in front of her two lovers in only pants.

She placed her hands on Rose's hips and bent her head to pull a nipple into her mouth. She suckled strongly, freeing one hand from the other's waist to resume teasing the other bud. Jasmine saw Iris move up behind Rose and bend her head to lick along the column of Rose's throat.

Rose threw her head back and moaned lowly, letting the other two know that they were driving her wild. Jasmine found those lips captivating all of a sudden, audibly expressing her pleasure and her hand dove into the short cap of striking red hair, pulling her head back into an upright position and crushed her lips down on Rose's already swollen ones from multiple previous kisses.

As the two were locked together, Iris dragged her hand down Rose's body to the waistline of her shorts. She pushed her down and touched the curly hair covering her destination. Her hand slipped lower until she was touching the moist lower lips that she had been aiming for.

At the first touch, Rose bucked her hips into the fingers putting pressure on her clit. She pressed her full breasts into Jasmine's own bare chest, causing both girls to break apart and gasp out.

Jasmine took the opportunity and moved down Rose's body to where her pleasure was currently centering itself. She tugged the button undone and the zipper down with her teeth, swiftly pulling the shorts down around her ankles, leaving her bare to her view.

She grasped the firm buttocks, one in each hand, and started pressing kisses to her inner thighs. She took her time moving upward toward Rose's core, where Iris's hand was still delivering pleasure. She got all the way up and gently removed the hand there, replacing it with her tongue.

She passed her tongue over Rose's clit, bringing a broken form of her name from her lips. Jasmine looked up and saw that Iris had busied her hands cupping Rose's generous breasts and Rose had her arms wrapped around Iris's neck behind her and the two of them were devouring each other's lips.

Jasmine took in the sight quickly, feeling herself grow excited as she watched her two companions make out. She turned her attention back to pleasuring Rose.

She kissed up her inner thigh starting at just above the knee and moving upward toward the patch of hair at her core. She stopped before she reached it and moved to mimic her actions on the other leg. This time when she reached the apex of the other girl's thighs, her hands were there to part the lips covering her most private parts. Her tongue slipped out to play with Rose's clit, running across it and circling it.

Looking up one more time, Jasmine saw that Rose's head had fallen back to rest on Iris's shoulder, while the blue eyed girl teased her nipples and rained kisses on her neck and shoulder.

With that heady visual in mind, she ran her tongue away from the pleasured bud farther in between her legs. She pushed the slippery muscle inside the tight channel in front of her and felt it tighten even more for a brief moment at her first touch before she was able to slip the whole of it inside Rose.

The taste that assaulted her senses wasn't something that she could describe in words and she pushed herself inside further, searching for more of that delectable cream to coat her tongue with. Jasmine could hear the breathing from above become even more haggard and took this reaction as encouragement to continue her actions.

Her tongue started a rhythm, moving strong and deep within the hot, increasingly moist channel, and then leaving it bereft before once again plunging back in. She felt the walls start to grow tense and tighten around her intruding muscle and knew that Rose was on the brink of her climax.

She sped up the thrusts she was making with her tongue, bringing her thumb over to rub the abused bud above her occupied mouth. All of a sudden, Rose was tight for a long moment before her muscles seemed to lose their strength, all the while, she kept spasming into Jasmine's mouth.

Removing herself from between the other girl's legs, she noted that Iris was supporting Rose's limp figure, gently pulling her down to the floor. Once both were entangled together on the floor, Jasmine crawled over to join them with Rose on the side closest to her. Leaning over Rose to capture Iris's lips, she exchanged the secret taste of the sated woman between them.

The kiss reminded her that both her and Iris had yet to reach their own climaxes and she quickly shifted over Rose so she was lying on top of the other woman. She broke the contact between their lips and leaned down to take a nipple between her teeth, pulling gently, drawing exquisite pleasure from that point downward to Iris's secret inner folds.

She played the nipple between her teeth, using her tongue to soothe the harshness of her nips occasionally. Her hand was pulling and rolling the other bud between her fingers. Beautiful groans and short intakes of breath came from above her, assuring her that she was pleasing her lover sufficiently.

Jasmine's unoccupied hand trailed down the other's torso, feeling the silkiness of the skin there. She bypassed the dark hair, running her index finger along the part between the folds, immediately finding the swollen clit. She rubbed across it a few times, feeling it get slicker with each motion of her hand, tongue, and fingers.

She was greedy to feel the other woman surrounding her, so she moved her hand lower, plunging three fingers in all at once. She started a hard, fast rhythm that mirrored her own desperation for completion. There was no better sound than a pleasured woman, especially if you are the cause of that pleasure.

All of a sudden, Jasmine found herself on her back, her fingers ripped from Iris's channel, having no idea what had happened. She saw a mass of red hair moving toward her lower body, indicating that rose was back in the game before two dark thighs settled on either side of her face.

Jasmine took this opportunity to taste her other partner, sliding her tongue between the folds surrounding Iris's clit. She had to bite back a moan as Rose pressed her private parts against Jasmine's own.

Rose thrust them together harshly with Jasmine pushing her hips up to meet each one and return it. Her tongue took up the same beat as her hips and she knew all three of them were on the fast track to that highest and most fragile precipice of pleasure.

Above her, Iris appeared to be leaning forward and Jasmine imagined that the two were sharing a sloppy kiss. This pushed her forcefully even closer to the edge and she doubled her efforts on the woman above her.

Rose adjusted herself a little and now she was hitting a spot that caused Jasmine to see stars dancing before her eyes. A couple more thrusts and she was clenching and spasming and yelling herself hoarse in her absolute pleasure.

Amidst her own climax, Iris fell over the edge as well, their voices mingling together in a harmony of bliss. She tasted the aftermath all down her throat and coating her tongue with its bittersweet taste.

Her head fell back onto the ground as Iris lay down on her one side, head resting on Jasmine's outstretched arm, eyes closed, her breathing already evening out in the pattern of sleep. Rose kissed her softly on the lips before finding her own comfort using Jasmine's bosom as a pillow and wrapping one arm possessively around her trim waist.

Jasmine relaxed into their embraces, allowing herself oblivion because she knew she would be awakened in a couple of hours and she needed her rest. She had to keep up her strength if she planned on keeping up with her two energetic lovers for the rest of the night.