No worries, just a flower in a field,

Trees acting as many a shield,

From the blistering burns of the sun,

And the animals, not to be outdone,

She prances through,

Her eyes, the brightest blue,

"Persephone," the wind echoes her name,

"Beware on your heart the claim,

From a man who rules the dead,

He'll fool you into being wed-"

But she ignores the voice.

And he comes, Hades, out of a cleft filled with dark

Ready to force into a journey she wishes not to embark,

He pulls her into his chariot laced with gold,

His hands ice, in her own so cold,

And the field lets out a cry

That Helios hears in surprise.

A realization of the taking,

But it's too late- Queen of the Underworld in the making,

Persephone falls when the chariot lands,

Only stones and gray, no sun, no sands,

Trapped without a choice.

And so, Demeter becomes aware

Of the kidnap of her daughter, for whom she cared,

And anger overcomes her mind,

And she plunges the fields, the people into a bind,

Famine presides; hunger arises in humanity,

And many even lose their sanity,

As they pray in steeples to Zeus,

Begging to be let loose,

Of this curse put upon them,

And all because of Hades, yes him,

The one without rejoice.

Eventually, Zeus decided to put an end,

To the goddess's fury that descended

Onto the beautiful Earth,

And also, for what it's worth,

The tears of Persephone, the girl

Who unknowingly sent Earth into a swirl,

Of famine,

And so the maiden,

Cried more in rejoice,

When Zeus spoke with his voice,

"You're finally free"

And Hermes was sent,

But alas: Happiness was not meant,

For the devious thoughts,

And the malicious man sought,

To find a way

To make Persephone stay,

If only for a season,

And with many a reason,

Love, longing, lust,

And then, he thought a plan in glee

By now, Persephone yearned to eat,

And so he tricked her into eating seeds as she took a seat

On the ground, gray and dull,

As Cerberus lay rest, chewing absently on a skull,

Hades watched with a smile,

As one seed dropped to the tile,

And another entered her lush mouth,

A crunch, and the seed went south,

And one more, until all were ate,

And she realized the seeds were bait,

For now, she was cursed to reside in the underworld

Demeter raged like a woman scorned,

Persephone, ashamed, that she wasn't warned

Of the disastrous curse,

And she wondered if the situation could get any worse,

As Zeus called a meeting,

To overcome Hade's way of cheating,

At keeping the woman in his estate,

And keeping her as his mate,

He came up with a solution,

And so started the resolution,

In which origins unfurled.

And so the gods finally decide

That for a part of the year Persephone was to reside,

In the home of Hades,

And the Earth's trees would fade,

And people would fight for food,

But alas be in a good mood,

For when the other half would come,

Nature would rebirth, and food would be more than some,

And Persephone would reunite with Demeter,

And the world couldn't get any sweeter,

And so, the ending was somewhat tame.

And thus is the tale,

Of how Persephone was ailed,

As the Queen of the Underworld,

And the tragedy that unfurled,

Up above,

With the food, or lack thereof,

Which leads to how the story tells

How the seasons befell,

And of marriage beliefs,

About how it felt like kidnapping, not relief,

And so, this is how the origins of some of Greece came.