The first time you saw her chest was bruised
You shrugged it off- she said it was an accident
The time that you saw her eye blackened
You laughed at her for her clumsy accident
The time when you saw her lip bloodied
Thought her eyes bad to have another accident
The time that you saw her arm twisted
You wondered how her car was fine after an accident
The time that you saw her neck purple
You were suspicious- how was that an accident
The time you saw her husband backhand her
You held your tongue when he said, "it was an accident."
The time she flinched when you moved your hand to sneeze
You knew then she'd never had an accident
The time she stopped smiling because of her chipped teeth
You didn't try to help, thought it frustrating she claimed it an accident
The time she refused to see you because of her 'car wreck'
You got mad at her for lying about another accident
The time you saw the machines breathing for her
You were afraid to speak up when her husband called it an accident
The time you cried when her casket was lowered
You told the cops- who could do nothing with no proof 'twas not an accident
The time the cops said memory can't serve you- your records have to be written
You realized you should've helped her when you learned she'd never had an accident
The time you looked in the mirror at yourself for the first time
You realized it wasn't her but you who bore the guilt for her accident
The time you allowed yourself to forget her
You didn't know how to help her, so not doing it was an accident
Why do people allow themselves to be so stupid
Actions aren't taken back if you use the word "accident"
Are you all so weak, pathetic and ignorant
That your sense and intellect can be overridden by saying ''accident''
How long will it take to get it through your thick skulls
Before you act, how many more must have an accident
How many times must this story repeat
Just to be blown off as an accident
I hope you're motivated to pay more attention rather than offended
But if you were, sorry--
It was an accident