Cosmic Odyssey / Edge Of Your Atmosphere

My mind trembles with fear because it cannot recall the colour
In your tender eyes when we met for our final known moment in time
But my heart is assured through the stardust still scattered within
That there was unquestionable fondness in the way you gazed at me

And as I gently caress the edge of your atmosphere on this cosmic odyssey
My existence is currently experiencing, I contemplate whether you've successfully
Received my satellite signal and if so, would you be audacious enough to take
On the request for another encounter by allowing me to enter your territory

Because I understand that you have a history of shyness due to an unfortunate
Hydroponic upbringing therefore deliberate silence from your side wouldn't
Surprise at all, but all I've tried transmitting is my intention to transport
You off the minor earth to soar across the major sky of love with me

And hopefully that would begin to knock down the psychological barrier preventing you
From realising how banal walking becomes when you've learnt how to fly, however at this time
All I can do is dwell in the unknown outside you, trust the determination stamped on my
Message and prepare myself to move away for another phase of this journey if required.