Burgundy Cries with Crimson Tears

I hear the angry screams rising from the stairs once more
I close my eyes and pray for death as he walks through the door
I'm yelled at and I'm beaten, but as he leaves he's humming
I'm frightened and I'm shocked, but yet I should've seen it coming
I sit in mental anguish as I'm trying not to cry
I've found another way to let loose; to keep my eyes dry
I go into the kitchen and I find that piece of steel
I take it to the bathroom so soon I won't have to feel
I drag the razor 'cross my skin to numb all of these fears
And warm blood seeps through wounds: burgundy cries with crimson tears
This cutting brings relief as I know I control this pain
And even though it hurts so good I know it's all in vain
This cutting's become like a drug that's out of my control
I'm in too deep- will someone please help me out of this hole?

I was trapped in all this darkness like a horse strapped to a saddle
Until a new friend came along, he didn't fear my battle
At first I was skeptical, my heart was bruised and torn
But this new friend was kind and he weathered through the storm
I soon learned he had problems that, though different from mine,
They were just as hard to cope with, I finally got the sign
When I went to others, they saw wounds and walked away
But now I had a friend who said, "Let's focus on today."
Now I can bear my soul and smile as we look up at the stars
He taught me how to feel again and doesn't mind the scars.