He Was Just So Different

He was just so different
From the other kids and me
It started with his muscles
Then it got hard to see

No one ever really tried
To make new games that he could do
But it wasn't meant to hurt him
We just didn't have a clue

While he never joined our sports
As he was worse for wear-
We would always play by his house
He liked watching from his chair

One day a decade later
When we had finished school
We went down to see him
We thought it would be cool

To talk to him about
All of the futures we had planned
To muse at things we'd never know
That he could understand

Rushing up to see our smartest friend
We stopped to stare
We noticed for the first time in twelve years
He wasn't there

We all prayed our hearts were false
And telling stories grim
And promised that if he was fine
We'd spend more time with him

Alas- 'twas right to fear
Our friend had died the previous night
Our time wasted on our differences
Learning too late the saying's right

The important moves you don't make are clear
When time ends the game
I just wish I'd realized sooner
How he was just the same