I took a look around to observe my situation. I was completely surrounded by fifteen well-built bodyguards. I'd say without the heavy firearm protection gear, they'd each weigh at least 220 pounds of raw muscle. Each one was armed and dangerous, so my first thought was this: "Why the hell does this always happen to me?"

I suppose I should take some time out to introduce myself. My name is Jack Stryker, 21 years old. I'm pretty lightweight, only 140 pounds, but is that really a bad thing? One wouldn't call me a giant, but I'm not short, considering I'm a little over 5'10. Now, you may wonder what a handsome, young man such as myself does for a living. I'll give you a hint: it's most young boys' dream job. Still not good enough for you? Fine, I'm a secret agent.

Now I'm not any kind of international spy, but what I do is very interesting. My job is to keep all of the country's possible inside problems in check, but only the major ones that police can't handle. The police can call on us, well, really only the chief of the police can, because he's the only one who knows of us. If these problems do escalate out of control, I'm sent out to… solve them.

My current task is to take out the Gianni Corporation. They're a small, underworld organization that has dealings in black market trade. We have confirmed that they are involved in the trading of opium, heroine, and the like. Lately, our intelligence has reported that they have gotten a large shipment of dangerous explosives and that they are planning to use them to sabotage some major surface world businesses. By taking these legitimate businesses out, they can take over and monopolize the surface trade market.

I bet now you're wondering how I got into this tight fix. Well, that is very simply answered: I got caught.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's get down to business. The hulking figures began to slowly move in on me. I put my hands in the air just as a criminal is supposed to do when under arrest.

"I don't suppose any of you guys would be obliged to tell me where I could find the bathroom?" I asked with a slight sarcastic smile on.

Then one of the giants placed the mouth of his weapon to my back saying, "You think you're funny, boy?"

"In fact, I do like to think so. Here, I'll entertain you," I chuckled. Then, clearing my throat, I said, "Knock, knock."

The giant, deciding to let me have my final joke, replied, "Who's there?"


"Wu who?"

"I'm glad you're already enjoying yourself," I said, grabbing his wrist and sharply twisting it. After hearing a slight snapping sound, I let him go and quickly ran to the next victim. I knocked his weapon out of his hand while he was still surprised and judo-flipped him to the ground.

At this point, the other thirteen men snapped out of their confusion and let loose a rain of lead. Quickly ducking behind a nearby wall, I managed to avoid injury, save for a slight grazing of my left bicep. I also thanked my lucky stars that these walls were bulletproof. The hulking figures did not pursue me, most likely because they were not sure if I were armed or not, but no matter what the reason, I was glad.

I took a moment to reassess my situation. Currently, I was in a hallway. The closest object to the doorway in the room was a small table with a potted plant on it. Near the center of the room was a conference table, and above that was a chandelier. Right next to me was a glass fish bowl. I took a quick peek at the room from my hiding spot and saw that the men were grouped together about ten feet from the door. Perfect.

Taking the fish bowl in my hand, I quickly chucked it at the gathering of men. The glass shattered and shards of glass, and fish, littered the floor. Taking advantage of my speed, I ran behind the conference table during the confusion. For the third part of my plan, I pushed the table at the men. The heavy table was easier to move due to the lubrication provided by the water. Because of this, the men slipped and fell to the floor, many of whom hit their heads. For security I used my gained momentum to flip the table over on top of them, pinning each one of them down. Had it not been for the sharp fragments of glass, them men would have easily got that table off of them.

After taking a moment to admire my handiwork, I turned to enter my final destination: Cappi Gianni's room.

I opened the door to find Cappi sitting in his desk peacefully. He was a diminutive man, probably standing only 5'2. However, he had quite a masculine face and that famous Italian hair. His attire consisted of a single business suit.

I took a look around to see how well-furnished his room was. There were statues of gold figures and expensive, hard-to-find, exotic plants in his room. He had some expensive portraits hanging on his wall, and his window showed a wonderfully breathtaking view of the land below. I knew just from looking that he was the kind of guy who just loves to flaunt his money.

Noticing how I had looked at his room, he said, "Do you like what you see, Mr. …" he paused for a moment.

"Jack Stryker," I answered. "I must say, this is quite the collection you have here, Mr. Gianni. How much money did you have to extort to get all this?"

The small man gave a chuckle and replied, "A few million dollars, give or take, but not all of it was bought. I did trade some of my merchandise for it. Nonetheless, you seem to know your sources quite well, Mr. Stryker. How did you know I was involved in black market trade, if I may inquire?"

"Sorry, but I don't really feel like answering that," I answered. "But enough idle chatter, give yourself up, Mr. Gianni, I prefer to do these things peacefully."

The small man then put on a serious face. "I don't think you're in the position to make threats," he warned. "You're in my territory, boy. You don't know what kinds of lethal traps I might have. Say, for example, I press this button, what if it opens a trap door? And what if the exit of that trap trap door would be a pressurized chamber?"

"That would be suboptimal," I said as thoughts of being completely crushed crossed my mind. I shuddered at these grotesque images.

"Now you can see what kind of danger you are truly in," Cappi noted. "Mr. Stryker, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either you surrender, or you get compressed. What's your answer?"

"That should be obvious, I choose none of the above!" I said, quickly running past his desk and jumping through the window.

"Che cosa!? You'll never survive that fall!" I heard him yell as I rapidly descended.

Suddenly, I felt something grab hold of me. It was a large modified capture net. As the net encompassed me, I saw a cable running at a diagonal angle. Even though I was dangling in a net about forty feet above the ground, I felt relieved.

"You can reel me in now, Brain," I called.

I felt the cable jerk back suddenly and my "container" retreated back into the brush. After an uncomfortable half-minute that felt like ten minutes, I finally caught sight of my savior, standing next to his beloved '59 Impala Convertible. Next to him was what looked like a cannon, which was what the cable had come out of. When I got within reach, he released the net from the cable, causing me to fall on my rear.

"Yow, that smarts!" I exclaimed in pain. "You know, you could use a more comfortable method for saving me, Brain."

Brain was dressed a lot like me, a white shirt, black slacks and blazer, and a pair of sunglasses. Yup, together we looked like the Blues Brothers. He had curly brown hair and a stubble beard.

"You're just lucky I saved your sorry ass. Come on, if you've got time to complain then you've got time to get up," he replied, helping me stand. "And haven't I told you to stop calling me by my codename?"

"Yeah, yeah, old habits are hard to break. Sorry, Brian," I apologized. "Anyway, what kind of crazy contraption did you come up with this time?"

I regretted asking this, because Brian promptly went into, what I call, Geek Mode.

"This cannon shoots out a cable made of a steel alloy. On the cable is a net that closes on contact with a large enough object. There is a strong hook on the end of the cable to grab onto a wall or tree. The cable is then reeled in via a conveyor belt located inside the cannon."

"Once again you've only added on to your codename with another invention only you could make," I said with a laugh.

Brian flushed with embarrassment at going into Geek Mode again. Quickly regaining his composure, he asked, "Did you get the job done?"

Then, there was the sound of a loud explosion off in the distance.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked sarcastically.

"Let's just get back to HQ, okay," he said, getting in his car. When I got in the passenger seat, he chuckled at me and said, "Buckle up, Blackjack."

~~~End Chap 1~~~

I hope you guys liked this pilot. I'm new to fictionpress, but I've written a bit on fanfiction. I get a lot of random ideas for stories, and I think it's about damn time I do something about that!