Losing Faith

I heard somewhere once
From a band I used to like
That it's funny how "belief"
Is just letters built around ''lie''

Everything that I know
That the Bible's said to me
Has left me shooting in the dark
The ricochets blasting through me

If God helps those who help themselves
Then where was he for all those years
I was fighting so hard not to slip off the edge
And climbing, alone, to break free of my fears?

Why give me a voice to cry out with
If you're gonna deafen everyone's ears?
Leaving me pained with my voice hoarse
And invisible to them through my tears

You say that the meek will inherit
This fire of life you call 'Earth'
Won't it die unfed if the people left with it
You let die as they pray on your hearth?

Beliefs do good things for no one
They oppress, feel like being slammed into a wall
But the weak and the desperate still hold on
Leaving faith to, someday, demolish us all