Nobody Knows

What's white on the surface
Is black underneath
Where you see peace lies
Brutal gnashing of teeth

The great pearly gates
And the miracle well
Hide a barrel of poison
And entrance to Hell

The beautiful rug
Down the world's safest hall
Hides the abyss and you
Cannot escape from the fall

The government leads
All of your rights protests
But corruption pays more
Than the 'hard-working pests'

The tale where the young boy
Saved so many starfish
Doesn't say those left unsaved
To not suffocate they did wish

The rocks that had hidden
Such jewels deep inside
Carry the blood of slave children
And tears that they cried

Under the smile
That beams like the sun
Lays a reason to cry
And a reason to run

The family so pure
In photographs never loses
But the kids and their mum
Have to hide all the bruises

When the rain comes in
It gushes and pours
Because nobody knows
The truths behind closed doors