Battering my skin
Not the only sin
You use to cause me pain
Your sickening lies
Twisted disguise
You're at it once again

Climb beneath my flesh
Make old wounds fresh
To get inside my head
You twist me all about
Turn my beliefs inside out
I'm barely more than dead

So many times
So many rhymes
To force the problems sealed
I finally learned
Constantly burned
Some wounds cannot be healed

And through the fears
And through the tears
I try to leave the shame
Though I pretend
To see the end
It all still stays the same

I try to fight
Go for the light
But see the end's a train
I know I'm done
I cannot run
It's driving me insane.

But now I can't start
Because of your part
To keep me from being free
It poisoned my goal
Made my now darkened soul
A self-fulfilling prophecy

Now you sit back and watch
While in hesitation I botch
All the things that I try to renew
Looks like slicing my own neck
I'm obviously a wreck
No one sees standing behind me is you

But the ghost of my brother
Figment of another
The truth more than the lie sends me reeling
First it's "failed to thrive"
But now I know it's "survive''
What I thought was a trick of your dealing

I know it's my mistake
To believe what you fake
Thought I was past being so damned naïve
It's a pain that still sears
Even after four years
Made worthless the time I did grieve

You are what you make
And I am what you take
So what if all that I had is gone?
Now using my quirk
Mixed with your hard work
My self-deprecation's what you wanted to spawn

As time starts to spin
What was past starts again
And the cycle is all that I see
Now you don't hide on your shelf
Since I'm destroying myself
In self-fulfilling prophecy