The land of the free
And the home of the brave
Is the land of the coward
The land of the slave

Be it nature or nurture
By gene or by choice
What's supposedly separate
Will still take your voice

And even with promises
Of Justice for All
Corruption runs rampant
Truth losing out tales still tall

And if in your liberties
You take pride today
Then you obviously aren't
An illegal or gay

Because though on Miss Liberty
They ask for your meek
It's not your persecuted
But your rich that they seek

If every vote counts
From high rise to cottage
Then why not count votes in popular
But Electoral College?

If they fight for our freedom
And have done their parts
Then why's the blood on their hands
And not from their hearts?

For money and oil
They'll shed our blood for years
But for genocide
They won't even shed tears

When called "infadels"
They're a mad American
Yet the most tourist money
Comes from our city of "sin"

Fighting for honour and right
We will throw the first hit
But when you're bombing for peace
You're a sad hypocrite

It's funny how we have to
Defend our land's soil
But the real reason is
Our leader has stocks in oil

9/11 a sad day
Many of us had cried
But with the war on terror
More of THEIR children have died

How can it be right?
How can it be God-willed?
To still be eye for an eye
If more people we've killed?