Warning: towards the end of this story, there will be some erotic stuff. If you are not comfortable with that stuff, then just stopping reading right before that part (it will be quite obvious)

The Wedding Dream

A Romantic Fantasy

By Chris Bachman

"I've been wondering," Jack said with his arms around Yi Ting. "where are your parents?"

It has been almost two day since Jack showed up in front of Yi Ting's doorsteps. Giving her the biggest surprise of her life. For months she had been feeling depressed and lonely. Her older sister had gone off the college in Australia and her older brother had run off with his fiancé. Her parents had gone off to a one month trip to Europe and gave her a phone class every now and then. But besides, Yi Ting would always be alone at home. Alone and absolutely quiet. Being so alone in the apartment reminded her of her time with Jack. The times that she missed so much. But now Yi Ting wasn't alone anymore. Jack was by her side. Or at least for now he was. For they both they; Jack would soon have to leave again.

"My parents have left for a one month Europe trip," Yi Ting replied with a hint of bitterness in her voice, obviously still mad at her parents for leaving her behind. "They won't be back for another two weeks."

"Oh," was Jack's only reply and he continued to hold Yi Ting in his arms. They were both in Yi Ting's bed. They had just woken up from making love in her bed last night. Neither felt like getting up, so they decided to simply lie in their bed…and simply talk.

Yes, simply lying there and talking did feel good. Almost better than making love…almost. It was the first time Jack had ever done this with a girl, for Yi Ting was the first girl that had ever become so intimate with him so fast. And it wasn't just for the sex, he felt that there was real emotion between them. He truly loved Yi Ting more than anything else in the world, and little did he know, Yi Ting loved him a whole lot too.

For almost an hour, they simply lied there in Yi Ting's small bed, holding each other closely. Simply feeling each other's presence. Every few minutes they would talk a bit, but never for long, for they weren't sure what to talk about. One could say that they both felt the same way; no words were needed.

For Jack it was the most wonderful time of his life. For so many months had he missed Yi Ting. Her gentle touch, her scent, her soft lips, her fathomless eyes. Now it was all back. Or at least back for now.

Yi Ting's thoughts however were both similar and completely different at the same time. She felt overjoyed that Jack was back. Never before had she felt such a relief in her heart, never before had she felt such joy and warmth. She knew it now, Jack was the one, this is it. She would spend the rest of her days together with Jack, facing all the challenges that life had in store with her, together with Jack. But at the same time, the problems that would cloud a regular teenage girl's mind were bothering her. Should I introduce Jack to my friends?, she wondered to herself, feeling a slight urge to prove her friends wrong and show off Jack, hoping to make them jealous. But introducing him to her friends would use up the time she would have alone with Jack. And who knew when Jack would have to leave.

And what about the parents? Yi Ting sighed inwardly. In her heart, she had already decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Jack. She knew that she was only sixteen and that it was way too early to make that sort of decision, but she just knew it. Jack was the one. Should she let her parents that she and Jack already made love? Or should she keep it a secret? What if Jack left before her parents came back? What if…what if…

These type of questions kept circling in her head until she decided to actually ask Jack when he was leaving.

"When are you leaving Jack?" she asked, looking him directly in the eye.

"What?" Jack blinked.

"When do you have to go back. Home, I mean."

Jack's eyes grew wide, his heart sank. He completely forgot about that. God damn it…I didn't book the return flight yet…Steve probably already locked his credit card.

Maybe I'm going to be stuck in Singapore…

That wouldn't be too bad…

"I don't know," Jack answered after a few moments of silence, sounding slightly worried. "I haven't booked the return flight yet…"

Yi Ting face lit up and curled herself up to Jack even more closely. "Great," she beamed at him. "Then this way I could introduce you to my friends and parents."

For a second, Jack simply stared at Yi Ting. Her parents? It was thing one he hoped she would never say. Sooner or later he would have to return to the states. How could he possibly explain to her parents about him suddenly living in their daughters room, sharing a bed with her and then suddenly leaving like that?

And her friends. Ohh her friends. He was quite sure that Yi Ting has already told them about him. Jack knew how hard it is for girls to keep quiet about these sort of things. He didn't want to leave too many traces, for he would have to leave soon. But then again, he could stay longer since he didn't have any return flight booked. But then again, her parents would come back.

"That's great!" Jack said, forcing himself to smile. Yi Ting of course indulged in her own little world of showing Jack off, didn't notice his forced smile.

Later that day, she called her secondary school to tell the office that she would have a friend come over, for Singaporean schools had very strict rules about…well, everything. Everything from dress code to relationships, they have a rule for everything on the campus. Of course, Jack didn't know all of these things. In every school he knew, visiting students could just come in unannounced. Teachers would be glad to see a new face, even if it's just for day. Different country, different rules. Very different rules.

Jack had no idea what was in store for him. Pure Culture Shock.

The next morning, Yi Ting was wearing her uniform again. They were eating breakfast in the small kitchen of her apartment. There was an almost amusing silence between the two, for neither said a single word, yet they had so many things to say to each other.

Jack of course was somewhat worried about meeting her friends. He knew that one of the rules of the organization he and Steve worked for was to get involved as little as possible with a target's friends and family. And what he was doing right now, broke the rule right through.

Rules are made to be broken, Jack tried to comfort himself with a cheap Matrix quote, but with little success. Becoming more familiar with a target meant to share extra information. And any extra information might reveal too much about the mission. But then again, Jack already broke every rule there is by looking up a target after the mission was over, AND visiting her for no mission related reasons.

I'm so gonna get my ass kicked, Jack thought with an inward sigh and continued to sip the lemon tea Yi Ting had prepared for him while he was still dragging himself out of the bed. Desperately trying to find the pants that he threw into a random direction last night for various reasons.

Yi Ting's thoughts however, were going in a completely different direction. Now she could pay Qian Ting back for all the teasing over the past few weeks about her getting dumped and/or rejected by a guy. Now she could proudly introduce Jack to her friends and prove them all wrong. She was sure that many of her friends would be envious of her, for she knew Jack fitted many of their tastes.

Smiling to herself, she finished her fried eggs and looked at Jack. She gazed into his eyes and could spot some agitation in them. Something must he troubling Jack…

"Is there something troubling you?" Yi Ting asked, looking at Jack, trying to read anything that he might be hiding from her. Not that she mistrusted Jack, its just that his sudden fluster manner was troubling her. Perhaps he is wondering if I'm on the pill…

"Huh?" Jack blinked and looked up. "Oh no, its just that meeting all of your friends is a bit sudden for me."

For a second, Jack couldn't quite believe what he had just said. He honestly found it quite embarrassing to say something so open to anyone but himself. Its not that he didn't trust Yi Ting or was afraid that she might laugh at him, but its rather his own self-respect. One could say that he simply was afraid of exposing his deepest fears and worries.

"Don't worry, it will be fine," Yi Ting said with a heart warming smile. "My friends had been suspecting that I had a boyfriend for months now, so they won't be too surprised to see you."

"But what about your parents," Jack looked away, thinking. "what will they say about having a guy living in your apartment?"

Yi Ting felt her face flush when Jack asked her that. She never actually thought about it. What would her father say? What would mum say? They had a very traditional way of thinking about love and marriage, and certainly would never allow Jack, who is still considered as 'just' a boyfriend, to stay in the same apartment as her, let alone the same room and bed. Her father would most likely throw tantrum if he ever found out that Yi Ting had allowed a guy to stay in their home while they were away, not to mention all the love-making they did at night.

"It will be fine," Yi Ting finally answered after moments of thinking.

Jack wasn't convinced, but nevertheless, he decided to let the matter rest for now. Now, he had other things to worry about.

Five minutes later, they were out of the apartment and on the way to school. Yi Ting had told Jack that she would simply tell the teacher that he was a friend visiting from overseas. Her friends of course she would tell that he was her boyfriend. Whether or not she should tell them about the details of what happened in her bedroom she wasn't sure.

Many of her friends have already slept with a guy before, and sometimes they have told them to the group about how to happened. But Yi Ting herself, she was still considered somewhat as the 'pure girl'.

But that was all going to change to today. She would make her friends go pale with jealousy, for she knew, Jack was indeed a very charming guy.

On the way, Jack couldn't help but admire the way everything was so…clean in Singapore. Everything seemed so much more…orderly than in America. It was as if everything had its place, yet at the same time nothing seemed rigid or Communism like. There was very much a sense of freedom, yet at the same time, a strong sense of order came with it.

I guess the no-gum law really has a good effect, Jack thought with a small smile. Jack himself never really liked gum. Every time he would end up swallowing it anyway.

"Its really clean here," Jack commented in amazement.

"You think so?" Yi Ting replied with a surprised look. "I think its pretty normal."

Jack frowned, then shrugged. I guess that comes with growing up in Singapore. She should come to America. Not saying that its dirty there…but its certainly not as clean.

Minutes later, they arrived Yi Ting's school.

"Anderson Secondary School," Yi Ting said to Jack. "In Singapore schools are divided between years, so students get separated a lot throughout the years because they have to switch schools."

Jack nodded and they continued to walk towards the campus. Jack had to admit, it was a rather small school. He imagined it to be bigger. From what he could see, the main building was curve like, with the left side having red outlines with a yellowish base while right side had the exact same thing, except it was blue. The court yard at which they walked on right now seemed just as clean as the outside, if not even cleaner. It was then that Jack noticed the students there. And boy, were they different.

All of the guys were wearing long, navy blue pants and white tucked in shirts. They didn't have a tie like the British schools did, but instead they had to wear a school badge. Later Jack would notice that all of the boys were wearing the badge exactly 2cm above the breast pocket. None of the guys were wearing belts, which to Jack seemed rather dorky. Tucked in shirts were gruesome and awkward to him in the first place. But now with no belts…it looked even worse.

Jack looked at the girl's uniform and nearly squirmed. He found it ugly alright. Very ugly. All of the girls were wearing the exact same thing. Just like the guys. A kelly blue tunic with a short sleeved white blouse underneath. All of the tunics were knee length…and to Jack, they were hideous. He glanced at Yi Ting who was looking somewhat nervous. He hasn't noticed until now, but Yi Ting was wearing the exact same thing.

I officially hate uniforms, Jack with a slight frown and continued to absorb the surroundings. Everything was so different. Even the air smelt different. The entire…atmosphere and mood around him was so different from anything else he had ever experienced before.

Jack then looked at himself. Oh boy. Big, oversized XL T-Shirt with equally oversized baggy pants and a cap. Jack swallowed and then gave a worried looked to Yi Ting, who replied with a questioning look.

"What is it?"

"You think what I'm wearing is alright?" Jack gestured towards some nearby guys.

Yi Ting smiled. "It will be alright Jack, don't worry."

They continued to walk into the school with Jack getting odd looks left and right. Yi Ting of course noticing all of this and swelling with pride. She didn't dare to hold Jack's hand while they were in school. It was considered 'dangerous' to show intimacy with a boy while on school grounds. Many students, and even some teacher, frown at this old believe, but nevertheless many teachers are still adamant about the idea of purity and virtue.

Yes, Jack was feeling uncomfortable. He was used to a lot less…orderly school. In his mind schools were rather noisy places, especially in the corridors with all sort of different people in different groups and different clothing. Black people, Asian people, white people, brown people etc…And the noise. Oh yes, the noise. In America, there would often be people screaming in the corridors, people talking loudly and girl's gossiping in their little huddles. Not here. Here, everything seemed so much more orderly…

And the students. Oh yes the students. They looked orderly too all right. Orderly. That's the only word Jack could think of. Orderly. No hoodies, no hats, no sneakers. Everything had its proper place.

Jack let out a nervous chuckle when he realized that the entire school could be described it two words: clean and orderly. Oh man, oh man, oh man…

Here, everything was sort of…the same. Everyone was wearing the EXACT same thing. It's was uniforms are supposed to do, but still. Everybody looked so similar that it seemed more like a bad horror movie about clones rather than a uniform like look.

A few corridors later, they arrived at the class and Yi Ting slid the door open. Jack couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. Then whine on the inside. The classroom was small all right. Very small. The desks were aligned in a line-to-line like formation, with each desk slightly than meter wide and paired up with a second desk. Guess two students share a desk, Jack guessed and couldn't help but wonder why these desks were so small.

The classroom itself was quite small too.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Jack whispered to Yi Ting as they walked into the small classroom.

Yi Ting didn't respond, but instead continued to walk into the classroom. She stopped when she reached the very back and sat down. Jack stay down next to her.

"They rarely see someone like you come visit," Yi Ting explained.

"Someone like me?"

"Over there," Yi Ting gestured towards some of the guys. "do you notice the difference between you and them? Normally when people visit, its an old friend and they would be wearing something that would fit the dress code. But you are just wearing very casual stuff. Stuff that the students here wouldn't even wear during the holidays or on weekends. Its very western like."

Jack raised an eyebrow and let out a slight frown. "Is that supposed to be a good thing?"

"It's very…unique and different," Yi Ting answered after a moment of thought. "But that's why I love you so much." She gave him a heart-warming smile and felt a sudden urge to kiss Jack, but restrained herself. All Singaporean schools had strict policies about showing intimacies on school grounds. It felt so different from being alone with Jack in her apartment, where they could love each other with no restrain.

Jack chuckled and looked around the classroom. Looking closely, Yi Ting was quite possibly the prettiest girl around. None of the other girls had the same soft features that Yi Ting had. No other girl that the unique aura that Yi Ting had. He felt a sense of pride swell in side hm. But the uniform made all of them look ugly one way or the other, regrettably including Yi Ting. She looked a lot better in her usual attire. But then again, who didn't.

Jack noticed a couple of guys who didn't have their shirts tucked in. Those guys had their hair dyed, wore chains and had their top button undone. Jack was surprised to be surprised to see those kind of guys. At home wearing something like that would have been perfectly normal, but here, they stood out from the rest of the student body, although not as much as Jack did.

"Who are those people?" Jack asked Yi Ting, nodding his head towards the untucked shirts group. "They sorta stand out."

"Those are what you might call 'bad boys'," Yi Ting whispered in reply. "they often get into trouble for not keeping to the dress code. Though honestly I can't blame them."

Yi Ting looked at the 'bad boys' thoughtfully for a couple of moments. "I'm tempted to do that myself," she added absent-mindedly.

Jack couldn't help but smirk slightly. "Girls dig bad boys," Steve had once told him. "There is just something about them that fascinates girls." Perhaps Yi Ting digs them too, Jack mused to himself. It never occurred himself that he could be counted as a bad boy too when compared to all the 'normal' guys in the classroom.

At that moment, another attractive girl appeared before them. It was Qian Ting. Standing there, looking down at Jack, they made eye contact. They held it for no reason, both wondering who the other was.

"Who are you?" Qian Ting eventually asked, then glanced over to Yi Ting.

Yi Ting blinked herself out of her day dreamy thoughts and looked at Qian Ting. "Oh, when did you come here?"

"Just now," Qian Ting quickly replied and regarded Jack again. "Who is this?"

"I'm Jack," Jack said with a small smile and reached out his hand. "Jack Takahashi. And you?"

"Qian Ting" and she continued to look at Jack, expecting Yi Ting to 'properly' introduce him.

"Uhm…that's my boyfriend," Yi Ting said to Qian Ting in half a whisper, as if afraid that anybody else might hear it. "Jack is visiting this month."

"Oh," Qian Ting said, surprised and raised an eyebrow. "Was he the reason why you were so depressed for the past couple of weeks?"

"I wasn't depressed!" Yi Ting retorted.

"Yes you were!"

"No I wasn't!"

Amused, Jack watched the argument go back and forth. He didn't quite expect Yi Ting to have a friend that was so attractive. Qian Ting was even prettier than Yi Ting in some ways, but she didn't have the aura that Yi Ting had. The sense of calmness and peace. The sense that she was the type of person that could simply 'be' with him and not say a word.

"You never told me that you managed to capture such a good looking guy," Qian Ting said with a smug smile, looking at Jack. Scrutinizing him.

Jack smiled back, but felt his face flushing. No girl had ever told him so directly that he was good looking. But then again, Qian Ting was a very bold girl. "Thanks," he muttered under his breath and averted his eyes.

With a chuckle, Qian Ting turned around and sat down at the desk in front of Jack. She then turned halfway around, facing Yi Ting and Jack. There was laughter in her eyes, and Yi Ting could already guess that Qian Ting was about to say. She had known her long enough to tell from her smiling eyes what she was up to.

"You have some explaining to do," Qian Ting said with Yi Ting with a small smile. "First of all, where did you meet Jack?"

Dumbfounded and caught off guard by that question, Yi Ting turned to look at Jack, who could only return the dumbfounded look. Jack's mind raced as he tried to find a believable story. Anything would do. But seemed that Qian Ting's sudden questions have blocked his creative juices. He couldn't possibly tell her about the small adventure he and Yi Ting had in the small house. And even if he did, Qian Ting wouldn't believe him. What should he do?

"I met her in the city," Jack suddenly blurted out, even though the question was directed towards Yi Ting. "We met at the movies"

Yi Ting gave Jack a surprised look, but then quickly realized that Jack was lying. "Yes, we met at the movie theater," Yi Ting agreed with Jack. "We were going to watch 2012 but…"

"But what?" Qian Ting asked, her eyes smiling. She could take a pretty good guess at what happened. They probably slept together…She had no idea how right she was.

"But then…then…" Yi Ting stammered. She began fidgeting with her fingers. A clear signal that she was at her limit of her untrained lying abilities, which were close to null to begin with.

"Love happened," Jack blurted put again, but this time more controlled. "I fell for her."

Qian Ting's eyes widened at that surprisingly bold, yet romantic, claim. She focused on Jack. It's her first time seeing a guy that is so bold with saying things. Usually the guys that she knew, even the 'bad boys' would be more bashful. She eyed him with interest.

And what Jack just said was actually true. It was…'love happened'. One could say that it was almost love at first sight.

"So you two met in the movie theater, love at first sight happened and that's it?" Qian Ting asked skeptically, regarding the couple.

Yi Ting nodded and Jack simply mumbled a 'yes'. This was quite awkward for both of them. Jack had no idea who Qian Ting was, but he simply assumed that she was Yi Ting's friend, or else she wouldn't be this interested in Yi Ting's relation with him.

"This is big news!" Qian Ting beamed and patted Yi Ting's shoulder. "That's a really nice catch you got there girl!"

Yi Ting blushed but didn't say anything. She knew what Qian Ting said was true. Jack was indeed a very nice catch.

The rest of the day went by surprisingly peacefully. There were some introductions to Yi Ting's friends, many jealous guys created and many suspicious glares and glances received from teachers. Jack of course received major culture shocks here and there, but besides that everything went by quite smoothly.

At 2 pm, classes were dismissed and Jack and Yi Ting slipped off the school grounds without any of her friends or blood-thirsty guys noticing. Jack himself was quite glad that school finished so early in Singapore. He could swear that he received at least ten jealous glares from the guys around him. Eight of which were from the so-called 'bad boys' who didn't tuck in their shirts like the rest of the student body.

Although with all honesty, Jack wasn't surprised that many guys got jealous with him. As soon as he walked into the school and got a general idea of what the girls looked like there, he knew he would receive many cold glares for the rest of the day, for Yi Ting was indeed a beauty among all the girls there. She had a kind, soft smile, a curvaceous body, and a slim waistline. In short, among all the girls there, she was quite possibly not the prettiest, but the cutest. Qian Ting would take the Beauty Queen title, Jack thought with a chuckle.

"So what do you think?" Yi Ting asked him, arm locked with Jack, clearly signaling 'we are a couple and he is mine'.

"It was slightly different from what I expected," Jack replied with a light laugh. "I didn't expect so many guys to glare at me for one."

Yi Ting smiled gently. Even though Jack didn't say it directly, she knew exactly what he meant with that.

"And I didn't know there were girls like Qian Ting there," Jack added, unable to suppress a blithe tone and a wide grin.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh nothing," Jack laughed and received a light punch from Yi Ting. Instead of saying anything, Yi Ting let actions speak. Actions speak louder than words after all. She let go of Jack's arm and without a word she walked ahead of him, ignoring him as if he wasn't there.

"Aw, c'mon Yi Ting." Jack said, cajoling and caught up with her quickly. Noticing that she wasn't going to stop, Jack sighed. Why is she trying to play hard to get all of the sudden…Guys, as shallow as ever.

Jack stepped in front of Yi Ting and blocked of her path. He smiled and put his hands on her shoulder. "Look, Qian Ting may be pretty, but out all of the girls there, you are the most beautiful one Yi Ting. None of them can even begin to compare to you."

"I want you more than anything else in the world," he said, and without waiting for her reply, he kissed her.

Jack ignored her whimpers of resistance and pressed on. He continued kissing Yi Ting until she gave in and kissed him back fiercely. She drank his scent, tasted his tongue and saliva, kissing him back with a desire that she had never felt before. She didn't care anymore about the fact she and Jack were out on the open street and that someone she knew might walk past. Now, all she wanted was Jack.

Breathless and gasping, they separated and looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you Yi Ting, and nothing is going to change that," Jack smiled and kissed her on the lips again. A light kiss however to Yi Ting's disappointment.

Yi Ting smiled back and without another word, she arm locked with Jack again. Jack of course, glad that Yi Ting forgave him so easily. Together they walked back to Yi Ting's apartment while talking and laughing about all the culture shocks that Jack received that day, for Yi Ting herself frowned upon many of the rules.

The whole time they didn't notice that Qian Ting was right around the corner.

Once back in the apartment, Yi Ting began doing her homework, something Jack hadn't done in a long time. Almost fascination, he watched Yi Ting write away, finishing one question after the other. And about two hours later, Yi Ting was still writing, never showing any signs of not understanding something. It was as if she already had it all in her head and she was simply writing down her thoughts.

"You have that much homework everyday?" Jack asked after two hours. When he was still in school, he barely did one hour of homework everyday, and that with about twenty minutes of break time. Now Yi Ting had been writing for almost two hours nonstop. Her hand must hurt by now…

"Today's is quite easy," Yi Ting replied without looking up. "I will be done with it faster than usual."

"You've gotta be kidding me," Jack muttered under his breath and continued watching TV on low volume. This is insane…

Ten minutes later Yi Ting finished off the last of the questions. She stood up, stretched and sat down on the sofa next to Jack. He put his arms around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Tired?" he asked, "sure did a lot today."

"A little," Yi Ting yawned cuddled up closer to Jack. It felt so good to be this close to Jack. Truth to be told, she tried doing her homework faster today so that she could spend more time with Jack. She was tempted not to do her homework at all, but this was Singapore. Not doing your homework is like having a death wish.

Yi Ting felt an incredible sense of ease whenever she was around Jack, and such…joy whenever she was so intimate with him, so close. Every time he kissed her she hoped at the height of her heart that he wouldn't stop. Almost not wanting to admit it to herself, but every time Jack kissed her, it created an intense yearning inside her, making her light headed. It was a wonderfully warm and fulfilling feeling that she had almost grown addicted too.

"Want something to drink?" Jack asked her and kissed her on the head, like the kiss one would give a small child. Jack hadn't intended it, but somehow a mocking tone found its way into his questions.

"No," Yi Ting pouted and averted Jack's eyes.

Nevertheless, Jack stood up and got some ice tea from the small kitchen where he had more than enough time to figure out where things were.

"Here you go," Jack handed Yi Ting a glass of ice tea, half of which was ice cubes. Yes, to Jack, the heat was unbearable. And Yi Ting's somewhat disheveled look tantalized him immensely. Since coming to Singapore, he never got the opportunity to masturbate. And truth to be told, he didn't need to. Yi Ting was always there, always eager to make love to him. Always there to satisfy his carnal needs. Jack hated to think of Yi Ting in such a way. It's true that he did lust after her, but at the same time he felt such an immense passion for her every time they made love.

Jack watched Yi Ting sip her ice tea, enchanted by her disheveled innocent look. She did look tired from the homework marathon, but at the same time, that worn out look aroused Jack more than ever. I'm a sick pervert, Jack thought with a slight chuckle and put his arms around Yi Ting's shoulders.

"I know I have told you many times before," Jack began. "but I love you Yi Ting."

Smiling, Yi Ting looked up to Jack. "I love you too," she replied, put down her ice tea and looked Jack directly in the eyes. Eyes that were filled with passion and desire.

"Wo ai ni," she whispered and kissed Jack deeply. Jack had no idea what that meant, but he guessed that it probably the equivalent of 'ai shiteru'. Or something along those lines.

With a feverish desire, he returned Yi Ting's passionate kiss. Gently, he caressed her nape, feeling the warmth of her body. Drinking her girl scent, he slid his tongue into her mouth and their tongues intertwined.

After a few more minutes, Yi Ting broke off their passionate kiss and without a word, Yi Ting gently pushed Jack onto his back. With a sweet smile, she unbuckled his belt and released his manhood. For a moment, she looked at his cock pensively, stroking it gently.

Eyes wide, Jack slowly reached over and caressed her black, brownish hair. It felt so incredibly soft. "Yi Ting…" he whispered but she didn't let him finish. Giving him a tantalizing look, she took his head in her mouth and gentle sucked on it. Jack gritted his teeth and drew a sharp breath. Yi Ting had done this to him many times before, but this time she was so much more passionate. A jolt of pleasure shot through his spine, leaving him gasping. She has gotten better…

Jack's breathing got harder as Yi Ting continued playing with his manhood, suckling him, caressing his shaft with her lips and breath, tasting him with her tongue.

Jack let out a final groan as he exploded inside her mouth, leaving both of them breathless.

"I'm sorry Yi Ting, I couldn't…" Jack apologized, but Yi Ting pressed her fingers against Jack's lips. With an obvious effort, she swallowed his semen and managed to smile.

"It's alright," she smiled and kissed him. Normally she could never even imagine sucking a man's cock. But ever since she has been together with Jack, it seemed all right. In fact, she enjoyed cradling Jack's manhood in her palms, tasting him with her tongue. She loved him more than anything else in the world.

"Take me" she whispered to Jack in a tantalizing tone and began to take her clothes off. In awe, Jack watched as Yi Ting's body was slowly revealed to him. Even though he had seen her nude many times before, tonight she seemed more beautiful than before.

Jack blinked, snapped himself out his trance and quickly began to strip too. And after a few moments, they were there. Gloriously naked.

Jack climbed on top of her and looked her in the eyes. They were full of passion. Love. No words were needed, for their eyes said every word that needed to be said. Never breaking eye contact, Jack pushed the head of his manhood into her. Yi Ting gasped. Even though they had made love many times before, every time the feeling of Jack inside surprised her. It's not that she didn't enjoy making love to Jack, it's just that this filling feeling gets a off-guard every time.

"Are you okay Yi Ting?" Jack asked with concern in his voice.

Yi Ying nodded and signaled for Jack that he could go further. Inch by inch by inch, Jack pressed further into her, until his cock was completely buried inside her sex. He pulled partway out and plunged in again.

"You can go harder if you want…" Yi Ting said innocently and that snapped a switch inside Jack.

There was a frenzy of thrusting, kissing and moaning. Jack pulled out, only to plunge all the way into her again, and again, and again. After what seemed to be the most blissful moments of their life, Yi Ting moaned, arched her back and her mind went blank. Never before had she experienced such an intense orgasm before.

Watching Yi Ting orgasm, Jack shuddered and finally gave in. With a low moan, he gave up and let himself fill Yi Ting up.

Gasping, Jack collapsed next to Yi Ting, both soaked in sweat. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"I love you," she sweetly smiled at him and that made Jack lose control again. The way she looked at him invoke such a powerful surge of love for her. Sliding his hand behind her head, he brought her lips up to his and kissed her feverishly.

"I love you Yi Ting, I love you more than anything else in the world," he whispered into her ear.

At those words, Yi Ting bit her lower lip and began to cry on Jack's shoulder. She didn't know why, but when Jack said those words, words that he had said many times before, she felt such an incredible sense of joy inside her. Perhaps its because it was the first time anybody had loved her with such a passion.

And on that night, they made love many times. It was almost like a dream. The dream of a newly wed couple on their first night together.

A wedding dream.

The End

So yeah, this is the last one that will focus on Jack and Yi Ting. Thanks for reading my novelette :D

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