Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, tell me true,
Am I what I see in you?

Eyes of blue or brown or green,
Why does it matter? What does it mean?

Mirror, mirror, shining bright,
Reflections as different as day and night,

Height and body, skin and hair,
Tall or small, or dark or fair.

Mirror, mirror, an eternal companion,
In you I see what I feel or imagine.

Love or hate, indifferent devotions,
In you I find one thousand emotions.

Mirror, mirror, beauty's only skin deep,
But dare I take Faith's dangerous leap?

Look deep enough, find who you could be,
But you may not like the person you see.

Mirror, mirror, I'll trust in my heart,
Appearance and truth can be miles apart.

I am many things, some true, some fake,
But many pieces one full picture make.

Mirror, mirror, deep in my soul,
A hundred facets to make one whole.

Mirror, mirror, with introspection,
I do not have just one reflection.