There he goes.

Walks right beside me brushing my shoulder

There is burning inside my chest

A deep hole where I have been cut open

No one to stitch me back up

The hole is burning hotter now

Ripping my chest further open

Cutting the past away

Why did he do this?

Can't he see I'm in pain?

There is burning in my eyes

My eyes fill up with my body's salt water

One tear drags across my cheek

Leaving a scar that will be there for ever

I see Him holding Her hand

Kisses her softly on the lips

My throat is clogged with sadness, hatred, fear, pity, disgust

How can this happen?

The salted tear fades away from my jaw down the floor

I stare at my feet and think

If he has done this to me

I need to stop with this misery

And think about the good things in life

Friends, family, life in general

I do not need him.

He needs me

Well he had his chance

I look up slowly, smile to myself and turn my

Back to the past.

Leaving the unneeded behind me

I am now putting the burning out

Now and forever….