I don`t like this. I apologize for this whole story`s good potential turning into something so.. bleurgh. I had so much planned.... maybe I`ll fix this one day. I just needed it done.

I guess OCD and writing don't mix very well.

Where was Sophie anyways, you may be wondering, but probably not. The sea is an endless place, where depths change and the current is always moving. She could end up anywhere, could disappear entirely. It didn't matter because she was gone to them.
That night, she fell down into the sea, and no one heard a single thing. No one heard, except for Sophie. She heard every splash of water, every wave crashing into the rocks; heard the very wind flying past. She felt the water break beneath her, felt it engulf and surround her, invading her every space. She could feel the cold, but only for the briefest moment, and she heard a yell, a scream, but maybe it was hers.
Maybe it was just in her head. She saw darkness, saw the moon reflecting over a vast mirror of waves, and then only saw dark blue in front of her. She felt herself sinking, and panic flooded in. She pushed the water away from herself, as if it might get her to dry land. The water was like quicksand, and she tried harder each time, to try and breathe. Words ran through her mind, but she didn't dare open her mouth but to gasp in handfuls of air. She began to cry when she realized that nothing could be done. Hot tears ran down and mixed with the cold ocean air. She was scared, of what would happen, of where she was, and of her family. She felt betrayed by Vaughn, she felt pain and then nothing. Darkness closed in on her and she sank down.

The fish couldn't tell you what happened, even as they swam past her, rushing away from the commotion. Sophia was alone in the sea, nothing and no one around. Arms stiff, she awoke feeling like she'd been in a deep sleep. She opened her eyes, and saw around her, the ocean. She saw the coral and fish swimming merrily around, as if she were not there. She saw it all in clarity, in a bluish glaze, and she screamed. Expecting water to pool into her lungs, but nothing happened. No sound even came out. No air either. Out of instinct she scrambled upwards, and found the movement easy and swift. The water glided around her like silk but after hitting the surface, the air bit into her skin cold and the sun shone too brightly, that she quickly dived back under. Feeling warmer in the water, she couldn't understand this at all. This was a dream, wasn't it? Or maybe she was a ghost. But that didn't make sense.
Her hands were pale, cold, but there was a pulse running through her. Her legs were longer, different and she could feel air through every pore in her body. She was breathing underwater, but did she still have lungs? There was no way to tell. She began to swim, and the movement became natural and simple to her. She looked around, there were no predators for her. Fish swam by on their way, and sharks examined her with curiosity as they passed by. She watched as fish were eaten, explored the shallow bottom of the sea, and watched the moon and stars at night.

Eventually, she became accustomed to this. She would come out at night, watch the sky and the ships pass by, but live underwater otherwise. Her life became an uneven pattern, a reflection of her past life. On one particular night, she was laying still above the water listening to waves rolling by, watching the stars and moon move slowly. She didn't know how long it had been, since she'd died, could only tell that it'd been many days and nights. She heard a ship moving towards her, far off from where she was.

Watching the lights from the ship, as if transfixed, old memories from before drifted into her mind. She saw her brother, but had forgotten his name. Memories of old places and names faded quickly, and only family remained as she tried to recall their names. As she watched the faraway lights, she saw a figure, standing at the balcony of the boat. She saw a flame light, a cigar burned, embers glowed red every so often.
She watched with interest, wondering if she could smoke, if it was possible for her. Then the cigarette was thrown off the boat, hitting the water silently and going out in the dark of night. The figure climbed over the side, and then jumped. Sophie froze. She could see the splash, hear the water engulf him. No scream, no yell, and no one else there to see. His body sank lower in the water, as she quickly swam to him. Water flowed into his lungs, painfully and his body tried to make him cough; every inch screaming for air. Panic grew in him, spreading quickly but he forced his limbs still gasping in only water.
He closed his eyes, hoping for the end to just come, quickly.
But when he opened his eyes, he saw her. She reached her arm out towards him, face riddled with worry and fear. He instinctively reached out, grabbed her cold hand. It felt like solid water.
The word echoed in his head, as his eyes closed shut, a strange sleepiness overcoming him. He could feel his hold on her hand, hear her name in his mind, before everything faded.