I want to thank you all for six amazing years on Fictionpress. I know that I wouldn't have been able to grow as a writer without having all of you there. Even the anonymous & quiet ones. I appreciate every single one of you. The reviews, the favorites and the alerts have been a great help along the way. Those with criticism are greatly appreciated as well. Without them, I would not have been able to learn how to accept criticism or learn to understand what they are trying to teach me (whether it is on purpose or not).

Readers you are who I am thankful for. You guys have taught me more in six years than I learned in a semester of creative writing. Creative writing taught me new techniques and how to apply those techniques but you guys showed me what works well for me as a writer. As well as what doesn't work as a writer. You helped to show me to accept my quirks and faults as a writer and to learn from them. You guys are amazing and I appreciate you so much.

But you may notice that I have removed my stories from Fictionpress. I feel as if I have learned all I can from here. Also, I'm noticing that I get more upset than I do happy when I update. I feel as if I am disappointing you guys as time goes on. My ability to update has slimmed considerably and there is no way to fix that. I am working full time & going to school full time. Its hard but I love it. This does not mean I will stop writing. Nothing will stop me from continuing one of my dreams. Even if I never get published I will forever love writing. Nothing can stop that. I just do not appreciate all the plagiarism and scams that keep happening. I know that was one of the things a writer faces online but as college and life goes on, I need to be able to just write and start concentrating on what to do to get my writing published. IF that makes any sense.

Life takes many turns as many of us know. I'm sure each and every one of you know that and I hope you don't come to be angry with me about this. If so, I understand. If not, thank you.

With many hopes,