Just go out there.

I hold my breathe and didn't let go till I could feel my face turning blue.

Take a deep breathe and step forward.

Left foot right foot, left foot right foot.

At least you tried! At least you were brave enough! At least you took a chance! I heard them say.

I've been waiting for this ever sense my father told me of this moment. He was right. "One day you'll regret you didn't step forward. Why make today that day?"


These people have no idea what they're saying. But I guess dad was right. "It's harder to cheer someone on than to be the one who they're cheering for."

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!

I knew they hated me deep down. That's why I'm up here. It's because of them that I'm here. Behind the curtains.

Don't let us down. I hate you Mel.

The crowd grew louder as I approached the stage.

"Hello everyone." I began to say as they grew silent.

I took a deep breathe once more before speaking.

"Hello and welcome to this fine day."

"I am here today…with all of you to give my speech for running for student council class president. I want to be president because I th-… no I know I will be the perfect person for the job."

A few scattered whispers where heard from the audience. "I know that you know me. We've been in the same room, waved at each other in the halls during passing time and worked with each other on several school projects. We've had he same teachers and gained the same friends. We've fought and we've forgave each other for fighting. I want you all to know that when you go to the polls in nine weeks, you'll vote for me , Charlie King, as you're class president." I left the stage and didn't look at the crowd as they applaud me off the stage.

"Thank you Mr. King. And now coming on stage to give his speech is my son…"

That's what I was afraid of. The principles son. Joe Mason. The freak., and his father was no different. They've ran together in all elections and cheated their way to the top. It sickens me. I've been threaten with suspension, referrals, and perhaps the worst of all…

"You'll be expelled!"

The nerve. I can only imagine the way the father was as a kid. Maybe his dad was tough on him. Maybe he was like how he is today. All I know is that they're out to get me.

October 13, Friday (That sucks)

We were at school in the gym. This is where the entire school got to pick who was able to run for office. Principle Mason gave his annual speech. "Today students is the day we nominate our class representatives." He could go on day with this but the vice-principle always rushed him. "…And so I ask perhaps the fifth most important question in your entire life: will you be nominated as Student Council President?" At first no one replied. Perhaps they were thinking of other things. "Yes you son?" I wasn't shocked, the same with the rest of the students. "I James 'Joe' Mason nominated myself as Student Council President." Figures.

"And as usual I suppose no one will run against you?" He probably bribed them. Or maybe he threaten them. "What is it?" Everyone turned to the back. Standing was our star quarter back. "I nominate Charlie King." I was terrified. The school: shocked. They collected in millions of whisper and rumors of nonsense. Some saying something yet not meaning anything, others saying nothing yet meaning something. Needless to say Senior and Junior were in shock. That would be a sight I would soon see again. "Well then running for sectary is…?"

November 3, Tuesday ( right now) 6:45 p.m.

"You look so handsome!" cooed my mother.

"You're becoming a fine man now Charles." My Father stepped up to me. "Thanks Dad."

"So are you worried?" He asked. "Don't try him Wilfred you might jinx him!" whispered my mother. Although I never quiet understood my mother she seemed to know just what to say. I guess all that time spent in front of the camera might cause some people to be able to make things up on the spot. "Oh don't worry Charlie you'll do fine. I mean the worst thing to happened is you not getting a single vote at all." "Wilfred!" "Oops, sorry Charlie."

"It's fine really-"

"Well well well if it isn't the royals. Come to see the over- ruling of the election?"

"Why of course dear Joseph. It's not everyday that a King runs for president." said My father.

"King. President, funny ha-ha, I do help you have that apology letter ready Charlie. It be a shame if you weren't honorable enough to give a reason for losing an impossible running streak."

I crammed my teeth together in hopes of not displeasing my parents ears. A bell sound indicating the time for voting. "Let's just see how close the race will be Joey, I mean it's not like any body can trip you in the air as you hop on down from that head of yours." I said.

"Are you accusing me of cheating in my past elections? How dare you, you drat! I will see to it that you serve for your false accusations."

Hmmm he thinks he's so big. We're only juniors at this high school of ours. Less than 4 years and we'll be off in college doing our on thing. "I've got to go mom , dad"

"Good luck honey."

"And remember son, it's not whether you win or lose. It's the fact that you put your fate in the hands of others to decide your destiny. And for that I'd say you've got more guts than an elephant."

Once more he is right. ANYBODY who tries still has the thought that no matter what, they had the guts to put themselves out there in the open. "I've got to use the bathroom first! Pardon me"

November 3, Tuesday 6: 57 p.m.

"And Parents don't forget we will have the president winner on Friday of this week and that will be when we pronounce the winner."

I can't believe how long I've lasted throughout this. Is this what every president went through as they were running? I looked at my hands, they shook with such intensity they were becoming transparent. I tuned around with the tug on my shirt. Nothing. I must really be out of it to think of such thoughts. I hate this feeling within my mind. It's has if I'm being stepped upon by some murderer. I inhaled and exhaled three times and looked at the man in the mirror. Dirty blonde hair with faded orange ends as a result of Halloween. Blue eyes. Very beautiful blue eyes as everyone seems to say to me. I wore a black vest with a short T- shirt that came to my forearms. A lovely red tie and black slacks from grandpa. A golden earring… I don't recall that one.

Home. Sweat home. My room consisted of what my mom became to call, a library of books. Four bookcases with very little space left for another book. My bed was plain with two pillows even though I use just the one. My room smelled of thoughts. Of silence and clarity. Honesty is what filled my roof. But yet I had the most horrific dream. And I kept the thought during the day. It wasn't until Wednesday night that I started to write down all that crossed my mind when I was not in control.

I felt as if I was inside but still cold. And when I went out I was burn by the thousands of light bulbs that I pushed his face down upon. I screamed for me to stop. I told him that I would never stop. That when he died I would follow him into his grave and replace his dreams with ones like this one. "STOP JARED!"

Those words I could not forget. "Stop Jared!". That name screamed out evil. Just thinking of those piecing black eyes terrified me. My room felt darker now. Maybe it was because it was raining today. "Stop Jared!" The girl's words stuck with me the entire day until I could think of better things.

November 6, Thursday

He walked onto the school grounds and was applaud by the students that he passed. "Way to go Charlie! I knew you would win." said the jock that doomed my soul. I pulled him around a corner. And grabbed him by his sports jacket. "Just what where you thinking? Doing something as risky as that, you could have exposed me!"

"Sorry J-"


"My bad." I took my hands off his face and straighten up his coat. "Nice coat you have there." I said tugging at it. "Now think, watch, and listen for my signal. Nothing happens until than. I heard a ringing sound from the lockers. I pulled out a key which I had my father copy for me. I opened the locker and took the phone that was making a fuss. "Beamy smash." I told the mutt as he grabbed the phone and threw it the ground and than picked it up and slammed it on the ground again and again until it was as flat as a pancake. From the corner of my eye I could see a dark shadow poking it's head out of corner. "Beamy."

I ran as fast and as silently as I could and finally made it to homeroom. There I would be safe until lunch time where I knew they would be waiting. "Could this be another 'episode' He's wrote out to eject me from office?" Or maybe, maybe it's something much worse than that. "Maybe he's planning to frame me. Or to put fear in me. But he's done that before and failed."

"Now students please turn to page five in your text books and read from five to thirty and answer the questions in the side columns. "Whatever he's planning I've got to watch myself."

I sat at my usual spot, near the windows alone. The occasional wave to passersby and glances. I caught one of the girl's eyes and we quickly turned away. A few minutes later she grabbed her lunch tray and casually walked over to my table and sat down next to me. "You sure are different up close." she said. "Hello to you too." I responded back. We locked eyes once more and she let out a small giggle. The giggle soon cam into a full burst guffaw. I smiled. It was what I was known for. I notice a slight twinkle in her eye when she regained her composure. "My name's Rachel, and it's a honor to eat with the mighty president. She wants something. "What?"

"What what?"

"Don't hide yourself. What do you want?'

"So he gets straight to the point eh?"

"Canadian. You've seem to be able to hide from the sun."

"Alert too. Alight let's get down to business." I don't know who this person thinks she is, but she has a lot of nerve to come here in my space and the nerve of this women. How dare she start a conversation with me!"

"I want you to propose an idea for me."

"I'm not going to do your dirty work." The bell rung, time for another lesson. I walked up to leave when this persistent person got in my way.

"Hear me out before you based my intensions on my person."

"Alright but we do this after school by the big oak tree in the school yard."

"Alright Mr. President."

What could a person like her want with me anyways. I mean sure I had power- some what. And I have smarts, but normally her type would avoid me. Like everyone else.

Going to was never easy. At an early age I had already learned how to read. I held more knowledge then most of the kids in my age group. As a result I would often try to hide myself from the teachers. I would misbehave and get the average C on test. They all saw right through me. It's hard masking the way you were taught to talk.

That Oak Tree I Was Talking About earlier

"Psst, over here!" Rachel signaled me over. I sauntered over to the red head lady and waited for her to speak.

"Well here he is the Mr. Brain Dude himself, Charlie!"

"What do you want?"

"I want your mind. More specifically, I need your help." Rachel was annoying. Of course that could just be me sense I think that everyone as rowdy as her is annoying. And she was a screamer.

"See I have this idea, but no idea how to work it."

"Let me guess that's where I come in."

"Yeah. See I want Senior and Junior out of my life. And I have the perfect plan to make that happened.

I laughed. Hard, and for real this time.

"You're tell 'n me that you want me to kill the principle and his son?!"

"Well killing wasn't what I was hoping for, I was thinking blackmail or something."

I started walking away.

"Hey!" She called after me. I turned back even though I felt I didn't need to.

"You make the decisions, I gather the army. Your brains- my strengths we could commit the perfect the crime!" I looked away.

"Now listen here gosh damn it! I may be a fool in school during class but I know how you feel, I know you want this to happened just as much as I do; So don't go walking around thinking your right and no body else is."


"Nothing? That's it?"


"Fine if you need me you know where to find me." She walked off with the sun on her shoulders and a hole in my head.

Yeah right. Who do you think I am, some mad scientist from a comic book bent on taking over the world? Hehe. Yeah right.

I walked home silently. Not thinking of anything but something was still on my mind. Damn you Rachel.

That night I dreamt of sitting at my desk for hours and hours doing nothing but work. I had a load of money being counted by Rachel. "One-million seven thousand eight hundred, One-million seven thousand eight hundred one…" I signed the blue prints with my name. Something I wouldn't do If I was trying to be sneaky. But then the words became clearer as I focused on the blueprints.

JARED was signed at the bottom.

November 6

My name is Charlie or so I thought. I don't know anymore. Rachel is still in the hospital from Tuesday and I'm still in hiding. I still can't figure out what went wrong. Principle: Check, Junior: Check, Dad: …Check . Dr. landphil: missing, still haven't found the body, But never the less check. Judy is dead. I feel sorry for what she had to go through but she knew what she was getting into when she decided to join my ring. I don't know if I'll make so in case I don't. I want whoever finds this in my locker take this note and burn it. But if you insist on finding out what happened I will tell you what happened. 3 years ago I was Charlie. Was mind you. But now I don't know who I am anymore. I do know that Dad and Landphil was the cause of all of this. I think. I know for sure someone is trying to kill me and is taking out my help first. First they got Rachel. Shot straight through the liver. It's dead now and she's on the waiting list. But she doesn't have long. They came back after her when they heard she was alive. So I watched over the first few weeks she was un able to protect herself.

I had a Glock .45 or was it .25 I don't know I got it for free. Yes I stole it but I stole it from a black market. But I gave them the money soon after they found out where we live. I sent the police after them and got them off my back. I'm still on red alert from the police though. I think I'll be clear in a few months so no worries there. I hired a few people to rotate inside and outside of the hospital. I searched and searched for somebody that had the right liver for her. Rachel, if you ever make it- no scratch that. If I make it out of this genetics lab with the address of your liver. DON'T YOU DARE COME BACK TO ME!