My beautiful soul

He is my beautiful soul

The one I trust with all my heart

He is the reasoning for my awaking in the groggy morning

The thought in head

The dream in my sleep

The stitch carved into my heart

He is my beautiful soul

I am looking into his soft, powerful, piercing blue eyes

I can see myself inside his soul

And he is in mine

Our souls combine to make a love so strong it is impossible to break

He raises his hand to caress my cheek softly

The warmth of his skin makes me sigh

I gently close my eyes and rest my cheek upon his hand

He turns his hand making me face him

He leans down so our lips touch

There is a powerful sensation in me

That makes me want more

But my body is saying not yet

So for now I will wait

For the moment

But right now I'm enjoying the pride and glory of my beautiful soul …