"'Platform Tower, an interdimensional tower created by unknown magic. Recently found by Chris, a Student in the Lower Sixth of his small town of Southwell. The way to the dimension where it stays is by use of a key which opens up a portal on any flat surface, through it lays the lobby of the Platform Tower.

"'Platform Tower has an infinite amount of floors, which can be programmed using the Main Control Center in the lobby, to create a whole world.' That is so lame, Chris!" Kiyoko finished reading the little story Chris had wrote about Platform Tower, her demeaning laugh piercing the silence through the lobby. She brushed her long black hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ears.

Kiyoko was a holographic AI that Chris had created in the Platform Tower. She is used by Chris as a Playmate for the Floor's, so as he would not get bored playing by himself. Though Kiyoko is indeed a hologram, it is possible to touch her, for she is a Physical Hologram.

In the lobby, Kiyoko wears light blue pyjamas with jumping black and white sheep dotted across the shirt and trousers. So as she wouldn't tread on something unsightly on the floor in the lobby, she wears white sheep slippers. On Floor's she wears different clothing, dependent on which Floor she is playing on.

"Well I wanted something to have as an introduction to Platform Tower!" Chris groaned and swivelled around on his stool, once again facing the Main Control Deck. He opened up a screen to Floor 6, showing that the entire Vast Sea Plaza Archipelago was nearly finished. "See!" he pointed up at the last island, Yzli, which was loading itself as the last island, in the Southern Vast Sea Plaza Archipelago. "Once the MCPU has finished loading that up, then I can start inviting people in my crew!"

"Oh…" Kiyoko lowered her tone of voice, from happy and rambunctious, to sad and morbid. "Really?" she turned away from Chris, on her own stool.

"Stop that." He commanded, switching back to the previous screen, trying to alter the introduction to Platform Tower that he would give to his friends who were going to enter.

"Stop what?" she automatically switched to her childish tone, still sad.

"Being selfish."

"I'm not being selfish."

"Are too."

"Are not!" she turned around, still defiant.

Chris swivelled around on his stool, so as he was facing Kiyoko. "And you're pouting. You know what happens to anyone who pouts in Platform Tower, right?"

"I'm not pouting!" Kiyoko covered her mouth, bracing herself for what was coming next.

"Are too~…" Chris stood up slowly, adding a little bit of musical deviousness to his voice. Kiyoko shook her head, trying to say something, but her voice muffled under her hands. Chris nodded back at her, slowly raising his arms, readying himself for what he was about to do.

"When people are pouting in Platform Tower, they…" Kiyoko shook her head as Chris moved in closer. "Get…" he took another step forward, Kiyoko still shaking her head. "TICKLED!!" Chris dived on top of Kiyoko, tickling her around her belly and sides.

Due to Chris diving at such force, the two had ended up on the floor, Chris sat on top of Kiyoko, and Kiyoko squirming underneath. Kiyoko had taken her hands off her mouth, trying to push Chris away, all the while laughing, albeit a protested laugh.

Chris let up slightly, waiting for Kiyoko to stop laughing. He sat up, waiting for her to catch her breath. "And y'know, when someone is being selfish in Platform Tower, they get something extra!"

"No more tickling! No more…" Kiyoko was completely out of breath from the barrage of tickle attacks she had just received. She had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply.

"It's not tickling… It's something much worse…" Chris stuck his index finger in his mouth, pulling it out, it covered with dripping saliva. "WET WILLY!!" he stuck in her ear.

"AHHHH!!!" she screamed, continuing to squirm again. "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!!" she pulled the finger out of her ear, throwing the whole hand back at Chris. "EW, EW, EW, EW, EW!!"

Chris pulled himself up to his seat sitting down on it. Kiyoko was now able to stand up, since Chris was no longer on top of him. She hopped around a bit, rubbing her ear. She was too disgusted by Chris's recent act to take any notice of anything else.

She looked up to the screen; there was some type of code, which read: Special Data, Insert Ethereel Process here. She was curious as to what Chris meant by the code, but the MCPU appeared as his full form next to Chris. Two 2-D red eyes and a red 2-D mouth, both features were buzzing about like static, Kiyoko forgot to ask Chris about the code. "Ma-Chris," it corrected itself, remembering that Chris had told it not to call him Master, as it sounded unusual to him.

"What's up?" Chris continued typing on the screen, still trying to think of ideas for the introduction for Platform Tower.

"The download for Yzli has begun, however it will take 10 hours, 23 minutes and 6 seconds to complete." The information stopped Chris from typing.

"Wha~~t?" he moaned, turning away from the Main Control Deck, leaning on the dashboard. "Overnight? I thought it would be done before night-night time…" he jumped off the stool. "I'm off to bed then…"

"Wh-Why? We could go play on Floor 1!" Kiyoko ignored the cold, slimy feeling of the saliva in her ear, when she noticed Chris walking off; she followed him to the exit.

Chris turned around, and began walking backwards to the exit. "Kiyoko, I'm tired! I wanna sleep in my own bed!" he laughed slightly under his breath.

"When will you be back?" she grabbed his hand, stopping him from exiting fully.

He sighed, looking down and closing his eyes. "When that clock," he pointed above him, to an analogue clock, marked with roman numerals, ticking away. Its minute hand was on the eleven and the hour hand just before the eleven. "That one there, when that gets to half seven, I'll be back, and we'll play on Floor 1 for a bit then."

Kiyoko loosened her grip slightly, letting Chris slip away, and out of the portal.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He saluted to her in his usual jokey fashion, just as he stepped out.

"Night night, Chris." She stepped up to the wall, where the portal would be, if she were not linked to Platform Tower. She hugged the space, before dropping to her knees.

Chris closed the portal from the other side with his gem encrusted, golden key. He threw it carelessly into his bag, knowing that the books would cushion it. After he heard the patter of the key landing inside his school bag, he looked out the window, watching the rain patter on his window.

In England, November, next to July, was the wettest month. He wished that it would stop raining, even just for a bit, so he could see the calm and dark night sky, glittered with shining suns, millions upon billions of miles away, further perhaps.

He sighed, got unchanged, and dived into bed.

Though Chris was excited that Floor 6 would finally be ready, after months of planning and making, he was able to sleep soundly. It had been the weekend, and he had been playing on the Floor's constantly, mainly attempting test runs of the Floor's, mostly Floor 6, and this involved a lot of work and concentration. The work tired him out quickly.

He woke up the next morning with the sun glaring down at him. He had forgotten to close his curtain the night before. He stretched his arms and legs, looked over to the clock, which read 8:00, and rolled out of bed. He got himself dressed himself in a black shirt, and black trousers. When dressed, he opened the gate for Platform Tower.

He noticed upon entering that there was no-one inside. The MCPU was dormant somewhere in the system. He looked around for Kiyoko, looking to the elevator door at the right of the room, behind some sort of pipe. The dial at the top of the elevator had turned over to 6, this showed that Kiyoko was there too. Since no-one else could get into Platform Tower, close the portal from the inside on the tower, and get the key perfectly back in Chris's bag.

Chris typed on the Main Control Center, opening up a screen, showing Kiyoko standing at the figurehead of her Pirate Ship, the Canary, sailing somewhere in the Vast Sea Plaza. She was standing in a very heroic position, leg up against the railing, the rest of her body behind it, and her corresponding arm was holding onto the line that held the sail up. She was looking out to the ocean in front of her.

Chris changed the camera angle, to see where Kiyoko was looking. There was a silhouette of an island in the direction her and her ship was facing, but Chris couldn't tell which island.

"You can't leave the VSP in between islands. I'd best leave her to it. She looks happy." He turned away and began to walk back towards the exit portal of the lobby. "Although, she is almost exactly like me, and I love the ocean."

He jumped out and closed the portal to Platform Tower. He shoved his bag on his back, and made an escape from the house. Upon reaching the front door, he waved at his dad in his 'work-from-home' office. He switched on his iPod and set on a 3 minute song, putting the earphones in his ears when it had started.

While walking along the rain-drenched road, he began to lightly hum along to the song, enjoying the slight noise he heard from the chirping birds around him. Taking a small side passage, he exited out onto a busy main road, an A road that passed straight through his town. He often wondered if it was really necessary to have such a busy road running through such a small town, today however he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.

Walking along adjacent to the road on the pavement that lined beside it, he stopped humming to himself as he passed people who were walking slowly. He took an unusually fast pace, for how early he was, but then he wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, since he was busy listening to music.

He brushed his long, brown hair out of his mouth, cursing at it, and then wishing that it would do as he wanted it to. Which, to be fair, he didn't really know. Though Chris constantly yelled at his hair, moaning that it would do exactly the opposite of what he wanted it to do, he didn't officially know what it wanted to do.

His hair was flat and straight on top, but as it moved closer down his head, it began to go frizzy and out of control, which bothered him. He would sometimes spend hours brushing his hair, only finding out that his efforts would be in vain, because nothing would have changed.

He turned left into his friend's road.

Him and his friend, Cat, had been friends for over 8 years, and recently when Chris moved, Cat was alright with having him walk to school with her.

Chris knocked on the door, Cat's sister, Alice opened it up. Though she was about two years younger than Chris, she could have passed as 17 alongside him. She was long legged, and long bodied. Her long brown hair, reached just above the half-way mark at her back. Her hazel eyes were indefinitely the piercing point of her facial features, everything about Alice's face fitted her perfectly, making her undoubtedly beautiful.

She sported a traditional lower school Minster School look, for girls. A white shirt, with a red and black stripped tie, tied in a Winsor knot over it. Though against school dress code, she wore a black miniskirt with black tights running down her legs. Most of the girls in her year did the same anyway, so it wasn't so much of a concerning fact that she were to do it.

"Morning, Chris." She spouted in a happy, though tired, tone. She turned around and walked down the hallway into the kitchen, all the while calling Cat to come downstairs.

Chris stepped inside and waited in the doorway. The song changed, making Chris realize that it was still on. He pulled his iPod out of his pocket and paused the music.

Cat quickly bounded down the staircase, dressed in a blue and white stripped vest, pale white cardigan and beige trousers. She looked nearly identical to Alice, aside from the fact that her hair was shorter than her younger sisters and curly, and she wore clear glasses. Chris noticed quickly, that if she took the glasses off, she looked really weird, even though she had only worn the glasses for less than a year, and they had known each other for 7 years before.

She slipped on her shoes and shoved some books into a shoulder bag. She called to Alice, who ambled back into the hallway, put on her black school blazer and picked up her already packed rucksack. The three exited the house one at a time, Cat and Alice saying goodbye to their parents who were in the house.

"So how was your weekend?" was the first question that Chris usually asked.

"Dull and homework filled." Cat was first to answer. "How was yours?"

"Entertaining and full of adventure." Chris kept his gaze a few feet in front of him, instinctively looking for obstacles that could trip him up.

"Right…" Cat's word trailed out of the sound barrier. Every Monday since Chris had found Platform Tower 3 months ago, he had always answered the same to Cat's question. Cat had questioned what Chris meant the once, but instead of telling her and her sister what Platform Tower is, he instead just told them that he decided to do something more than just do homework, however he still did the homework, only that set for Monday.

The three walked past the small dog park area, Chris handed Alice his bag and ran over. "Come see this!" he rubbed his hands together. The two girls looked over to him, wondering what he was doing. He tipped himself forwards and began to balance on his hands. He stumbled forwards slightly, still able to keep his balance. "Hu-Huh! … What… Do… You… Th-Think?" he was struggling to speak properly while he was upside-down.

"When did you get time to do that?" Cat was in shock in how Chris was able to balance on his hands and then walk forwards slightly.

"Ad-Ven-Tu-A!" he tried to speak, quoting a song he was listening to. His arms buckled under his weight and he toppled over. "Well that was entertaining…" he stood himself up and casually jogged back over to Alice. He took his bag off her and the three began walking again, pretending that it hadn't happened.

Chris's first lesson of the day was second period, and it was General Studies. Chris was in the classroom first, even before the teacher. He would have found it unusual, but he was more excited to tell Zoe and Burch about Floor 6.

A month after Chris had first discovered Platform Tower, after he had gotten accustomed to the idea of it being there and real, he told Zoe and Burch about it. He knew that both of them could keep a secret, even though Zoe couldn't keep anything from Burch.

At first the two didn't believe him, even when he showed the key to them. He found that he had to show them the lobby before they could even consider the idea, which scared them to the point of wetting themselves.

He told the two on that day, after explained the entire mechanics of Tower itself that he was working on a pirate Floor, Floor 6. He tried to explain that, though he does refer to each level as a Floor, they are in fact a completely different world, which has all different locations, all different people, and all different mechanics.

Burch found it very easy to understand, but Zoe, not so much. It took another month to get her to comprehend the idea of it being there, and what the idea of the Floor's were. The terms that Chris used to explain didn't help so much, since he was unloading the same description as the MCPU had given him when he first arrived.

Zoe opened the door, followed by Burch. Chris turned to them, trying to hold back a teasing smile. Burch towered far above Zoe, not because Burch was tall, it because Zoe was small. But she made up for it with devastatingly good looks.

Blonde hair dangled down elegantly over her shoulders. From a distance, Zoe would look 4 years younger than she actually is, but up close, she had very mature features about her. Her deep blue eyes were the pinnacle of her face, standing out behind the blonde hair. She sported a set of black skinny trousers, pink shirt and black cardigan.

She saw Chris and bounced to her seat, jumping into it. "Have a good weekend?" she asked with a usual happy tone.

"Yeah! Got a lot done, PT wise…" he made sure to use codename's, so as other people would not understand what he was saying. "But guess what!" he began to talk normally, noticing that the room was getting filled further and further with other students, the noise levels rising.

"What?" Burch sat down in the seat on the other side of Zoe.

Burch's features were very much the opposite. While Zoe was very petite and pretty, Burch looked more masculine and strong. He had a hard angled jaw squaring his face nicely. His blue eyes were darker than Zoe's, so they didn't make as much of an impact, along with the fact that he had short brown hair, instead of bright blonde.

"I finished Floor 6! The final island has been uploaded into the VSP!" Burch took heed of what Chris had said, and joined in his excitement, but perhaps not as feminine as Chris.

"What? What what?" Zoe was struggling to keep up with the two young men. She looked to both of them, while they looked back at her, with slight confusion.

"The Pirate Floor's done, Zoe…" Chris kept his same position, wondering if Zoe were to understand if he spoke slowly to her.

"Really? That's great!" she grasped the excitement that had already passed Chris and Burch.

The three began talking between themselves, and when the lesson started, passing around notes to each other. They were discussing when they should meet up to go into Platform Tower. After much discussion of which frees they had together, they decided to meet up the next day, Period 3. The three had a free then, so they were able to meet up.

"Okay, you guys need to think of a magic power and a weapon that you would want to use, before we go into the Tower. You've got overnight to think about it, so don't rush it." The bell rang, and the class rushed out of the classroom, ready for break.

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