"Catherine! Hi! What are you doing here?" Chris let go of Haggett and let Zoe pick him up.

"I walk home with you, Chris." she began to gesture to the door and to him.

"Oh right." he turned away and began to whisper to himself. "How could I forget this? I need to think of a plan..." an idea struck. He spun around with his overjoyed smile across his face. "We are taking part in an after school event where we all take photos of each other." he rested his hand on Cat's shoulder and frowned overdramatically. "You'd hate it."

"Well you're not wrong there. So are you six walking home with me, then?" Cat hitched up her shoulder bag slightly, possibly a link to change the mood.

"Yes." Chris nodded as Zoe and Haggett parked themselves next to him. "That's not a problem is it?"

"Why would it be a problem?" Cat laughed as she began to exit the school. Chris followed and beckoned the rest of his crew to follow after them. "Hey, Tara..." Cat started as they turned into the passage Chris and Cat take when they walked home from school.

"Yeah?" Tara sped up and began to walk at Cat's pace.

"I missed the last Young Enterprise. What did I miss?"

Tara's and Cat's conversation fizzled out of the earshot of Chris, Zoe and Haggett.

"How could you forget that Cat walks home with you?" Zoe whispered, making sure that Cat couldn't hear them.

"Why are you blaming me? You walk home with us every Friday! You should know that I walk home with Cat!" Chris's whisper was a bit louder than Zoe's.

"Why is it a problem telling Cat about Platform Tower?" Haggett burst into the conversation, bringing up a valid point.

"I just don't think that's it's right to invite Cat." Chris glanced over to Cat who was talking about something that anyone but Tara couldn't understand. "I think we've got the right amount of people in a crew right now. Just we're missing Kiyoko."

"But Cat's our friend. Have you even considered it?" Zoe had calmed down slightly, now thinking of reasons to poke at Chris's logic.

"Of course I have! I've considered everyone in our friendship group!" he paused. "Everyone but Haggett for some reason... That isn't important. I just think that maybe I'll invite her at some point. Just, not now. Lindsey would get a bit suspicious."

Burch and Pamela were trailing behind everyone else. Pamela found it difficult to catch up with everyone else; since her bag was heavy that day, and Burch thought it was kind to walk slowly with her.

"You don't have to wait for me, y'know." Pamela laughed nervously, feeling slightly uncomfortable about talking with Burch.

"I know I don't have to. It just seems like the chivalrous thing to do." He saw that Pamela was struggling to carry a shoulder bag that seemed to be filled with books, and possibly her laptop.

"Oh... Erm..." she stuttered. "... Thanks, Burch."

Burch then noticed that Pamela was very close to falling over, due to her bag. He offered, "Do you want me to carry your bag? You're struggling, aren't you?"

"N-No! No I'm fine!" Pamela sped up, trying to catch up with the rest of the group, making Chris her direct target.

Burch watched as she caught up with Chris, Zoe and Haggett. He didn't seem displeased with Pamela's actions; rather he seemed confused that she had suddenly gained the energy to catch up with the remainder of the Crew. Burch sped up to his normal walking speed, catching up with Pamela and the rest.

"Did you understand all that, Cat?" Tara was about to leave Cat at the top of her street, to catch up with the rest of the Crew who had all walked ahead without her.

Cat nodded slowly, looking relatively confused, and a little bit gormless. "It's alright, I'm sure I'll understand it the next time I go." She turned around into her street, "Not to worry!" she waved as she watched Tara go off with the rest of the Crew.

"So we're all in agreement, we'll invite Cat the next chance we get?" Chris stated as Tara re-entered the group.

"Yeah." Everyone yelled out in agreement. "But when will our next chance be?" Zoe, as usual, inserted logic into Chris's statement.

"Well, Lindsey wants to get to Quati, right?" Chris retorted, however still questioning. "So, we'll just get there, drop Lindsey off, and on the next island and we'll save and pick her up."

"You make it sound so easy." Zoe ruffled her hair, she wasn't happy with what Chris was saying, and the way he phrased it.

Chris's parents weren't in, so he left a note to them saying that he was in Platform Tower with a few friends. Chris opened up the portal in his bedroom, making sure that it couldn't be seen by his window. He thought that if he closed his curtains it would remain too obvious that something was happening.

Zoe, Burch, Tara and Pamela all jumped through into Platform Tower, Haggett however, was still a little bit scared about going inside. He wasn't comfortable with the idea that there was a portal to another world on Chris's wall. Chris turned around and waited for Haggett to head through.

"What's wrong?" as Captain, he felt that he was responsible for the wellbeing of the rest of his crew. Physical or otherwise.

"Just a little bit worried." The potential Driver took a breath, possible preparing himself. "It just seems a little bit... Scary. There's another world in there, and it's just 'on' a wall."

"It's fine!" he smiled, trying to reassure Haggett that everything was fine. "It's not gonna kill you. It's magic, not radiation."

"Alright." Haggett slowly made his way through the portal, closing his eyes so he was unable to stop himself.

"Okay... This is boring..." Chris whispered to himself, slumping his arms forward. He shoved the rest of Haggett through the portal, and into Platform Tower.

Haggett stumbled forward and landed flat on his back in the Lobby. He was not amused, and the rest of the crew looked at him, a little bit confused. Chris jumped through and ran to the Main Control Center.

"Kiyoko! Him over there!" he pulled Kiyoko towards him, grabbing her waist. He then pointed to Haggett. "That's Haggett, he's our Driver! Pick him up and greet him!"

"FRIEND!" Kiyoko dived over to Haggett, intentionally sounding too manly for her own good. She knelt down to his level and greeted him.

"H'okay!" Chris typed on the keyboard of the Main Control Center, opening up a few screens, showing some information about Raselo and Quati. He began to mumble to himself, or at least this is what Chris thought. Burch was standing next to him, watching what Chris was doing on the Main Control Center.

"Ma-Chris," The MCPU appeared as it's toy on the dashboard. "There is some disturbance occurring in Quati."

"What's happening?" Chris was still focused on the screen, finding out the distance between Raselo and Ubittle; he was barely listening to what the MCPU was discussing, though he still responded.

"There are pirates attacking civilians on the island. There seems to be a lot of discussion about Kinesis Heart." The MCPU, though it's voice was still monotone, it sounded worried.

"Oh that's nice." Chris absentmindedly spoke while watching the screen. The Main Computer was loading up the information that Chris was looking for.

"Chris, that's pretty important! You should be paying attention!" Burch shook Chris's shoulder, waking him up from his moderate trance/blanking out.

"What? Quati?" Chris paused, trying to take in the information, he turned to Burch. "What?!" he typed on the keyboard, showing some information about Quati. He remembered Lindsey telling him that she came from that island, wanting to get back. "Holy crap!" some wanted posters were dotted around the page, showing the faces of:

Giganto Urangie – 75 Million Pia's – Captain of the Giganto Pirate's, named because he is half-giant.

Killer Knife – 100 Million Pia's – 1st Mate of the Giganto Pirate's, and also one of the youngest pirates that isn't a HighLander. Named because she kills most of the opponents that she faces.

"Oh crap. Those bounties are high... Lindsey's island is in trouble though..." he typed on the keyboard once more, loading the data for the elevator, making it go to Floor 6. "Come on! We've got one month!" Chris ran for the elevator, watching as the door opened. "Everyone crowd in!" he stood by the side of the door, beckoning everyone to run in.

"Come on, Tom!" Zoe, noticing that Haggett wasn't following the five, turned around seeing him frozen in place with fear. "Come on!" she walked back a bit, grabbed Haggett, and ran over to the elevator, pulling him along the way.

Everyone crowded in and the elevator ascended. It was a tight space, and everyone was squishing against each other, however, when Kiyoko had disappeared so some space was freed. The floor's ascended. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Chris was so excited that he was bouncing in place. Finally he had the best team for the job. Pyrokinesis, Scalpel Sword Power, Magical Swashbuckling Pants, Leprechaun Magik, Aerokinesis and Star Power. All he needed was Kiyoko and he felt as if he was set.

The elevator doors opened and the six fell out.

"Phew!" Chris pulled himself from under the pile and dusted himself off when standing up. He inhaled deeply through his nose and exhaled slowly through his mouth. "Sure feels good to be back in Floor 6! In the VSP! VAST SEA PLAZA BABEH!" he ran off to the distance.

The rest of the group slowly stood themselves up, Haggett looking most worried. Zoe watched Chris run off, a bit shocked that he would go running off in the blink of an eye, without really thinking. He turned around at the end of the road and ran back to the group in the same position, arms vertical above his head.

He dropped his arms down when reaching the group. "Anyone know where the café where Lindsey stayed is?"

"You told her to 'Go find a café!'! How are we supposed to know?" Zoe pointed out the obvious, with her usual pessimistic tone, yelling at Chris all the same.

Chris paused for a bit, thinking about what he could say. He turned to his Navigator, "Pamela," he grasped her attention, she seemed a bit scared by his sudden pointing gesture. "Use the Swashbuckling Pants to find any Psychomatic energy. Live or Spent." Chris paused momentarily, waiting for something. "Haggett! What are you doing? You missed the perfect opportunity!" he noticed that he still didn't get an answer from Haggett. "Haggett?" he turned to Haggett who was currently flat on his back, unconscious. "He fainted…" Chris kneeled down to his level. Everyone else then noticed and looked over him.