Chapter One: Sentenced to Manhood

In the depth of the underworld there was a great cry of joy. Thousands of creatures met at its capital to celebrate the capture of the horrible kitsune. Its wounded body was dragged around the city and tossed into the gleaming sunlight. Adolescent demons threw rocks at its delicate frame mocking its past victories. A small smirk formed on the beast's face as it whispered a guaranteed revenge. Imperial soldiers retrieved the kitsune and put shackles on its tiny legs. The fox spirit hissed at them while being kicked and dragged to the town coliseum. Shock struck the fox's face as it noticed how packed it was from the last time. The crowd was filled with blood thirsty of them appeared to be past and present enemies. There was no way to get out of this mess now.

Two guards ran up to the creature and spat on its face. The soldiers removed their glove and massaged the creature's chest. Haughtily they laughed at the smug look they received. A large tornado landed right in front of them; thunder roared across the stadium causing everyone to bow, except for the fox. As the winds calmed a couple was revealed, both of them dressed in fine silk clothes. One was a mature female demon with golden hair. She giggled at the fox then leaned her head on her feminine appearing husband. He pushed his wife aside and then threw off his crown. Trying to control his ferocity, he stooped down to look the kitsune eye to eye.

"Even now Kazumi is disrespectful to us." He snarled, lifting the creatures head. "How is it you're so cocky, when your trial deciding your fate is in my hands?"

"Raiden, you're still that pathetic boy I dumped one hundred years ago aren't you. No matter how much power you have, you'll always be a tender little bitch." Kazumi responded, as she struggled to stand on two legs.

Light circulated around the kitsune's body as she took on her more humanoid form. Her clothes were terribly tattered; the wounds on her body made even her enemies grimace. Even still she was stunning and had a thick, curvy shape. Kazumi could feel the hatred pouring down on her. Her sensitive fox ears twitched at all the jealous comments. Female demons began to chant for her demise and children began to through food. Raiden stared at her light blue eyes for what seemed like an eternity. A small blush formed on his face as he backed away. He coughed twice to silence his citizens.

"I can't help it if I am attractive and neither can the men that are around me. You know that better than anyone king Raiden."

"Yes he does." The queen growled, causing lighting to strike the kitsune.

"Harumi…watch what you do!" The King snapped at his wife.

A demon with feathery white wings ran to catch the fox. Blood soaked into his pure ivory business suit. Disturbed by her appearance, he asked if she was okay. Kazumi laughed then nodded softly.

"Ozuru, what type of lawyer are you…showing up late to a case and in a bloody suit. Whatever happened to professionalism?"

"This is your blood you dumb fox! Besides the traffic was hell…get it…hell?"

"Please spare me the dried up jokes. Let's get down to this execution business so I can plan the rest of my life." Kazumi sighed, covering a wound on her arm. Ozuru bowed to the king and queen and pleaded for their forgiveness profusely.

"That is good enough lawyer return to your client. As much as I would like to execute you, your crime was seen as a small misdemeanor in the eyes of the High Nobles." Harumi informed, making the multitudes yell out in anger. She raised her hand hushing the angered people. "I have two choices for you to choose from, both I believe to be worse than death. But I'll let you and the lawyer decide on that. You can either spend one hundred years working the manure fields or spend one hundred years on earth. "

Every beast in the stadium shouted that they were both too easy. Ozuru and Kazumi looked at each other then at the queen. The kitsune looked at her past lover then whispered over to her lawyer.

"We'll take the one hundred years on earth!"

"There is always a catch." Harumi grinned.

"Yeah and what is it, I don't have all day."

"You have spilt families, hurt children, destroyed entire cities, robbed the defenseless, and weakened the strongest of warriors and for what…just the kicks. You will pay for your crimes with the thing you treasure most in this world." The queen declared ripping the fox's shirt off. Ozuru's wings quickly covered her body from the audience. "You will lose your womanhood!"

"Hey I already lost that…besides you aren't my type. I like my lovers to have a package."

"Enough!" Harumi shouted, slamming her palms into the kitsune's breast. "Woman…you will be made man!"

An enormous illumination consumed the coliseum and the people panicked. Kazumi grabbed her bosom noticing that it was depleting. The lawyer flew away watching the fox be pushed into the earth. Dust covered the two females as they resisted one another.

"What have you done—what the hell!?" Kazumi listened to her now deep sultry voice. She stood up dashed out of the cloud of dirt. A tear fell from Raiden's eyes as he examined his ex. All the wounds from their battles together were still there, but her body was no longer elegant and smooth. Instead it was rippled, slender, and tall. Harumi smiled pleased at her work.

"You will be sent to earth to live one hundred years as a human male. Your alias and occupation has as already been chosen. Ozuru will escort you to your new home."

"Damn it!"

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