Chapter Four: In Love with a Stranger

Ozuru sat without a sound at a long dining table filled with exotic foods. There were so many important figures all around. A king of the vampires, a duchess of the imps, and an elfin warrior sat closest to him. Directly across from him on the other side of the table were the King and Queen. They were just as still as he was. With a cough the lawyer summoned everyone's attention. He stood up and straightened his suit jacket. Harumi leaned her head on hand preparing to be bored while her husband remained considerate.

"High Nobles and Our Majesties please hear my plea, it is of course the only reason I, a lowly lawyer, was invited to this magnificent feast."

"You have our ears." Raiden said, before taking a sip of wine.

"I would like to request, a shortening of my client's sentence. But it has to be earned, of course. So I have an illustration of my proposal…" Ozuru paused as he grabbed a scroll from his jacket pocket. He opened it revealing crudely drawn pictures. Everyone nearly fell from their seats, except for the king who nodded dutifully. "The picture on the right is Kazumi doing a good dead. All of her good deeds should be measured according to profoundness. For example, if she catches a crook a certain number of years should be knocked off. But in all fairness, if she is to commit any serious crime…which is drawn on the left, like stealing or murdering more years are to be added. What do you think?"

"I'll agree to it." The king spoke up. "And ye nobles?"

They all thought it sounded reasonable, and said "here, here".

"Well I suppose I am voted out. I am no longer hungry please excuse me." Harumi sighed, stepping out of the dining hall. "Those fools are doing exactly what I wanted them to do. Ha, that little promiscuous fox will be dead within a few weeks."

A shadow fell from the ceiling and bowed at the queen's feet.

"I want you to carry out my orders as planned."

"Understood your majesty, infiltration of Yasuhiko High will commence at sunrise."

In the Ichiro household, the family just began to eat breakfast. Takaharu opened the blinds and stared tiredly at the sunrise. Mr. Ichiro and Ryouhei sat at the table eating their light breakfast. Grumbling good morning to his wife, Mr. Ichiro unfolded his newspaper to skim through it. Ami yawned loudly before eating a piece of toast. She brushed off her hand, put on her backpack, and then stepped into her shoes.

"Not staying for breakfast dear."

"No not today mom. I am going to get to school early."

"Going to have a make out session with your Pippin doll huh?" Ryouhei snickered, and then finished his tea.

"Do not tease our baby sister." Takaharu scolded, while buttoning up his uniform. "It is rude."

"What's rude is her not introducing him to family." Mr. Ichiro joined in on the fun.

"Bye guys, I'll see you later." Ami sighed irritated with her kin. "Why are they so stupid!?"

Just as she stepped out her door, Masato walked out of the one next to it. His hair was dripping with water and smelled of chamomile. There was a deep red blush that had taken over his face as their eyes met. Usually he was so outspoken and vulgar, now he embodied timidity. To her surprise he gained her concern. Apprehensively Ami began to move his way. Before she could pass him, he placed his wet hand on her shoulder. The icy moisture soaked into her uniform and made the hairs on her arms raise. She turned around and stared into his eyes.

"I hate to ask, but what is wrong? Why are you soaking wet? W-w—"

Masato pulled her into a hug; his eyes staring into the sky. Feelings of nausea ruined the small bit of toast she ate. An evil smirk formed on his face as he pulled her away. The girl staggered back as she tried to conquer her dizziness.

"Well my little Kappa monster, it has been awhile since we've touched. If only you'd accept the fact that you want to try me. Your body wouldn't react so strangely."

"That's a joke! Try you…you're a man-slut."Ami protested, as she marched toward the stairs. "Now if you don't mind, I have an education waiting for me."

"Look, just hold my hand on the way to school. I promise to make it worth your while."

"Fukushima, there is nothing that you can do to make that worth my while."

"Not even for this." He sneered, holding up her Pippin doll.

"Hey that's my Pippin; give him back to me now!"

Masato jumped on the stair railing and slid down to the second floor. He noticed the girl was catching up to him so he increased his speed. Ami forced her non-athletic frame to go faster. Pain shot through her nerves as she reached for her doll. Fukushima just knew far too many short cuts. Before she knew it, they were in the middle of the school courtyard racing back and forth.

"Give me back my Pippin you jerk!"

"Only if you hold my hand and give me a kiss!" Masato winked, and then blew a kiss at the panting girl.

Ami dodged the airborne sign of affection then leapt at her enemies' legs. Her eyes widened when she noticed she had missed them completely. It was too late she was about to eat cement. The girl screamed out only to find, that she hadn't fallen at all. Instead an arm caught her around her waist. Clutched tightly in the stranger's teeth was the stuffed Pippin doll. Masato blinked confused wondering how he'd lost the toy in the first place.

"Good morning young miss. I am a transfer student… I am to be in room 4-B. You wouldn't happen to know how to get to classroom 4-B would you?" He asked, handing back the toy.

"I sure do! That's my classroom too. Hi my name is Ichiro Ami."

"It's a delight to meet you… you may address me as Sasaki Hyosuke."

"Just follow me." She giggled, trying not to blush.

"So you just leave me like that you stupid Kappa monster! See if I ever talk to you again!" Fukushima shouted at them.

"Don't tell me you're in a relationship with that boorish human." Hyosuke sighed, slicking his red hair back.

"No way, I am single. There isn't anyone that would want to date me—"Ami gasped, and looked away from him. How could she say something so embarrassing? A handsome male like him was surely hitched up, so why would he care if she was available.

"So am I. I don't take much interest in relationships outside of learning and work. So of course females tend to stray away."

His voice was unbelievably mellow and direct. It sent chills down the girl's spine to be around someone so serious. To calm herself down she listened to their footsteps against the freshly waxed floor. Even the way he walked was stern. Ami's heart banged against her chest begging for a way out. People stared at them and made whispers. She hopped they thought of them as a couple.

Classroom 4-B was filled with hushed gossip and snickers. Kazumi sat at her desk thinking of the previous night. Despite the wonderful kissing and rubbing nothing truly enticing occurred. Masato was simply a virgin whore. As soon as she went for his pants, he passed out snoring louder than a school bus engine. Echoes of the late bell broke her daydreaming spell.

Everyone took their seats putting on attentive faces while the new student stepped to the front of the room. Hyosuke bowed as Kazumi gave his name to the class. He then took the seat closet to Ami. Before the teacher could begin, the door swung open wide. Fukushima struggled to catch his breath as he made his way to his usual seat. Without looking he sat directly onto Hyosuke's lap. He wiggled around a bit to get more comfortable. People stared at him with intense bewilderment. Had he really not seen him there? The new student's expression matched that of a sour cherry.

"Hey Ichiro, what was that all about earlier." Masato snapped.

"You're one to talk…and could you get off of Hyosuke."

"Hyosuke, who the hell is that…I didn't see any one—"

"The man that you are lap dancing on would appreciate his blood circulation back." Sasaki mumbled; the veins in his forehead bulging.

"Are you trying to say I am fat?"

"Well you surely aren't lean."

"That's it pretty boy you want to take this outside!"

"Gladly, since this morning I've wanted to wipe you out of existence."

"That's enough!" Kazumi hollered, making everyone jump. "If there are going to be any fights going on in here, it's going to be over me! Now I will give you gentlemen a fair warning…sit down now or be sent to the principal."

Fukushima growled taking a seat on the other side of the class. With fierce eyes he glared at the student wishing him dead. His eyes eased up as they moved to Ami. Kazumi sighed knowing it too good to be true. Despite his hidden feelings, she planned to use him for her own errant gain.