December Prompt: In Transit

Title: The Moments Between


That was the only way she could think to describe it:

Concentrated power.

Her body was merely the water that acted as a conduct; a chosen vessel.

At first it hurt. It was confusing, strange, and different.

But her body accepted the change. And so her heart embraced the surge in her soul.

In these few seconds that seemed to stretch an eternity to her, she felt every molecule of her being morph.

Average, mundane, insignificant, soon she would be these things no more.

She would be 'Rohana.'

A being born to bring change.

The Harbinger.

A ritual, a process, an ascension, a cleansing, a dance:

The very fibers of her clothing were being transformed.

The fabric of her being was being torn and rearranged and when she was doneā€¦

Bound not by the laws that governed man but by those that ruled existence;

She would be the greatest force in the world:

Its Savior.

Or the bringer of its destruction.

The moment was over.

It was time for judgment to begin.

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