In the dead of night I come, there is someone special here to see.

She's know as the blue lady, and I wonder tonight where she'll be.

The moonlight and its power, that is what she takes.

For her glassy eyes absorb the light and its beauty radiates.

She does no harm to me, but not so to others it seems.

For every night she goes, and steals many glorious dreams.

She takes them from the children and never again will they be blue.

But here's the unanswered question that I must now pose to you:

What is she? Good or Bad?

Wrong or Right? Dark or Light?

She does only what she knows and on her way she goes.

She always has and always shall until the day that she must fall.

But who am I to judge? For I know nothing of her grudge.

All those young ones out there, whom she is stealing from,

Maybe there's a reason, from which good intentions come.

However, no matter what you say, this question still remains,

What is she this day, besides a woman bound in chains?

Can this be answered simply? Don't even try.

But is she good or is she bad? Is she wrong or is she right?

She radiates a terrible beauty, but is she Dark or is she Light?