The Strain

About two months back, I worked for a secret agency. I discovered that they were going to release a new virus into the world, beginning with New York. Although I was unsure of the virus' symptoms, I was determined to stop them and be the hero. Unfortunately, the agency noticed I was researching this new virus and would work at anything to stop me. I figured they were going to find a way to erase my memory or something, but they chose to furtively inject me with the virus instead. The virus made direct contact with my blood-stream and oddly altered my DNA. I immediately passed out on my bedroom floor for ten days. On the tenth day, I was rudely awakened by men from the agency, removing me from my home. They put a straight jacket on me, grabbed me a sweater and a jacket, and carried me out of my house.

The men put me into a car and took me to the nearest airport. I felt a pinch on the back of my neck and started getting drowsy again. They had injected me with another substance, one that sent chills throughout my body. They carried me into a private jet and we took flight. I started to drift off, falling asleep. The men noticed that I was falling asleep, and took the opportunity to talk. Fortunately, I was in a light enough sleep to hear them.

One man to my left started talking to another. "She really shouldn't have started researching it. She was an efficient worker; it's too bad things had to go this way." Was he insinuating that I'm dying?

Another man spoke with a deep, harsh voice. "It's necessary for the agency." I recognized their voices; they worked above me. The first man was my boss' partner, Luke Hanson, and the second man was my boss, Daniel Richmond. They knew me quite well and could be the people responsible for what's happening to me now. I thought I could trust them, but this just proves otherwise.

Daniel's harsh words silenced Luke. He was a nice guy, but he always followed the agency's rules. Luke was also a nice guy, but unlike Daniel, he put his friends and family before the agency. Daniel has been divorced three times, mostly because he was keeping secrets from each wife. It is part of company policy to lie to your family about your job. I'd never actually heard of anyone telling their family what their real job is. The consequences must be ludicrous in order to keep the agency under the radar.

The plane took hours to get to the undisclosed destination. Of course, I slept through most of it. I wondered what Daniel and Luke did throughout the plane ride. They didn't talk or anything, so they must have been pretty bored.

We finally landed and proceeded to get off the plane. I was wide awake and eager to find out what was going on. When exited the plane, it was pitch-black. It must have been at least two o'clock in the morning. A big building was the only thing with lights in the entire area. I stopped and stared at it, wondering what could possibly be inside, but Daniel and Luke pulled me away before I could make any assumptions in my mind. They had masks on, so I couldn't see their faces; they'd probably be too embarrassed if I saw them.

The building looked like some kind of historical monument; kind of like coliseum. The chilly wind nipped at my skin. "Can I have my sweater and my jacket?" I asked them. One of them was carrying a bag and pulled out my sweater and jacket. He handed it to me gently, which lead me to believe that he was Luke. Daniel probably would have thrown it at me. I put them on as we proceeded to the coliseum. When we reached the front door, they used a special code to open it. The place appeared to be an old building with some high-tech upgrades.

The hall was silver and had many steel doors. Whether anything was made out of steel or not, it was silver. They took me to a room that had nothing but a bed and a bathroom. I assumed this was going to be the place where I would be staying for a while before my departure. Daniel and Luke left the room, pulling the door shut and locking it after them.

I was in my room for a good hour, wondering why they were treating me like a criminal rather than an employee. A man in a black suit entered my room before I went psychotic. In his hand was a pen and a notebook. He grabbed my arm and moved me to another room which had two chairs and a table in it. He sat down at one end of the table and gestured for me to sit at the other. I did so and took a deep breath before this interrogation took place. I knew he was going to ask me questions repeatedly. The room had the same set-up as the interrogation room from the shows that had cops in it. I used to watch too much television.

The man opened the notebook and uncapped his pen. He wasn't quick enough to start asking me questions, so I figured that I might as well initiate the questioning. "Where am I?"

He looked at me as if he wasn't expecting me to say anything. "I cannot tell you that."

"How long am I going to be here for?"

"I'm afraid I cannot tell you that either." This guy was getting on my nerves.

"Okay, then why am I here?"

"You unearthed something that the agency did not want people on your level to discover."

Obviously, otherwise everything would be fantastic and I would be at home sleeping. This guy is almost useless to me. "Well, isn't that peachy."

"My turn to ask questions Miss Hawk." He proceeded, "Did you tell anyone about the plan or the agency?"

I decided to mock him. "I cannot tell you that."

He gave me an annoyed look. "When did you first discover the agency's plan?"

I decided to give him useless answers in return. "Not too long ago."

"Miss Hawk, if you refuse to cooperate, then you will have to face severe consequences."

This guy was just making me angry. "Listen, I'm stuck in this giant building that I've never seen before with people who don't care about what happens to me. You're not answering my questions, so why should I give you the benefit of knowing more information than I do? I'll wait for the consequences."

"Alright." He said, he put down the pen and the notebook and then exited the room. I slouched into my chair and waited for someone to walk in and lecture me on my behavior. I know the agency people, most of them are soft. Just then, the door opened and a different man walked in. He dragged his feet and sighed, signaling that he didn't want to be in this situation. He took off his mask, revealing himself.

It was Luke who was sent to interrogate me. I knew it was him before, but I chose to put on a show. I stood up and walked across the room to Luke, outraged. "Luke, really? You out of all people?"

He took a deep breath and sat down. "Perrin, relax, there aren't any one-way mirrors or cameras in here. You can talk to me like a normal person." That was slightly unexpected.

"Okay." I went back to the other side of the table and sat down in the chair as well. "What exactly is going on?"

"Basically, the agency has been experimenting on people in order to make the perfect race of super humans."

"I found that out already. Now what about me? Why am I locked away in this place like some sort of criminal or mental patient?"

"They needed a new test subject. The fact that you were researching the project gives them an excuse to obtain a new subject without their consent."

"I don't understand any of this."

He rubbed his temples and took in a deep breath. "They believe the race that rules the world should be perfect and we are less than that. They are going to release a virus starting with New York that will kill everyone besides the people who have been administered the vaccine. They were concerned that they wouldn't be able to make it in time."

"Wait, so they already have a release date on the virus?"

"Yeah, also, they haven't exactly made the vaccine yet. They're in the process of making it. The virus will be released in a few weeks. The vaccine is being made, inside of your blood ."

A sudden realization occurred. "Is that what they shot me with?"

"Yes, first the virus, and then the possible vaccine."

My mind went into mental breakdown mode. "Possible vaccine? Am I going to die?"

"There's a high chance that you might, but don't be alarmed, they're convinced that this is going to be the one that changes humanity forever."

"I don't understand why they've picked me. What makes me so—" I was cut off mid-sentence; I couldn't breathe in or out. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as my body started convulsing in the chair. Pain shot through my veins, pinching every inch it moved. When it reached my fingers, I was in the worst pain that I had ever been in. Hot flashes and cold flashes passed through my body, confusing my senses.

My body shut down most of my senses. I was only able to hear and touch. I heard men rush into the room shortly after Luke yelled for help. They carried me back to my room and set me down on my bed. The warmth of the bed surrounded my body, feeling like a protective covering. I huddled under the comforter, probably with at least half a dozen men in my room.

Luke's voice rang through my ears when he talked to the men. "I'll stay in overnight." For some reason, I grew happy when he said that. The footsteps echoed until they were out of the room with the door shutting and being sealed behind them. "I know your senses are very dull and you might not be able to hear me, but if it means anything, Daniel and I only volunteered to come help out with this portion of the project because we care about your safety. Don't worry, we won't let anything happened to you." His words, whether they were true or not, were soothing.

I fell asleep for only a short period of time and then woke up to find Luke sitting quietly at the foot of my bed. Pain shot through my body again, forcing me to clench my teeth and groan in pain. I moved restlessly, listening to the aches of my body. "Luke, I need to get out of here."

He looked at me and then hesitated. "You can't leave though. We don't have any idea what you're capable of and you don't even know where we are."

I stared at him, writhing in pain. "You do not understand, I need to get out of here. I have to."

"You're wrong, I understand." Luke's eyes glanced around the room. He walked over to the wall farthest from the door and leaned his head against it. "Punch the wall right here."

The things Luke said sometimes confused the life out of me, but he was usually right. I walked over and punched the wall directly where he told me to. Sirens started blaring and lights began flashing. Before long, I realized that a portion of the wall had broken down. I had acquired super human abilities in my times of distress.

I turned back to him. "What about you? What will you do? What will you say?"

A smug smile crawled across his lips. "Don't worry about me, just get out of here while you still can. Remember that you have super human abilities now, you can do whatever you like."

"Thanks Luke, I'll see you again sometime." I smiled back and ran off. It was time to experiment with my new body. Before I was able to realize it, I was running incredibly fast.

As time went by, I discovered more and more of my abilities. I realized what great powers I had and hoped that the New York virus would have to be put on hold. Since I had no idea where I was, America would have to wait. Wasting no time, I changed my name to hide from the agency. I managed to get a job a few countries over as a writer for a local newspaper.

I haven't spoken to Luke or Daniel in the longest time, facing the fear that I might never see them again. As long as I never see anyone I know, I could live a new, normal life with a normal job. Despite the massive amount of negatives occurring, I managed to make a living while keeping my many powers under control and out of the sight of others.

This was just an essay I had to write for English this year.

Thanks for assigning it Mrs. Johnson!