I miss you

I'm staring at the screen

Trying to get used to what I've just seen

My mouth suddenly feeling dry

The disappointment making me let out a cry

Why does everything have to so complicated?

Why are our feelings for each other always so under-rated?

We may be young

But we're lost without each other

A tear silently creeps down my cheek

The others still threatening to leak

I try swallowing down the painful moan

But it escapes, and I feel so utterly alone

I've decided to tell you that I am in pain

That this constant burning is driving me insane

I can see that you care, that you want to hold me tight

And whisper: "It's all fine, it's okay. Everything will be all right."

The words sink in, they do reach my core

But the walls of doubt is blinding me more and more

Because when I open my eyes, I know and I fear

That you would not really be here

I miss you so much it's killing me from inside out