I wish for your happiness,

More than anything do I want to see your smile.

Though it's a double-edged sword, mercilessly

Giving me the brightest joy and darkest sorrow.


I constantly think and say to myself

How beautiful it would be if you were happy

Regardless of my existence.

But I can't fool the urge inside me,

The longing to be the source of your happiness.


Is it wrong to selfishly want your happiness for myself?

Is it possessive, arrogant,



Of course I want you to be happy.

Does loving mean trading my own happiness for yours?


Is it wrong to not want to face reality?

Is it wrong to refuse to accept the truth?

Is it wrong to continue loving you,

Unrequited, so much that it hurts?


Should I be satisfied with what I have?

Is it wrong to desire more?

Should I lay me heart to rest?

Enjoy every second of your presence,

Even when I'm left with a heart broken afterwards?


I wish I could stop taking your presence for granted.

I wish I could calm the raging urges inside me.

But every second of your company, my love and desire grow.

And I ask myself:

How does one change one's type of love?