i started out just like you

until one day i finally Grew.

ive become something very much more

i cannot remember anything before.

The great night of Death and sin.

i accepted this offer from close of kin.

i became a Man of the night

just wondering the earth looking for a fight.

Vampire is the Name we are.

scouring the earth and running afar

Cannot be caught, even seen or heard.

must move quick like a bird

Sucking their Blood and ending their lives

i have never been caught for none of my crimes

300 years old and still looking young

living and dying of cancer of the lung

until my brother gave me this gift

during the process was such a lift

laying on a cloud enjoying it all

until the pain came into my gall

then my whole body started to pain

i felt the blood drip direct from the vain

i died that night but now im Alive

300 years i have been a thrive

300 more if i am Careful.

but truth is were not that awful.