(i'm really stoned. wrote this is a myspace bulletin, and i thought it would be accepted better here. i also copied it from my search for poetic expression just because i like it enough to want three venues of exposure.)

it's going to sssssllliiiiiiip down my throat, tracers of the future will line my esophagus.

it's gonna make my brain explode. splatter the walls with my creativity. bleed butterflies and octopuses and bumblebees and ladybugs.

the chunks of my skull will be chunks of inspiration. they will be chunks of misunderstandin​g.​ chunks of expectation and mistakes.

i will be the sea, i will be the sky, i will be you. i'll be everyone you ever knew. i'll be everything. i'll be the world. i'll be you savior, and your destruction.

this is the match you strike after you throw the empty gasoline tank to the side.

the is the antici

pation, of the understanding of love and the love of understanding. this will be me, with the universe injected into my heart. this is me and my life. this is me and my life again. this is me and my life again, except next time i wish for more thunderstorms. more curved keys of jade ore. more water, more tendrils. more connection. more unity. more of me and you, but not our bodies, our souls. our beings.

what are we? i want to be with us.