pick me apart and then
pick up the pieces.



i don't know what would've been
easier, knowing or not, but now
i can't go back because i do know.
i know all about it. i know how
she promised him to be nice to me
(for him because they both think i
need it). i know how fake they both
are, how huge of a liar he is, and
how much of a self-absorbed bitch
she is.

i hate them both for it, for
treating me like
i'm needy when (they think)
i'm not (looking), for acting like
i don't deserve a fair chance, for
telling me i'll be fine when i'm obviously
not, but mostly because

they both keep leaving me and
expecting the other to pick up the pieces.

a/n: 27 March 2009. Right before he went to Italy.