I was seven o'clock pm. I was walking in the 28 street, and there was no one left. The sky was cloudy, it was going to rain.

I heard the terrifying noise was very lound, so I ran out the street. I had to see what had happened. I stopped when I heard a shout. I looked back, I wish I had never seen what I saw that night.

There was a woman with blood and with her a man, the criminal.

I wanted to shout, but the voice didn't come out. I was paralyed.

Ten seconds later I started to run. The criminal saw me. I got scared because I was in danger. I knew that.

I ran very fast to my house. I opened the door and I pushed the key into the keyhole.

When I was calmer, I turned round. I wanted to cry when I saw the silent criminal into my house.