Made: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time: 12:50p.m


He made her a promise.

"I'll be back someday,"

Then he left her

And went on his way.

Before he was gone,

She whispered to him,

"I will be waiting here

For your safe return."

So she sat there,

Watching after his shadow,

As seasons flew by,

Waiting for him to show.

From young to old,

She grew alone.

Not leaving to eat or sleep,

She became skin and bone.

Her hope was not lost,

Eyes staring straight ahead;

No feelings of sadness.

Not a single tear shed.

That smile from when he left

Still etched on her face.

It was love and hope.

He was gone without a trace.

Finally, her last breath came,

As her eyes closed slowly.

His face she saw,

And he stroked her cheek lovingly.

Her eyes lit up,

As if alive,

And seeing her body

You would never know she died.

"You came back,"

She said, smiling simply.

"I made a promise," he said.

They stayed together for eternity.