A dark world was comming up behind the window, Matt was laying under the bed, ready to get into Morfeo's world.

A gust of wind came through the door and Matt's dream changed course.

A chill went over this whole body, when in his mind. He saw a cold world, unknown to him. Matt was standing in front of a brook which had dark for he hugged himself by the cold and walked with fear, though horrible place which made him shake. He saw a shadow a away and took steps back.

Where was he?

When he turned back he found a tree that wasn't there before, and screamed. Something touched his shoulder, he turned his head and it was there. A horrible monster with a ferocious look. The monster opened his mouth letting a scream out and Matt for unconscious.

His eyes where heavy and felt his body wet of his own sweat. Remembered what he had lived through he woke up quickly opening his eyes. Looked at the whole place, it was still dark and he had sat down in his bedroom. He breathed relaxed and let himself again in his bed…

… it was all a dream, Morfeo's Nightmare.