[i]What are you thinking?[/i]

You take

no pleasure

in this knowledge of

[u]Home sweet Home,[/u]

of owning & beginning


flying high & tall & proud

through these dark


Your very own

castles in the sky,

white & rolling in this

robin-blue ocean

of wind & lost sounds.

I could stay here


suspended, no

noise but


clapping on my ears.

13,000 feet

in the air

& still, it's

like you were


to be here,

floating on your palace

of steel & stone &

lonely eyes

gazing timidly into

a frightful soul.

I wish you had told me.

I wish I could share

this with you, beside me,

locked in & sleepy-headed,

ice clacking in your mouth.

Looking through

scratched plastic,

seeing shadowed,

bubbly shapes


through soft, misty shores,

I'm not lonely.

I want to preserve

it, store it with

a click & a flash

in my mind.

I want you to

paint it, with

pasteled colors

& underrated strokes,

blending this world into


I want to know

what it's like to remember

a thought

exactly the way

it began, the way it was.

How faulty my wiring is.

I want to be


in air like those little puffs of

water & forgotten words.

I want to know

how it feels

to be colored by

sun & starlight.

This creates

new horizons for you,

giving you


stepping stones to

another continent,

another life of

belief & mourning.

I want to watch it

grow & fade.

I want to keep it

the same


in light islands

& dark seas

of reflection.

I want you to love it

too, to scream

at it in misplaced



Understand it, in a way

that's incomprehensible to



What are you thinking?


Hello! So, I'm quite excited to meet you all and I'm hoping that I can get some awesomely gorgeous criticisms from such talented writers as yourselves.

And now, I would like some help.

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