Eve stared off into space like always. Her soft caramel hair, curled, framed her face; her ocean blue eyes were clouded. She's small but cute so I guess she's fun-sized. All the guys are always all over her. I hardly ever see her without all the guys following her. As for me, I'm her personal butler.

Long story short, I, Derek Jones, destroyed most of the school which her family owned. They gave me a choice. Thrown to jail for trespassing or be their daughter's butler. Why did I do that? I wasn't alone. My friends and I did it, they left and I, I was blamed…


I mean I'm not really mad that I have to work for their incredibly cute daughter. Thought I really can't hit on her. She's thirteen and I'm seventeen. Aside from the age difference, I'm her employee. So I can't mess around.


Which really sucks is that I'm not who I used to be. They've made me into gentleman…!

"OW!" I yell.

Eve was pulling and tugging on my hair. I look at her and pull her hands away from my hair.

"Yes milady?" I ask, trying to hide the throbbing I'm feeling.

She smiles and giggles. Adorable.

"So, what is it?" I ask, this time less polite.

The wind picks up and the curls framing her face, covers her face. I brush back the hair behind her ear and let my hand linger.

"I like your hair." She says.

…My hair?

"It's black, red, and green!"

"Yes it is, but if you like my hair, why the giggles?" I ask.

She pouts slightly and looks away.


"Derek…" She doesn't look at me. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I don't want to answer.

"No. I cannot tell you either. Your parent strictly told me that before I started working for you." I answer and end with a sigh.

She's silent. I wonder what else she has to say.

"Oh. So do I attract you?"

Yes, you do...but that's not good. Her question is somewhat irrelevant too…

"You…are too young. I could be called a pedophile in a year or so if I start dating you." I say, avoiding her lovely blue eyes.

I glance at her and then at the house where they reside. I have to admit. I'm still on bad terms with them and to start dating their prized treasure… I'll be sent off for some charge that they can think of. But who ever said love was easy? I've been working for her for five years; of course something was bound to happen.

There's silence, only the sounds of our breathing. She's almost to tears as she says what we both fear and wanted to hear.

"Derek…" She has fear in her eyes. "I like you."

I smile. She knows the consequences and yet is brave to admit her feelings. Something takes over me and I pull her in and kiss her soft lips and gently push away. I touch my lips and glance where they were. The blinds are open, yelling comes from their room. I chuckle.

I feel an embrace. I glance at Eve. She holds onto me tightly. She's shaking. She doesn't want me to leave. I don't want to leave her. I wrap my arms around her and we stay in each other's arms, waiting for the punishment. No matter what, we'll be together.

Author's note:

Yes, it's confusing but when you think about a person's life, it's not always straightforward. Sometimes, life can be like this, confusing and uncertain. And love takes risks, if not, it's not true love. Also this is for my friend, .coffee.