A/N: This was just a random (sad) poem I wrote when I felt so depressed and got carried away with my own uncontrollable emotions. I wrote it after I watched a movie that had a very sad ending, so tragic that I got carried away and thought that I was the character. But anyway, the main protagonist somehow resembles me. Rate and comment please.


Five Senses of Loneliness



Do you notice, do you notice?

Laughing was just a mask to cover the unbearable pain --

the loneliness of this heart?

Can you see, can you see?

That beyond those beautiful and smiling eyes --

there was actually agony and despair?

Can you hear, can you hear?

The thumping of the heart rapidly racing to break the lonesome word --

called Sadness?

Can you smell, can you smell?

The perfect fragrance of melancholy sprinkled starkly over me,

the aroma of hatred slightly killing me.

Can you taste, can you taste?

The bitterness of soul concealed in its fake identity.

Would someone risks his life just to taste it and say its sour, that

My life has no flavor?

Can you touch, can you touch?

Will there be a day that someone will touch this hand,

whose heart that was sunk in sorrow?

Can anybody hold my hand and make me feel that I am....alive?

May I ask, may I ask.

Perhaps someone might know.

"Do I even exists?"