My Mommas A Milf.

Harlie knew her Mom was a Milf, and she knew she had a different boyfriend every week. However, what she didn't expect was a hot guy to turn up on her doorstep telling her he is her Moms boyfriend.

No matter how many coins you throw in a fountain, or the number of fingers you cross, if it's not meant to be, it won't happen.

Girls like boys, and boys like girls. If only my life was that simple. You see, I'm that kind of girl who isn't really into the relationship commitment, I mean I'm only seventeen and for that benefit I feel as though education is the only important thing on mind, besides my best friend – Casey. I bet you're thinking now, so she's a geek, who just studies all the time, but you're thinking wrong if you are, not the part about me being a geek, but the part about studying all the time, which I literally don't do. But getting back to the subject, a girl like me doesn't associate with boys, especially at the beginning of our senior year, the most important year of my school life! But opening the door to a hot, buff guy, who apparently is my so called mother's boyfriend was so not what I pictured for a girl who is only supposed to be thinking about the words S.A.T.S.

Damn. I guess it is true; girls do like boys. Except for me, it is different, I like someone who couldn't be my Dad, because he's too young, but he could well be my step dad.

As I said before, if only my life was simple.

Authors Note: So I redone this again, because I felt as though my first chapter was really poorly written and was pretty boring, so instead I decided to do what I do with my other work and did a Prologue, making it a little better. Reviews are nice.