authorsnote: I wrote this for a short story in English class. But decided against giving it to Jim.

It was time. She knew it. Elephant footsteps were thundering down the corridor to where she lay. She had no hope of escaping this time. Every single time she done this, she knew it was coming but every single time it was more threatening. That dosage, it killed a little part of her. Every time. This was it. The footsteps were directly outside her cell. The voice came. She let out a scream.

The voice was rather calm and soft "Open your door please Lolly". But Lolly did not move or create a single sound. A tap came at the door to Lolly's chamber. The voice, now in an aggressive tone, "Lolly, you have exactly 6 seconds to come and open this door before I call Doctor Law and then things will only be worse!"

Lolly sat there, she did not move or make a sound. For she knew, that no matter what she done, everything was going to get worse. So why would she open the door for it just to begin sooner.

"Last chance now Lolly. Stop being such a stupid little brat." The voice's tone was full of hatred and anger. Another set of footsteps made there way along the corridor, soft gentle ones. Lolly could just hear these although they were being drowned out by the rattling of the door, it was almost off its hinges.

The banging came to a halt, the footsteps disappeared. The hall was silent. Lolly feared what was coming. She tried to stand up. To move from the corner of the room, to then have her back up against the door. Her breathing became heavy, her heart was breaking through her chest. She feared the worst. Just as she began to stand, the floor boards creaked. The door flung open and there stood Dr. Law and the female nurse whom the voice belonged to.

"Now c'mon Lolly. You know that we're only trying to help you!" Dr Law said in a smooth voice. Lolly felt at ease with the Doctor, but she had no trust for him. Lolly fell to the ground and curled up. Dr Law turns to the nurse "Polly, I think it's time!".

the end.