This is dedicated to the friend who said my poems were emo. Excuse me for random uselessness of this poem, this is one of those things that I just threw together on impulse.

My friend told me
that the first three poems
on my fictionpress page
were depressing.
(or emo, as she put it so wonderfully)

Now I'm a happy person
who is pretty much happy
all the time, so I
was astonished
(speechless, more like)

So I decided to write
something different
something colorful, and that
was happy
(cheerful, joyful... ya know)

And I now I begin to write
about fluffy bunnies
that eat people, and absolutely
are adorable
(aren't the man-eating bunnies cute?)

So, they were just hopping along
until they came upon a person
and they ate him because he
was delicious
(mouthwatering, they thought)

And they cleaned
licking the blood off their
fur and noting again that the human
was delicious
(yum, yum!)

After that they skipped off
and began flying in
the rainbow-colored sky and it so
was picturistic
(like a drawing made by a 5 year old)

The bunnies sprouted
pretty pink wings and
they chased and ate birds, and they
were yummy
(not as good as humans, but oh well)

After eating all the birds
they built castles out of the clouds
from which they shot love arrows that
were flaming
(the bunnies enjoyed playing "Cupid")

The arrows fell upon the Earth
and caused people to
kill their lovers and themselves
with LOVE
(so they could be with each other forever and ever)

Soon the bunnies grew bored since
there's only so much love one
could take, so they went off into a sleep that
was deep
(and filled with happy dreams!)

So here comes the end of
my very happy poem
and I hope you enjoyed it because it
was happy
(The. Happy. End.)