This was me trying to write something fairly dark, I think I failed. But I posted it on here to see what people would say. Enjoy! :)


Hannah's Tragic Ending

Characters and ages:

Hannah - 19

Alex - 19

Chris - 20


Hannah's P.O.V.

My heart is beating, no, pounding in my chest. Maybe it's his cold gaze or how cold his hands are against my face. I've never seen him like this and it scares me. His eyes are shimmering gold and yet they only hold hate and anger. His skin is pale white and oh so cold. His cold hands cup my cheeks moment before he moves them to my neck. He tightens his grip on my neck, so tight that it chokes me. I struggle and try to gasp for air as he lifts me off the ground by my neck. Suddenly, I hear a shot, he lets go, and I fall to the ground. Once my lungs are filled with air I look over to the man who was choking me. That man who was once my love. We dated when we were 16 years old, now we're both 19. The reason we broke up was because he started beating me, I don't know why. "What is this man's name?" You ask? His name is Alex and I am Hannah. I was walking by this allie - I hadn't seen Alex since we broke up; he quit school - when he reached out and dragged me back into this dark and filthy allie.

Anyway, I looked over to Alex who was on the ground bleeding. I looked behind him to see my friend, Chris, with a gun in his hand. My eyes widened as I realized Chris had just shot Alex.

I crawled over to Alex, not able to stand up. He hissed in pain and was slowly lifting his hand when Chris shot Alex's head, just barely missing me.

"ALEX!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as tears flowed down my cheeks. I put my arms around his dead body and sobbed. No matter what he did to me, I always loved him. "Why?" I asked Chris in a whisper. "Why did you kill him!?"

"Because I did what I had to do." Chris said coldly.

"What?" I asked confused.

"He was a dangerous vampire." Chris stated.

"What?" I asked once again confused. "There's no such thing."

Chris slowly walked up to me and changed right before my eyes. His skin was pale and his eyes were gold. He smiled and I spotted fangs.

"What are you?" I asked horrified. "I can't move!"

"A vampire." Chris replied with an evil smirk. "Now that you know my secret I must kill you."

"Wait, what!?" I exclaimed and he boar his fangs into my neck.

But before I died I could've sworn I heard him say, "I'm sorry."

And that was the end of me.