You thought you were so insidious

To deploy your attack at her so bereft

Little did you know she had so much fortitude

Nor that the hole you had dug yourself

Would augment so suddenly

You have adulterated my heart against you

When I had felt opulent in spirit at my triumphs

Your only expression was one that was dour

Since then every move I have made is tentative

And pray that I do not have to reiterate in verbatim

Warily we have moved on without you

Because you couldn't see all the intimations

The guise of happiness on our face

Was really a gape at all of your ignorance

And without you we have been more pliable

Always I will remember you as my stolid father

Who made me so depressed I could care less

Of my unkempt appearance

For it was your gibe that hurt the most

Because you are one that I should love most

Why my father did you assault me

With the power of an ambidextrous boxer

So inexorable I will never forget

I hope you find peace for it is you who is bereft

Of a heart of man, a husband, and a dad

That is why you couldn't remain

In our lives

That is why we will go on

Because we will aid each other

On this journey so long