Dear You,

Okay. Here it is. I'm trying. I'm trying to erase you; forever. I took down all the pictures of us off my bedroom walls, even the one I hand drew from the picture booth...I took them down, and I threw them away. The notes you still write me and all the old ones, I dispose of them. I don't read them. On my Facebook, I deleted all the pictures I posted of you, of us, in my album... they're gone. We wrote a book together, we never finished it and sometimes, I want to finish it myself but I always decide not to. So, it stays frozen forever, unfinished. But we're finished. I swear we are. I don't talk about you anymore, and in fact, nowadays I rarely think of you. But when I do, it's hell, pure agony. The hole in my chest burns like fire, aches...throbs. Hurts so bad I can barely breath, barely move. I'm going to do it, I'm going to erase you so that one day, I won't think of you. Or if I do, someone else will be there to take your place in my broken, bruised heart. They'll pick up the pieces when I'm falling apart, write over my memories of you playing like a broken record in my head every time I look at you. You broke me. This I know. But, I have to pick myself up off the floor. I have to breath and I have to move on through life. I have to erase you forever. So, watch me.