Coffin Candy

I raze the ground
Rake it
Stare almost through it
For whatever I find
Of myself and her
And if we're buried

Was it really so hard
To take stock in truth
Easier then to rue the way in which we work
To jerk the pole a bit
To see what comes up

But I'm stuck over land
Hands and knees
Scratching away at the earth
At the heart tracing the way
To where I want to be
Where I need to see

All this time
It wasn't on any map
Or under anything solid
It formed from the furnace
From the look in her face
How she spoke with her pokes
All the sighs in her eyes

I looked to the earth
To see where the trees root
The foundation kept on
Where she was all along
In the sea and the sky
And my eyes bleeding dry